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By Dr. Cubesis III (Newbieshroomer) on Tuesday, December 04, 2001 - 07:01 pm:


Between the Glovebox and the Oven, tough question,

A stranger I encountered at the free clinic usually uses the oven for innoculation and the glovebox for making syringes. I find that I trust the glove box FAR more for contamination prevention. He is only thru his first flush as of yesterday!! ( YAY! ) He will make sporeprints from the second flush, and will use the glovebox for that as well.

He actually DID build his dream glove box,
Basically, I bought a large, thick clear tub from wallmart. Got me a nice piece of plexi I mounted on top with liquid silicone. This is WAY nicer than trying to work thru a cloudly side of the tub as some people do. for about 5 bucks, you can get a piece of plexi clear as glass. When he work with the glovebox,
he can't even tell that the plexi is in place the view in is so clear. :)

he then bought a nice blower ( not a fan, but a blower )from ebay for ten bucks, and procured four 8 x 11 whirlpool hepa filters ( normally 82 bucks a piece ) from ebay for thirty bucks including shipping, shipping was ten. And with a little more plexi and silicone created an addition space on the side of the box to mount the hepa and the blower, ( only an inch off the side of the box, blower is in glovebox, hepa is mounted in plexi strips on outside. blowing in of course. I then cut holes in the box using a scalpel heated with a propane torch. No gloves or bags, He tried them both, hated them, and just work thru the open holes. Even mass innoculating 5 or 6 syringes, no probs yet.

Before use he sprays the entire thing liberally with lysol, wipes out with lysol
towlettes ( specially the plexi on top), adds any materials he needs ( presterilized and wrapped in lysol soaked tin foil and seals arm holes with saran wrap. Then it sits for about ten minutes, soaking with lysol he then loosens the top of the box, and turns the blower on, when to box dries completely he snaps the lid back in place, rubs his arms down with 91% rubbing alcohol, gargles with listerine ( since he will be breathing over the box ) puts on some latex gloves ( soaks those down with lysol then dries to ) sprays the surrounding area with lysol, and gets to work.

Some problems he has:

If the box doesn't dry out completely, he finds he is working in lysol puddles. That sucks. You can contaminate your crap with lysol as it will KILL your young spores. He had a few jars he WEAKENED colonization on when a syringe fell into a puddle of lysol. that syringe was marked and every jar used with it colonized, but slowly and weakly. Jars have yet to fully colonize.

He originally built a positive pressure box, ( which is REALLY cool and works great ) but found that it was so tiny it was hard to work in. He made sure that his next box was SIGNIFIGANTLY larger

Forgeting materials, tools. He has pulled hair out when forgetting to add stuff to the box BEFORE working. He can pass it in thru the holes, sure. BUt getting up to get stuff creates drafts of air, pulling hands in and out of box stirs air, and basically he wants to be sure of a contam free enviroment, so he DOUBLE checks what needs to be in the box before he works.

Longwinded, you bet. This is the NewbieShroomer, what can I say?

Oven Tek.

Love it. Simple, fast, easy to set up, very few downsides in my opinion.

hmmmmmm, I just included his glovebox tek and I was going to go into his oven tek, LOL! But I think I am off topic!

IMHO BOTH teks are valuable for thier own reasons. In some cases it is better to use an oven and some a glove box.

Peace all!

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