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By Nan (Nanook) on Tuesday, October 23, 2001 - 10:35 pm:

Chemical Extraction of Mescaline from San Pedro Syrup:

Set three liters of Pedro syrup in the fridge for a month or so and allow all cell fragments to settle out. Decant at least 2.5 liters of the clear syrup off into a gallon glass cider bottle. Slowly add 3-4 cans of Red Devil lye (be very careful!) to the bottle, shake to dissolve, then add about a liter of Xylene (paint thinner)to the extraction bottle. Shake well, let separate overnight, decant off the Xylene. If the emulsion is too thick and will not separate, add a little distilled water to the bottle to thin it.

I put my Xylene into a wide mouth one liter ground glass "precipitation" bottle (purchased just for the purpose), add about 5 drops of H2S04 (sulfuric acid, battery acid strength) and shake(or stir). Crude mescaline sulfate will precipitate out of the Xylene. Add acid until no more precip is obtained. Carefully decant the Xylene back into the syrup bottle leaving the precip behind.

I place the open precipitation bottle in a crock pot with an inch or two of hot water at the bottom and dry off the remaining xylene (well ventilated area or under a hood guys). Then dissolve the crude Mescaline sulfate in a few CCs of hot distilled water. Decant your mescaline solution into glass bottle for storage.

Repeat this extraction process until no more precipitation is obtained when adding H2SO4 to the xylene. The gallon extraction bottle can be worked for about a week before it is exhausted, and your bottle of crude mescaline sulfate solution should grow to a few ounces.

Add strong ammonia to the crude mescaline solution, drop by drop, stopping to check the pH with some test paper. Bring the mescaline solution to a pH of 7.

Add a tablespoon of activated charcoal to the mescaline solution, boil, decant and filter. You can rinse the charcoal with some distilled water with a wash bottle. I repeat the charcoal treatment 2-3 times, using fresh charcoal each time, to clean the solution up.

Boil the mescaline solution down to about 200 cc volume. Place the solution into a freezer. As the temperature drops the mescaline sulfate will precipitate out just above the freezing point. I use a buchner funnel with a venturi vacuum pump and a vacuum flask to separate the precip: place a filter paper in the funnel, dump the near frozen mescaline solution onto the paper with the vacuum turned on, once the water has passed through remove the paper and dry the mescaline sulfate under a heat lamp.

Boil the remaining solution down to 100 cc and repeat the process.

Yields around 7 grams of mescaline sulfate crystal.

This process requires a little savvy in chemistry. Ring stands, glass funnels, venturi pumps, buchner funnels... You really need some basic equipment. Write to ELEMENTAL SCIENTIFIC LLC, PO BOX 571, APPLETON WI 54912-0571 for these supplies. They also carry glass desiccators, Drierite, alcohol lamps, inoculating loops, etc., useful in mushroom cultivation.

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