Think I screwed up the birdeed.... Jars won't shake..

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Shake Jars B4 They Cool !!!!  -    

By Dr. Cubesis III (Newbieshroomer) on Monday, December 10, 2001 - 11:32 pm:

Hey board! 

Well, this weekend was certainly fruitfull,
I ended up soaking my grains for a couple hours,
draining them off and filling 12 quart jars.

Unfortunately, after I pulled them out of the cooker ( primarily white millet grains ) they were all stuck together.... the bottom even a little mushy it seemed anyway... Well, I have tons of prints lying around so I innoculated the jars anyway, thought they will NOT shake. Should I
use something sterile to break up the grains?
There are plenty of gaps between grains, but I have never done this before and shaking wouldn't do it. Looking forward to moving to bigger stuff,
and glad I have the Nook to help me along.

The tek I followed was written by, kb maybe? Workman? Don't remember, but part of the title that drew me in I remember " grains, no looking back "


Please help me out here, as I need to learn grain before I move to the next levels, and a less patient person than me was ever made, but thanks to the shrooms, I am learning  

By quote: (Quote) on Monday, December 10, 2001 - 11:48 pm:

kb never wrote an original tek in his entire career, he just stole other people's ideas.
as for your problem, i'd do it over if i were you.
sounds like you got a little too much water, and maybe over-cooked it as well. you really must be able to shake it for it to work properly. i find it helpful to shake them as soon as they are cool enough to touch, before it sets up.

By Dr. Cubesis III (Newbieshroomer) on Tuesday, December 11, 2001 - 12:08 am:

Thanks Quote, and I don't know to much about kb..... Anything really...

Ok, I spose it time to do it over....

LOL!! Uh oh!! More birdseed and spore juice!!!
Dammit~! I'll start with my other 12 quarts tonight.

Thanks quote

By Mr. B (Argonaut) on Tuesday, December 11, 2001 - 05:40 pm:

As far as the Bird Seed substrate goes, Finch Seed is what dude uses. He steeps for 45 min. (that's about a temp of 175 - 190 Deg F) Then dranied in a strainer bag for 10 min. 20 -30 % Verm added and it comes out at a good moisture content. He didn't need to add or remove moisture this way... He opened one up after PCing and cooling to check the substrate. It was moist but not wet. When squeezed in the hand, it ALMOST dripped...

I hope that helps

By Dr. Cubesis III (Newbieshroomer) on Tuesday, December 11, 2001 - 06:48 pm:

Thanks Mr. B!


Been wanting to move to grain for awhile,
nows my chance!!

By onediadem (Onediadem) on Tuesday, December 11, 2001 - 10:00 pm:

My jars were the same, vry hard to break up, but I did get them broke up using a phone book, and litterally beat the heck out of them, it took quite a bit of beating, but eventually, it did break them up. It is easier if they are warm. I innoc w/ karo tek, and 18 hrs later showed growth, all with exactly looking grain as you described above. 3 days later, i am at 30%, and will be shaking today. Looks like the seed is gonna pas up the pf jars i did almost a month ago.
live long and prosper.

By Dr. Cubesis III (Newbieshroomer) on Wednesday, December 12, 2001 - 04:58 pm:


Thanks Pj!!

It was suggested that I start over....

But geez, I already have 12 quarts done,
And I have another 12 empty quarts ready to seed... I think me, the phonebook, and the jars will have a conversation tonight....

I am also considering sterilizing 9 pieces of coat hanger in the pc each one disposable to stir each jar up in my hepa box....

Think that will work????

By quote: (Quote) on Wednesday, December 12, 2001 - 05:00 pm:

once a friend suggested banging jars on an old rubber tire to loosen the grain.
i'd try banging before i stuck anything in there.

By Nan (Nanook) on Wednesday, December 12, 2001 - 07:23 pm:

A sterilized phone book (wipe the cover with alcohol) works very well for banging stuck jars

By Mr. B (Argonaut) on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 02:11 am:

Hey Nan,

Why the heck would you have to sterlize the phone book? That's a good one allright. Actually I'm gonna use a baseball bat wrapped in a bath towel.

By Nan (Nanook) on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 07:00 am:

When the cake ships in the jar it is like a piston moving in a cylinder, it displaces air. The holes in the lid become like little air nozzles and can suck up dust or contam spores laying about as the cake moves. By using a phone book with a sanitized cover you reduce your contam risk

By Imok Urok2 (Imok) on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 07:09 am:

Nan, now that is one for the archives.
Baseball bat/rubber tire/phone book banging tek 
Sounds kinky as %ell to me 
(but mighty fun)

By Brettiejams (Brettiejams) on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 11:10 am:

You see, there is a method to the madness.

Does your brain ever hurt from thinking too much, Nan?

You've got everything covered, don't you dude?



By Dr. Cubesis III (Newbieshroomer) on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 05:06 pm:


Gone all weekend, and everyone is still here!!
Brettie is still insane, quote still picks on Jared's * Snicker * " Experience " and Nan is still coming up with out of the box thinking Re: Contams...

Hooray!! I didn't miss much of anything!!!
Thought I would be all left out 

Back to business....

My friend did indeed try the phonebook thing, and... Wow.
He beat the living shit out of those quart jars, but sure enough, EVERY single one of them broke out nicely, just like was advised... Colonization is now progressing MIGHTY nicely as far as that goes.

By Mr. B (Argonaut) on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 05:15 pm:

Hey Doc,

My pal had a similar prob and ruined a perfectly good phone book. Still a few stubborn lumps but he knocked em' up anyhow with some honey water

By Eatyualive (Eatyualive) on Tuesday, December 18, 2001 - 05:10 am:

yeah if you steep the birdseed and then strain it you should do fine. i do this. i use my regular mix of pf cakes and add about the same amount of birdseed as the brf. every single cake has been to at least four flushes with the extra birdseed. i actually picked 4 invitro jars that were made of birdseed and it came out to 1/2oz dry. i think the birdseed actually provides more nutrients in later flushes. i notice the difference after the first flush.

By Cragith Kilbonith (Kilborn) on Tuesday, December 18, 2001 - 05:25 am:

invitro inside the jars with birdseed?  "SWEET"! sorry man just missed you again.

By Dr. Cubesis III (Newbieshroomer) on Tuesday, December 18, 2001 - 06:27 pm:

What kind of colonization time are we talking about here????

Some of my jars are colonizing nicely, and some are not...

Of the 12 I put together, I added a little BRF to four of them, cause someone at the shroomery suggested that... Unfortunately, while the brf/seed jars are colonizing like BANDITS,,, they are also big masses of unshakeable material....

Hey eatyoualive ( i'll call ya eya for short  )
is that your exact recipe? I still have 12 more quarts and I want to try some more 

By quote: (Quote) on Tuesday, December 18, 2001 - 08:48 pm:


i use my regular mix of pf cakes and add about the same amount of birdseed as the brf.