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By David Owen (Seamonkey) on Saturday, December 08, 2001 - 09:03 pm:

Sea Monkey's 1-cake Spindle Terrarium Tek

(as with all teks, sterilize EVERYTHING and work quickly to avoid evil


empty 50 CD spindle
100 CD spindle plastic cover that will attach to the base of the 50 cd
1/2 pint jar
all substrate making materials
saw or sharp knife
small rubber stopper that will fit into the hole on the bottom of the spindle


1. Cut the top of a 50 cd spindle off. Cut off just the end so you can see through the tube.
2. Create your 1/2 pint jar of substrate, leaving space for the center of the 50 cd spindle to fit all the way into the jar. (throw your substrate in
and work the spindle down into it)
3. Take the spindle out and use a pencil or other object to push out the remaining substrate in the tube.
4. Put spindle back into jar of substrate.
5. Put rubber stopper in hole on bottom of the spindle base.
6. If you like, use something to seal any air space between the jar and spindle to avoid contams.
7. Put this in incubation with the cd spindle right-side-up and the jar upside-down.
8. After the jar is fully colonized, take of any sealing materials or covering you used.
9. Place the spindle right-side-up on a table and slam the jar down hard enough for the cake to slide out of the jar.
10. Place the jar aside
11. Take the plastic cover for a 100 cd spindle and lock it into the 50 cd spindle base
12. Fan, mist, and tend to as usual.

To rehydrate the cake, simply take the stopper out, tilt spindle sideways
(not upside down or the cake will fall!), put water in the tube, seal it
back up, and return it to it's upright position.

Good luck,
Sea Monkey