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By Kevin Smith (Canshroom) on Sunday, January 13, 2002 - 09:48 pm: The Nook

Just read the basic inner reservoir tek and I have a few questions about it. 1) Am I right in assuming that the hole is filled when you top up the jar with your dry verm barrier? 2) How sterile does the water have to be that you inject? Does it require, boiling the syringe, boiling the water, etc, etc, or can you be a little less anal? 3)Does using this tek replace further dunking? and finally 4) Is the tek worth it? I've seen the pics & they're great, but then I've also read about the possible higher instance of cobweb mold.

By Swilly mixalogist (Swilly) on Sunday, January 13, 2002 - 11:34 pm: The Nook

to try to help. 1.yes 2.i'd deffinetly use spring or distilled water and i always fill my syringe then put it into boiling water for atleast 15 minutes. 4.The tek isn't worth it in my opinion but that's just me!! You should't get cobweb mold if you have a steril grow chamber but then again it does creep up on you, i find that regular Pf tek works fine on it's own i prefer dunking it allowes me to get in my chamber and clean up and sterilize again befor putting everything back in!! My suggestion to you bro is try it out and see for yourself if you think it's worth it just do like 2 cakes and see what they do compared to the other ones. Try new stuff bro and don't ask others if it's worth it find out on your own . That's the fun way!!!

By Kevin Smith (Canshroom) on Monday, January 14, 2002 - 12:37 am: The Nook

Thanks swilly

By Jesseb (Jesseb) on Monday, January 14, 2002 - 02:00 am: The Nook

Kevin, I don't post much, so you may not take this to seriously, but I tried the IR tek for the first time on my PFC's and I really like it. No verm on top and the PF's are going crazy! I honestly have not seen my PF's doing so good. I put the hole all the way through the cake so that the excess water can run out into the bottom verm layer. When I shot them up with water I start at the bottom and slowly raise the needle up to soak all the verm in the hole. I think that it works very well. I still dunk my cakes for 12 hrs. Try it you might just like it.


By Nugdumper (Nugdumper) on Tuesday, January 15, 2002 - 05:02 am: The Nook

Kevin Smith's Questions:

1. Yes, I reccomend using larger grade verm for the hole, and smaller grade for the barrier. The larger verm tends to hold a better hole when the mycelium colonizes.

2. The water you inject should preferably be bottled water, but I've used tap water and seen the same good results. And no way do you have to boil your syringe every time you use it, that is crazy and just plain wasting time. Especially when you are injecting once or twice a day. The cakes will suck up the water quickly, and will let you know when they have all the water they need to flush. Just wipe your needle with alchohol before starting on the cakes, use clean water, and don't handle the cakes. That is the best advice.

3. YES, Swilly, I don't know what procedure you followed, but I can keep a cake white for nearly 2 months, with no dunking required. The cake can constantly be fed a supply of water, but you don't get the contam risks of dunking. The cakes will begin to flush on a scedule when the hole is injected with about 1cc a day. I reccomend making the holes w/ the blunt end of a sharpy pen, this makes for a good sized hole. Some even say try multiple holes, but I would not completely bore through your cakes.

4. IMO this tek is very worth it. MUCH less hassle than dunking, much less of a contam risk, and the results are solid. The cakes flush healthy for as long as you keep supplying water, and they avoid contams. What I reccomend is birthing your cakes so that the verm end of the cake with the hole in it is facing upwards on your jar lid. The pretty white side will be facing down, but your cake will respond to light and fruit near the hole. No touching the cake, no double ended casing tek which adds contam risk, and best of all, its simple. And the Cobweb Mold crap is bs... I don't see how anyone could pinpoint this tek to cobweb. All contams will be caused by you handling the cakes, or eventual age... and they will often make it that long.

---Sorry about the rant, I just think that this is probably what the latest easy-to-do newbie tek should include. It is foolproof, much easier than dunking, and actually increases yeilds.

By quote: (Quote) on Tuesday, January 15, 2002 - 02:42 pm: The Nook

and if you eliminate the verm. from the hole, and just fill it with water, there's even less chance of contams, with no other negative impact at all.

By Kman (Kman) on Tuesday, January 15, 2002 - 04:45 pm: The Nook

I've been using perlite in the middle instead of verm or nothing. It will hold more water and release it slowly plus as far as I know its pretty damn hard if not impossible to get anything growing on perlite(contam). I have found at least with casings that the straight verm will grow over with mycelium thus defeating the purpose of the res. I say either perlite or just an empty hole, but I am no expert just my experience.

Posted by: Smerd Nov 20 02, 05:26 PM GMT
Another newbie question. I'm gonna make up some cakes inner reservior style but am not sure about the water to "shoot" into the reservior after colonization. The tek says to shoot 10 CCs, which seems a lot to me, into the rez. What sort of water should it be? How should it be prepared? ("Clean" doesn't really explain it - should I boil it first, etc.)

Thanks and good karma your way! You folks are the best.

Posted by: Nanook Nov 20 02, 06:35 PM GMT
Get some good bottled water. Low in magnesium if you have a choice.

Posted by: ShroomVator Nov 20 02, 10:01 PM GMT
I have been doing a lot of inner reservoir cakes lately and its working great as a dunking alternative. What I do is sterilize a large drill bit, drill a few holes in the top of the cake post-birth and use a sprayer (concentrated spray setting) or a syringe and just fill up the hole with distilled water. Sometimes I will fill it again after a few days. I just leave all the substrate/mycelium kicked up by the drill right on the cake. Pinning is most furious around this area. I believe Quote first offered that advice and was most correct. This seems to work especially well for Chronic Tek because the standing water provides humidity.

Good luck.

Posted by: BrokenAlice Nov 20 02, 11:34 PM GMT
What size drill bit are we talking here? And how do you sterlize it? Is it possible to sterlize it without a pressure cooker?

Posted by: ShroomVator Nov 20 02, 11:53 PM GMT
I use a 3/8" bit. I think PCing would be best, but by the same token, boiling it in water for a few minutes should kill any bacteria on it - flame sterilizing wouldnt hurt. All in my fine opinion, which means little.

Posted by: Tyaga Nov 22 02, 04:06 PM GMT
It doesn't take a lot of extra time to make the reservoir when you are making up your cakes. I used to use the handle of a cooking spoon, about 3/8" diameter, and fill the resulting hole in the substrate with dry verm. This gives the added advantage of holding the water post birth. Plus you don't chance contamination drilling holes in your cakes. After birth I immediately used to shoot 10cc of distilled water into the reservoir. After the start of pinning I would then add as much water as the verm would take without overflowing each day. Always worked like a charm. wink.gif

Posted by: ShroomVator Nov 27 02, 10:08 PM GMT
OK - I'm an atheist - I don't know how to spell Hallelujah, or whatever, sorry.

Anyhow....I love the Drill Tek. I do this will all of my cakes now - every single one and its amazing. Its been done a lot before and certainly isn't my idea, but whoever invented it - I love it. I use a big 3/8" drill bit and drill 4 holes in my cake about 3/4 of the way in and fill them with water via syringe or plant sprayer twice a day or as much as they will take it. Its just fantastic. Less time than waiting for cakes to be dunked and I have found less contamination. I've done about 3 dozen cakes like this so far and I'm finding it much better for me than double-end casings or dunkings. For some reason, I tend to get contams with those. I sterilize the drill bit by PC if I have time and about 1/4 of the time, I have been impatient and just sprayed it with lysol then washed in very hot water. No contams so far, excellent yield and less vermiculite around to mess with things. This was worked especially well in Chronic Tek and Bulk Chronic Tek because it keeps the humidty high with the exposed well of water.

Thanks to whoever came up with this....

Its funny, actually, but before I ever grew shrooms, when I was just a shroomer instead of a mycophile, a buddy of mine knew a guy in Texas who grew shrooms. I had never met this person or heard of him and the same was true for me from his end. My buddy had met him once, but somehow we got his number, my friend introduced me, and he coached me through the basics. This was before I had read PF Tek and after I had read MMGG. I hadn't found The Nook. He had no idea about the tek out there and told me he used perlite, a basic terrarium, and he drilled a hole in the cakes after birth, then filled them with water. He said he had never had any luck with 2nd flushes, let alone 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th.

It works so well...even better for 4 holes...promotes very vigorous pinning.

I should call him back and tell him all I have learned.


Posted by: steveoi812 Nov 27 02, 10:17 PM GMT
You have inspired me vator buddy! I am going to go get the damn drill out right now and do at least one cake for the hell of it. The way I see it is it must be great or you wouldnt take the time to post this. So i am going to do the same. You say do 4 holes? Thanks bro!

Posted by: steveoi812 Nov 27 02, 10:24 PM GMT
Oh yea, do you fill the holes with verm? I just did it to the cake and that bitch sucked up 20 cc's of water like it wasnt shit...

Posted by: Nanook Nov 27 02, 10:26 PM GMT

Just be sure to give the cakes a rest from the water after a bit. You can waterlog and drown the cakes if you don't ease off at some point usually wink.gif

Posted by: steveoi812 Nov 27 02, 11:02 PM GMT
Nice tip nanook! I will make sure and only water the IR with 10cc's twice or so a week. I was just wondering about that myself brother. Thanks

Posted by: NugDumper Nov 28 02, 05:42 PM GMT
Hey guys, an even better way to do the IR Tek, effectively eliminating the drill and any contam probs associated with it, is to make the holes before you even sterilize the substrate.

Look @ PF Tek in the Archives -- where you will find the original tek and his method for making holes long before birthing. Basically filling the holes with dry verm originally so the mycelium avoids it. This also makes colonization time about 30% quicker in my experience.

Posted by: ShroomVator Nov 28 02, 06:18 PM GMT
Nan - how much do you think it takes to waterlog a cake - I'm not sure If mine are especially dry or what, but they seem to want all the water I can give 'em.


Posted by: shroomsrock Nov 28 02, 08:07 PM GMT
Instead of drilling my cakes, I just shove a straw down into them about an inch, then pinch off the end of the straw and yanking it back out. This cuts a 1" deep hole in em, and then I place another straw part way into the hole. This method seems to work well, so far. This next batch of cakes are going to get some of those really fat straws from Mc Donald's... that should give em all the water they could want! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Justin Nov 29 02, 02:06 AM GMT
I have always had contams with straws.. Just cant relie on them, but i do love the inner resvoire... * noddes in a greeense * take the stuff ram it down ayah for stuff and then like take water and douse it like ever second day.. i use 3 holes the size of a glue stick,,, the hot glue gun kind... yah for everything ... PANYSTS

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