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By Kaijan (Kaijan) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 07:26 pm:



By Kaijan (Kaijan) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 07:31 pm:

found some pictures from an old setup awhile ago...

By Kaijan (Kaijan) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 09:49 pm:

Nan.... Heres a rough summary :)

Theres a humidifier in that little bin (if you cant tell.) The reason its in there is to collect any run off water...

The humidifier is modified by blocking the main output (taped), and drilling in holes to accomodate the tubing (garden hose).

These hoses are about 2 1/2 - 3 feet long.. They run up to the primary manifold (used to build up and release equal amount of humidity.) Make sure this primary bin is above your terrariums. Gravity will take over from there!

***Also Make sure you have a nice tight seal on all the hoses, and around the rim of the lid.***

Drill your outputs near the bottom of the bin (this pic has 3 terrariums, but this system could definitly support 4+)

Add an inch or so of dry perlite into the bottom of the manifold bin.. It will pool up run off, and recycle it.

Anyway...from there, take some PVC piping and drill the holes in the bottom. Refer to "The Mushroom Cultivator" for the precise distance/width of the holes.. there is a formula for the height of the bin to provide air entertainment.

Inside the bins, have an elevated grated platform to allow free movement of air.

This is not required, but you can add valves to "shut off" bins if your not using them, or to cut down the humidity that enters the bins.

Under the shelves there are floro's mounted. They run on a timer set at 12 hrs on 12 hrs off.

The HEPA and Humidifier run 24/7. This Humidifier is quite small btw... and its humidifying 4 bins (100%). The room itself is humidified to 75% due to leaking in the bins!

Since this humidifier is so small, it needs a refill it once a day. It only holds like 2 liters. You could easily punch some tubing in the bottom, and have it auto refill your tank as it dropped.

You can see that by using this manifold system, you'll get greater use out of a small cheap humidifier.

This system is really efficient and effective. Doesn't cost that much to make either.