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By Kman (Kman) on Wednesday, December 26, 2001 - 05:45 am: The Nook

Ok here is the question. I am currently fruiting cakes with a rubbermaid and coolmist setup. I want to know what method will produce max yields? I plan to do flat cakes, but What is the best substrate and casing? I've heard lots of things about straw and coir?

By quote: (Quote) on Thursday, December 27, 2001 - 03:50 pm: The Nook

there really is no 'best', different things work for different situations.
from what i understand, flat cakes are made from basic pf cakes, i'd stick to that method.

By Kman (Kman) on Thursday, December 27, 2001 - 05:56 pm: The Nook

Thats kinda what I was asking, I've been using pf style cakes and was wondering if it is worth it to do flat cakes? What about the resorvoit tek? does it rival the flat cake for yeild? guess I'll have to try to really find out

By ShrooMaster (Shroomaster) on Thursday, December 27, 2001 - 11:34 pm: The Nook

if our talking about half pint cakes the flat cakes will always outdo them do to size. in half pint cakes a freind of mine in the hobby swears by internal resiviors. i have seen one of his cakes produce about a quarter ounce [dry] on the first flush. that caught my eye.

By Kman (Kman) on Friday, December 28, 2001 - 12:36 am: The Nook

What about rye grain or straw and stuff like that?

By Nan (Nanook) on Friday, December 28, 2001 - 12:49 am: The Nook

Been there, done that, it works great... But...

If you are going to go through all the trouble I would suggest you work with a cloned strain to get yields. In fact a cloned strain will increase yields on cakes too. My advice, if you want reliable bumper crops, shoot cloned inoculum.

By Kman (Kman) on Friday, December 28, 2001 - 02:12 am: The Nook

does anybody have any links, pics or info on a commercial setup?
something someone has used to really produce max yeilds? I', looking for the holy grail of shrooming. Cakes are fun and easy, but I think impractical for a large scale run any ideas?

By Nan (Nanook) on Friday, December 28, 2001 - 03:16 am: The Nook

It's all here in the Archives, you will not find a "commercial" production tek here, but the advanced teks are well covered and can be scaled up or down with need and equipment size. How big is your pressure cooker? I mean if you can sterilize big jars all you need to do is pick a Grain Tek, throw some Polyfil Lids on them, shoot them with Liquid Inoculum, grow them out, break them up and Case them in beds. Once you get that down, then jump into Straw Tek.


By quote: (Quote) on Friday, December 28, 2001 - 04:05 am: The Nook

to be frank, even if i told you everything you needed to know to grow 100 pounds a month,
it would do you very little good unless you had the experience needed to apply the info correctly.
and if you had the needed experience,
you would not be asking such questions.

By Nan (Nanook) on Friday, December 28, 2001 - 06:31 am: The Nook

I agree with you Quo. There is a big difference between cakes and bulk growing. It's wise to work your way up because straight to bulk will surely be troublesome...

Psilo187's Bulk Tek is a _must read_ tho, good info there imo.

By Hatcher (Hatcher) on Friday, December 28, 2001 - 08:43 am: The Nook

Man, I got a ways ta go. My goal for my second year--max yields outta two ten gallon aquariums. Hope you guys are gonna be around awhile...

By Nan (Nanook) on Friday, December 28, 2001 - 08:50 am: The Nook

Half the fun is getting there

By Kman (Kman) on Friday, December 28, 2001 - 07:13 pm: The Nook

NAN and Quo its all about info guys, I thought this forum was here for discussion? I am relativly new to this hobby and all I want is to absorb ass much information as possible! Just cause you tell me to set up 55 gallon drums and pasterize straw or something large scale like that doesn't mean I'm gonna do it, it just means that I want info, I want to know everything I can!
Don't take it as insult cause I owe you guys every gram of shroom I've grown, but how can you improve and get to the next level if you don't know what the next level is?

By Nugdumper (Nugdumper) on Friday, December 28, 2001 - 07:57 pm: The Nook

#1 Worst Newbie Question of All Time IS.......

"How do I get max yeild(most mushrooms, pounds of shrooms, lots of shrooms)?"

-When you ask the above question your intentions become painfully obvious.

By quote: (Quote) on Friday, December 28, 2001 - 11:12 pm: The Nook

i tell everyone the same thing,
you want to know about large-scale cultivation,
read The Mushroom Cultivator
by Stamets, et al.
i'm not going to post 500 pages of info on it here,
so read the book.

By Imok Urok2 (Imok) on Saturday, December 29, 2001 - 04:48 am: The Nook

I've been wondering about this so I will just come out and
ask the question/make a suggestion....
What would be the easiest, most sure fire first tek that a
newbie could use to make the fewest shrooms that would take
the fewest resources and have the most guaranteed chances for
Then, when successfull with that tek, what would be the next logical
tek to try, with the newfound skills and confidence developed,
that would take a minimal or incremental amount of new resources.
Then, what would be the next, and the next, etc ?
Anotherwords, what would be the roadmap to success that could
be recomended to a newbie so they could start at the start and
not jump in at the middle before they were ready?
Of course, they could ingore the suggestions, since that is
all they are, suggestions :)

By Nan (Nanook) on Saturday, December 29, 2001 - 06:15 am: The Nook

I'll bite.

1) Straight PF Tek with double-end cased cakes
2) Wafer or Flat Beds, cased with verm, coir or 50/50
3) Flat Cakes

Everything up to this point uses PF jars to grow out substrate.

4) Whole grain quarts, made into flat cakes or flat beds: here you jump into Polyfil Lids and big jars inoculated with liquid culture.

5) Straw or Compost Tek using quarts, half gallons or gallon jars of whole grain for spawn, cased with 50/50 or coir

By Imok Urok2 (Imok) on Saturday, December 29, 2001 - 07:32 am: The Nook

Thanks Nan
I think, with links, you have just made
"Nan's Newbie Grower's Guide To Developing Growing Skills"
In step one did you mean using the "Quote Invitro Tek"?
That was my thought :)

By Nan (Nanook) on Saturday, December 29, 2001 - 08:08 am: The Nook

No straight PF cakes cased in a fruiting chamber over Perlite. Invitro Tek is an essential tek for some people for it's stealth, but they are nowhere near as fun to fruit in my opinion...

By Dalton (Organism) on Wednesday, December 12, 2001 - 02:20 am: The Nook

Does anyone know if PF classic would grow wore shrooms in a small pyrex cake pan with about 2 crumbled, well colonized cakes it it? Would they be able to flush more cycles? Does anyone use PFc' in a flat cake form? I've seen some other strains in flat cakes that are awesome using the flip tek on saran wrap. I kinda want to crumble some of my PF classic cakes and see what happens. Thanks.

By Nan (Nanook) on Wednesday, December 12, 2001 - 06:11 am: The Nook

Pie Pan Casing Tek

By bradley (Bradley) on Wednesday, January 30, 2002 - 08:16 am: The Nook

I have been increasing the amount of mushrooms I grow each cycle. Right now I am using half pint jars and am looking for something new. Buying more and more jars is getting expensive. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about setting up a big growing operation.

The only thing I can think of for increasing the amount of substrate that can be cooked and colonized is taking a perlite bag and cooking the substrate in it and then injecting it. I got this idea from how I make my casing layer. Has anyone ever done this before? What other ways are there to cook large amounts of substrate without using canning jars?


By Brettiejams (Brettiejams) on Wednesday, January 30, 2002 - 11:09 am: The Nook

Try running spawn to straw.

Lots of straw teks in the archives.

Try here... Straw teks

By plinkerdink420 (Plinkerdink420) on Wednesday, January 30, 2002 - 02:05 pm: The Nook

bulk tek

By Bradley James Nowell Master of Music (Sublimedude) on Saturday, February 02, 2002 - 04:57 am: The Nook

I need a high yield method to produce pounds of shrooms(Not for sale, lots of dumb-ass friends that are unable to follow directions). I have an extra room(10x10) and closet(3x6). Just hate the fact I am using perlite in covered tubs that fit about 6 - 8 cakes. They are eating them as fast as they are grown.

I have a cool air humidifier and can keep the humidity at approx. 80% in the room. Is this humid enough for good results?

How many of the half pint, large mouth jars would I have to fruit to get a dry pound?

By Ron (Clubbenguy) on Saturday, February 02, 2002 - 06:20 am: The Nook

Well, I believe the avg is 4-6 grams dry per half pint cake. Thats 4-6 jars per ounce, calculating into 64-96 jars per pound of dried shrooms. And that assuming you do not lose any to contamination. Hopefully you can experiment with a decent casing method to up your yield per jar ratio cause 100 jars is a lot to make/incubate at one time. GOOD LUCK THOUGH!

By Brettiejams (Brettiejams) on Saturday, February 02, 2002 - 06:52 am: The Nook

Try cased grains....

If you are gonna grow a lot, you really should pick yourself up a copy of the book The Mushroom Cultivator, by Paul Staments.

Lots of casing teks in the archives though.. Casing Teks

By Roscoe P. Coltrain (R05c03) on Saturday, February 02, 2002 - 02:10 pm: The Nook

Straw. fast, easy, productive.

By Spun Yun Gi (Spunion_Elf) on Saturday, February 02, 2002 - 03:26 pm: The Nook

Wait till spring. Get a big load of composted cow pies. Plant a huge (or several small) out-door beds, ala Lichen's outdoor tek. Good way to get lot's of shrooms, and cover your ass at the same time.


By Chris (Stuckonk) on Saturday, February 02, 2002 - 10:23 pm: The Nook

I get my biggest flushes from flat cakes cased with coco fiber. A 3 cake flat cake usually yeilds half an oz per flush. Out of all the methods I have tried the coco seems to do the best. Check out the coir casing tek in the archives.

By Maliki vision seaker (Maliki) on Saturday, February 02, 2002 - 11:16 pm: The Nook

Ok here goes. You said spare ROOM . First go to home depot . Go to paint supply . Purchase 4 rolls of bisqune plastic drop cloth . Its like 8 bucks a roll . Then 5 clear plastic rolls of box tape. A roll of good ruber weather striping for doors . Last but not least a box of thumb tacks the flat kind.

Basicaly wrap the entire room in plastic, roll out the plastic put on floor first , you want the bottom edges to wrap up the walls,tack in place. Now roll the walls out over top of the bottom edges and tack in place. Then the cealling with tis edges coming down over the walls and tack evenly acrost the celling , just make sure it's up good. Now use the tape and seal all the edges of the plastic together and close all seam holes . Now wrap the inside of the door with plastic and tack in place , also put the rubber weather striping up on the edges of the door . The door is the only trick part . Just make sure it all seals well. With the plastic wraped walls you can now sanitze the entire room. Humidity well a an ultrasonic may be more in demand here . Just make sure your clean first and you know have a clean room. Depending on your circumstances and weather its a hose or an apartment there are many more things that can be done

Gas exchange Heppa filtration and the such . not to hard to figure out.

By relic (Relic) on Sunday, February 03, 2002 - 05:42 am: The Nook

filter patch bags w/ dung, vermiculite,and soaked, chopped(optional) straw; sterilize for 90-120 minutes @ 15 psi, add plenty of rye/grain spawn and seal. once colonized empty fp bag into kitchen trash bag in sealed rubbermaid tub, 50/50+ casing sterilized in reynolds large oven bags @ 15 psi for 45-60 min., spray bottle, good water, air once or twice a day, mist walls as needed. give light as much as possible from above. adding in some ground. birdseed into the dung/verm/straw may be a good thing, i am going to try that soon. alot of people say not to sterilize casings, or dung, or straw. i find i have the best results sterilizing all of the above.

By bob jones (Igotthe6) on Sunday, February 03, 2002 - 07:17 am: The Nook

use a kiddie swimming pool and a humidifier. You can build a plastic "tent"if need be.