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Clone from a clone?  8 01/11 02:23pm Mr. Tambourine Man

By Jose Cruz (Vato) on Saturday, December 29, 2001 - 09:18 pm: The Nook

I have been reading alot of info lately, and wondering how people come across clones of monsters. Do most people clone big'ns from own flushes and then grow out liquid cultures for inoc. How do you know what to clone or if its worth the effort..... I know qite alot about being a greenthumb, and its cloning process. However I have many things to learn about being a
whitethumb.....Any takers?

By Nan (Nanook) on Saturday, December 29, 2001 - 10:10 pm: The Nook

You grow some shrooms from spores, then you keep your eye's open for an outstanding shroom. I like to pick a very large shroom from a cluster... While your waiting for your special shroom to pop up... You get your Tek ready to run... Glovebox, sterilize some liquid culture jars, get your blender and/or blades ready... Then you clone.

When you clone into liquid, you simply thrash or macerate the tissue, draw it up, and shoot jars.

By Brad (Raze) on Sunday, December 30, 2001 - 01:13 am: The Nook

Could you simply peel the outside of a mushroom off (to get to the sterile inside) then take a cross section it and drop it in a jar over an oven rack? I tried to clone using H2O2 but it never germinated. I think I let it sizzle too long, or the substrate was bad (used my own ground rice rather than preground stuff)

By onediadem (Onediadem) on Sunday, December 30, 2001 - 02:15 am: The Nook

Good question Brad. Is a blender necessary? could one just mince the peice up with sterile razor and drop that into the sterilized liquid?

By Cragith Kilbonith (Kilborn) on Sunday, December 30, 2001 - 02:40 am: The Nook

From what I heard you can just chop it up into small pieces then put it your karo/dextrose jars. Like I always say correct me if im wrong.

By Fishy1 (Fishy1) on Sunday, December 30, 2001 - 03:50 am: The Nook

Yes, that can work. Did it with Pan Cyan, and let it grow out like a multispore liquid worked great in 2 or 3 jars.

By Nan (Nanook) on Sunday, December 30, 2001 - 07:56 am: The Nook

Yeah a lot of this is detailed in my Tips & Teks... And you can combine/mix teks a bit to meet your situation.

You can peel the surface tissue from any section of clean fresh mushroom, remove a sample from under the surface, place it on a sterile plate, and macerate it into pulp with a sterile blade (exacto works beautifully). Scoop up a tiny blob (a match head sized lump is more than enough) and drop it into a liquid culture jar. The jars are ready to shoot in 3-5 days.

Tip: A good way to transfer macerated tissue off of a plate and into jars is to use a sterile eye dropper as part of your tek... Drip a drop or two of water on the shroom tissue, macerate with a blade, add more water if needed, then mix with the dropper tip while sucking the watery tissue up. Use one drop per 100 cc of liquid culture tek.
This works great in the depression of a sterile ceramic saucer.

You don't need a blender, you do have to be exceedingly sterile.

Avoid the use of H2O2, the only time H2O2 is required is to clean up a much needed contamed culture, or to cover sloppy Tek... H2O2 liquid solution quickly kills mycelia, especially macerated mycelia, and so must be used with caution.

By Mr. Tambourine Man (Tambourine_Man) on Thursday, January 03, 2002 - 07:30 am: The Nook

Would it work to clone with a small chunk of a shroom without macerating it in a blender first?

By Hatcher (Hatcher) on Thursday, January 03, 2002 - 09:27 am: The Nook

Clone dry mushroom Nan? Very interesting...

By Nan (Nanook) on Thursday, January 03, 2002 - 10:13 am: The Nook

Fixed... Thanks for pointing that out

By plinkerdink420 (Plinkerdink420) on Thursday, January 03, 2002 - 01:53 pm: The Nook

H2O2 Cloning Tek i think is what you are looking for Mr. Tambourine Man

i think i am understanding your question differently now... someone suggested slicing it up with a razor blade as an alternative

By quote: (Quote) on Thursday, January 03, 2002 - 04:37 pm: The Nook

it definitly needs to be cut up finely, else it'll just sit there forever.

By nuecrew (Nue) on Wednesday, January 16, 2002 - 08:22 pm: The Nook

I did a quick search before asking this and didn't find what I was looking for. How many times can you clone a clone? That is tissue culture to tissue culture, no spores. I heard a year, then I heard recently no more than one time. I am really impressed with tissue culture results. What do our panel of experts say?

By Dr. Cubensis (Shroomzilla) on Wednesday, January 16, 2002 - 09:02 pm: The Nook

Been wanting to clone, tried one time from a giant mushie, and it contamed... Think some skin from the cap might have still been on the culture...

While Nue is waiting for his advice... Hopefully he won't mind if I ask another question? :)

Quick synapsis of the bennies of cloning would be nice, in other words, what are the benifits?

Anybody???? Help a newbie out :)

By Karna (Karna) on Thursday, January 17, 2002 - 12:39 am: The Nook

Nuecrew I can't give you a number. I would not go more than 2 generations down. That is to say
Batch 1 - grown from spores
Batch 2 - Cloned from prime specimen from batch one
Batch 3 - Cloned from prime specimen of batch 2
Batch 4 - back to spores from batch 3

I myself have never cloned a clone but others have with pretty good results. Doing this repeatedly produces adverse results since the strain loses vitality so go back to spores every so often.

Doc Cubie
If you clone a nice fruit that grew fast and furious, benefits are
You are assured of an excellent fruiting, none or very few aborts and stuff
The fruiting will be more uniform
Your yield will jump
Appearance will be much better
I believe the potency will be more uniform
Cloning opens up a bunch of options like propogating different characteristics in different batches or growing specific batches that fruit on a particular substrate etc
You will really be pleased with your results. The first time I did this, I had to physically restore my fallen jaw.

By nuecrew (Nue) on Thursday, January 17, 2002 - 10:09 am: The Nook

Thank you!