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By serialkiller1 (Serialkiller1) on Monday, December 03, 2001 - 07:44 pm:

whats the most amount of mushrooms and type anyone has ever taken at one time?

By jim brown (Shrhobbyist) on Monday, December 03, 2001 - 08:06 pm:

I only need to take a small amount (2-3g) to get a serious trip. One time a few years ago (I had only tripped on shrooms a dozen or so times then) I was in the mood for fun (and stoned as all hell). I was eating dried shrooms dipped in peanut butter, which tastes (to me, at least) like a candybar. I took 7g. I know that is the standard dose for many but not for me. It seemed like a great idea for about 40 minutes. Then the shroom spins hit. Anyone who has had the shroom spins knows what I'm talking about. You think back on your life and can't believe that there was ever a time when you weren't tripping. The slightest change in setting can set you off. One piece of advise to anyone who is experiencing this (or about to puke) put an ice-cube on your forehead, you will feel 200 times better.
On last thing, we all know people who say "I'll do mushrooms but I won't do acid because acid can really fuck you up and shrooms are natural and safe." Tell them to wake up, psilocybin is a chemical just like LSD, even if it is "natural." And shrooms can put you on a planet so far away you wouldn't be able to see it with a telescope while on acid.

By quote: (Quote) on Monday, December 03, 2001 - 10:18 pm:

i did 9.5 gm/dry cubensis once,
turned into chicken little,
thought the world was ending right now!

By serialkiller1 (Serialkiller1) on Monday, December 03, 2001 - 11:30 pm:

the day after thanksgiving i split 45 g with 4 other people it was the best trip i ever had. the other day i had 70 g with 3 people it was nowhere close to what i did the other week.the 45g was about 15 mushies and the 70 g was about 4-5 mushies. can anyone tell me why i tripped harder the first time.

By Snoopy (Snoopy) on Monday, December 03, 2001 - 11:34 pm:

I have only tripped once and I ate like 2grams of the little abhorts because everyone says that those are the strongest. At first my trip was really bad like I was freaking out, and I got sick 3 times.. but after I left that environment and got back to my apartment by myself I had a WONDERFUL time... weird how changing scenes can just change your trip... lord I could not imagine eating more than 4grams.. *shudder*

By Nugdumper (Nugdumper) on Tuesday, December 04, 2001 - 02:27 am:

A good friend of mine held a tea-party, making a 2 1/2 ounce potent brew. He steeped it for an hour and when he lifted the lid of the pot, the entire kitchen became thick with the smell of mushrooms. It was almost like you could taste the psilocybe in the air. There were 13 people drinking off the tea, including me. After we all took what we wanted to drink(everyone was guessing their dose, my first mistake), their was still tea left in the pot.
My friend had kava kava extract that he advised everyone use in their tea. We all put like 2 drops in and the whole drink turned milky white. The stuff totally numbed my throat and made the shroom brew easier to drink.
No more than a half hour later the whole house had gone mad. My friend has a room at the top of his house with matresses, black lights, a lava projector, the whole works. I was frozen in a chair for almost 2 hours, taking the slowest bong hits of my life and staring at the ceiling. Eventually everyone migrated upstairs and we were all laying around yawning and laughing... it was all very hypnotic and kinda creepy. At my peak, my mind started doing that "What the hell did I take.... oh my god" thing. For some reason I couldn't even recall drinking the mushroom tea and I was wandering around the house. My feet felt wet and my mind was just flipping. A totally mindblowing experience, truely the strongest trip I've ever had. I imagine I drank about 5g's, it doesn't sound like much but I've never reached that sort of trip again, it may have partly been the setting.

By Brad (Raze) on Tuesday, December 04, 2001 - 03:37 am:

Well... It appears I have won this contest with my massive one gram trip. Mwuahaha.

I've only done small doses, I have a hard time getting ahold of mushies. I've done 1 gram, three times. Ahaha. I suck, I know...

Thats soon to change though, my one jar is like 98% colonized.

By relic (Relic) on Tuesday, December 04, 2001 - 05:08 am:

5.5-6g is the most i've done at once

By Nan (Nanook) on Tuesday, December 04, 2001 - 05:35 am:

I don't count. But I did have an experience like Quote's on a massive dose once. The world was ending right then and there, solar flare coming. I shut my mouth (I knew I was tripping) and rode out the peak. I was fine 20 minutes later.

There were too many people around, too much noise, sensory overload with a lot of shrooms. Way out in the woods is the best place if I am going to blow my mind.

By Lichen (Lichen) on Tuesday, December 04, 2001 - 05:59 am:

I can relate. The most I ever did was some tea aomeone else made for me...I don't know how much I got, but it was enough to keep me going for 12 hours strong, and everyone else, too. That was a long time ago, and there was a 7 year gap when I did hardly any drugs at all. Since I got started up again, the most I have ever taken knowingly was only six grams or so....that's more than enough for my featherweight little peabrain, I'll tell ya.

By An guy (Boomer) on Tuesday, December 04, 2001 - 06:15 am:

When I first did a boomer, it was because I couldn't get and c, and I was bummed- I figured booms gotta be lame compared to c.

Now, of course, [ZZ]I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole[/ZZ].
But then....

A couple buddies had gone in on the bag, and so I was cutting it, doing the weighing. So, while bagging everyones shares, I was munching on mine, kind of frantically, I *really* wanted to get off.

The whole time, the guy who got it for me, he had done some of the same the night before, and I ain't noticing his face....but he's getting stretch marks around his eyes, getting so big eyed watching how much I'm eating.

Course, he doesn't say a word....

I turn around when I'm done, looking like a chipmunk with a cheekful, and see his eyes. Instantly I say, kinda shaky, 'whaaaaattttt?'

He's all, Dude, I did some of those last night man, you're eating a *lot*....

I dont' know how much I ate, but it was the best trip I've ever had.

He left, and a few hours later came back....

He knocks, I answer...Imagine, I kinda got weird that night, the door opens on this guy, he's wearing a workboot with his pants tucked in it on one foot, the other is clad in a house slipper. Two coats, and outside of that, a thin purple paisley bathrobe, a hat on backwards with longish hair spiking everywhere out of it. I just thought I looked goooooooood for some reason.

To boot, I chewed tobacco, and there was, apparantly, I had kind of missed my mouth on the put-in, there was chew down the side of my mouth to my chin. My eyes were all stickin out, on account of I had been looking at myself in the mirror for about an hour prior, just diggin on my good lookin, dangerous self, so I was all psycho james bond.....

He kinda pauses and then sez 'uh, how's it goin man?'

I'm all, like I dont' know, maybe lurch, or someone, being all stupid psuedo cool, veins standing out on my neck, I tilt my head to the side, coy-like, and say 'oh, I'm just daaaaaaaan dy' in this low snake voice....

He didn't come in.......

I dont' know how much it was...

By ion ewe (Ion) on Tuesday, December 04, 2001 - 08:39 am:

Approximately 12g dry. This was an accident, mind you...
I actually spoke to The Teacher and he Spoke to me.
These were wild caught, freshly dried. Just wasn't paying attention when I packaged 'em. It was a little more than a quarter oz. I guess, split between a newbie (I was careful with his dose, he got about 3g), my friend, and I. He and I took almost equal portions, but mine was bigger because he didn't want to eat anymore, and I was stupid enough to eat the leftovers...
I ended up having a sort of "flying dream" while awake. I was the seed on the wind. I fell and the womb of mother earth enveloped me... and I grew...

I cannot even begin to describe the beauty and depth of this experience...

The colors were so brilliant and flowing over perfectly solid, ever convoluting and undulating three-dimensional objects in this mind space like a living concert hall... it was real... yes, it was that intense... with my eyes closed...
When I dared to open them, the tracers and waves were so great that I couldn't see through them to look at anything. This mist of matter was forming it's own opinions about me and how it should present itself... I looked up to see a giant portion of gills... from the gigantic Mushroom God... it sounds funny, and it was... I laughed aloud, but it did not dissipate... it only seemed to smile facelessly... it was then I noticed the scintillating rainbow fall of spores that engulfed me. They were everywhere! like little shards of stars, microscopic, but omnipresent... I closed my eyes back to the womb... but we spoke, The Teacher and I...
At some point my friend came around and asked if we were being poisoned... I think my look answered his question, but I proceeded to tell him (I think) "No. There is no thought as this..." Then I said something telepathically and we nodded in unison. He turned away with a smile and I closed my eyes...


Suffice to say, you should never take this much. But if you do, know that you are not being poisoned, and that He is there cradling you through it all. Reduce your level of stimulation (if you can move) to warm light, and soothing wordless music... It will eventually go away, whether that makes you happy or sad...
Technically, you would have to fill your stomach with about 14 lbs of your average dried cubensis to even reach the LD/50 of psilocin levels. That much is a great waste, as you will probably fall into a coma if you don't just regurgitate the first half ounce.
Do not take more than 10 grams if you want to enjoy your experience. Most of the people on this board are very experienced psychonauts, and would not dare this amount in their right minds. There is a point of diminishing returns...

I like to fancy myself a decent poet, but words just fall stale and broken when I try to describe this experience. It was mine alone, I suppose...
Forget it...


By Lichen (Lichen) on Tuesday, December 04, 2001 - 03:59 pm:

I gave up trying to relate my experiences; they're too ephemeral and complex for words. Suffice it that anyone who has eaten mushrooms can probably relate

By Waverider (Waverider) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 03:58 am:

Indeed, Lichen. Indeed. My most potent trip was all atoms and swirls. I realized that god is all and all is god. It was a mere 2.5 dried. I have taken much more since then without the extreme reaction. It was the longest 5 hours of my life. In fact, it was eternity.

By Lichen (Lichen) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 06:05 am:

you can definitely relate, eh?

By boomer (Cmos) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 08:24 am:

I can relate as well, but won't try to describe it, either.
I drank some tea with 120 grams of fresh cubies in it. My friend(or so I thought), gave it to me, and thought it would be funny, he said there was a *few* grams in it. Haha, real funny. They picked about 2 pounds from a field earlier that day. Yeah, I know, I should have known better. But, I would probably do it again.

By I feel so weird (Phishgrower) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 05:37 pm:

The most I've eaten is 2 grams. I did that last week and it was my first trip on mushrooms that I've grown myself. Let me tell you, it was very intense for me and I don't think I'll ever go above 2 grams. Before this I've always split 1/8's with my friends, so about 1.75 grams each time I've tripped.

I sat on the same couch for 5 hours, mesmerized by Pink Floyd's pulse video. Then we put on shrek.

By quote: (Quote) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 06:19 pm:

pulse is a great video to watch trippin'.

By serialkiller1 (Serialkiller1) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 08:17 pm:

where can i find this video pulse. its not in the blockbuster here. my friend wants to watch heavy metal. any one have any comments on that video


By I feel so weird (Phishgrower) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 08:25 pm:

heavy metal is definitely a weird movie, I'm not that big of a fan though. You can definitely find pulse somewhere on the web to try and order it. If not just try whatever big music stores are around you (virgin megastore, etc..)

By Stewie (Stew) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 08:25 pm:

Pulse rules!! I wish I could have been there. My friend got his at one of those mall record stores.

By Karna (Karna) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 10:55 pm:

Quote I have to chime in on that!!
I watched Pulse for the first time in 1996 summer. I had dropped a couple tabs and I was sitting about a foot away from the TV.
I swear it was the most CRAZY thing cause of the sensory overlap thing, those lights actually make you feel a certain way.

Anyways, when they went into DSOTM (y'know when the heart starts beating and turns into an EYE and disconcerting voices and sounds come up) and the voice started saying, "I've been mad for fucking years...." and "I've always been mad I know I have...." I SWEAR that was ME!! I heard it as my own voice. I lost it, hurtled out of the room and had a complete breakdown in the toilet. At this point I could not remember anything about myself including my reflection in the mirror or any memories at all. The strange thing is when that happens, you're stuck with "I AM" and NOTHING ELSE and that's a hard one to swallow. Well swallow it we must, so slowly (seemed like forever) while dry heaving wretchedly over the toilet, slowly things started to piece together bit by bit (Love when that happens). I forced myself back in the room so my trip buddies didn't get all paranoid and come to check on me (which I found them to be debating furiously, having stopped the tape), sat back down in time for the beginning of The Great Gig in the Sky (the whole breakdown couldn't have lasted more than about 30 mins or so) and was just reborn in ecstasy. Rest was pure bliss.
Just wanted to share a different kind of PF tale.

By plinkerdink420 (Plinkerdink420) on Saturday, December 08, 2001 - 12:31 am:

if you have a suncoast near you, they will definitely have it... it's a store that just sells movies, but yeah... all six times that i have owned that tape, i got it from there... now that dvd's are available i think that might be interesting to see it that way..... if they have released it on dvd that is

By ion ewe (Ion) on Saturday, December 08, 2001 - 06:42 am:

Anyone remember the movie "Wizards"?
"Fritz! They killed Fritz!"
ah, screw it.


By Brettiejams (Brettiejams) on Saturday, December 08, 2001 - 08:11 am:

I did way too much one time.

I have never wieghed mine but it was two mouthfuls of regular dried, and one mouthful of abhorts.

At least ten grams I would say.

Sensory overload ensued and I just locked myself in my office and waited it out for several hours.

I confronted my own death in the process.

I paniced at first then figured the worst thing that could happen was that I would die.... and came to terms with that.

Was calm after that, but it was by no means fun.

A hellish experience that left my in literal shock for several days.

A mistake I will never repeat.

I now respect the power of the shroom profusely.

By Piss Chill (Catfishjohn) on Saturday, December 08, 2001 - 03:12 pm:

Sounds a lot like when I ate way too much pot. Also something not to be taken likely when ingested.

By Patrick (Valence) on Saturday, December 08, 2001 - 11:41 pm:

Wizards was real good. Has anyone seen Fire and Ice. It was an animated movie that was so well done, there was a time when this girl is swimming in the water and it looks real. Real good movie.

By jim brown (Shrhobbyist) on Sunday, December 09, 2001 - 12:27 am:

Have any of you seen Pink Floyd Live From Pompeii. One time me and some friends dosed. I went to the video store to rent The Wall. The drugs took hold to soon and I accidently grabbed Pompeii instead of The Wall. Man, I thought I was a Pink Floyd fan before I saw that...highly recommended.

By quote: (Quote) on Sunday, December 09, 2001 - 11:47 pm:

yeah, i've got that video.
ever seen the live version of 'the wall', broadcast from the site of the old berlin wall ?
pretty cool...

By relic (Relic) on Monday, December 10, 2001 - 03:19 am:

waters was supposed to release a live dvd, video of the last tour. should be out now. should be pretty good, that show rocked.

By quote: (Quote) on Monday, December 10, 2001 - 03:48 am:

yeah, i saw waters' tour, very nice.
but floyd live in '94 was better, awesome in fact.

By I feel so weird (Phishgrower) on Monday, December 10, 2001 - 05:12 am:

Yea, I have live in Berlin too. When I watch it, I just can't help to think how 80's it is. I have this weird thing with any movies from the 80's. They're so easy to discern. The waters tour was definitely great 2 summers ago. Couldn't catch the pulse tour in 94 though.

I've been waiting for the in the flesh dvd too. I don't know what the deal is. I think the original release date was last february. Waters better get his act together before he tours the world (which i find unfair--what about us here in the states) Anyway, that's it.

By relic (Relic) on Monday, December 10, 2001 - 06:24 am:

i saw pulse as well. it was full on. i thought water's show was more intimate. i never cared too much for the wall in berlin. i thought many of the songs were not done so well.

By Stewie (Stew) on Monday, December 10, 2001 - 07:33 am:

The most intense psychadelic experience in my life was at a Roger Waters shows 2 summers ago. In The Flesh Tour at a six flags outside of Buffalo,NY.

A friend of mine had returned from San Fransisco with the best liquid that I ever could have imagined, From Haight-Ashbury no doubt.
We arrived early in the day to ride all the rollercoasters and what not.The weather wasn't very nice, one of those days that is gray and dark, but it hardly sprinkles.Anyway after a few hours ferris wheel smoking and amusement park fun, it was almost time for the show.We went back to my car and dosed, two drops each, finished the bottle. We decided to go back to the park and ride one more coaster. 15 minutes later,I kid you not, we were waiting in line and it started to kick in. i was mesmerized by a wooden post with at least 100 pieces of chewed bubblegum stuck to it. All 5 of us were getting on edge. There were too many people around us that weren't tripping I guess. 4 of us made it throught the ride,The other one stayed behind and got some water. We were so screwed, I dont know how we made we made it through that ride. Once we got off we met with the straggler and we all agreed that we needed to get out of there. TOO INTENSE

We made our way to the concert area where we felt much more comfortable. (Others seemed almost as messed up as we were)After being padded down we walked to the middle area of the grassy field where we thought we could get our best view.
This is the amazing part. We sat in anxious anticipation for 5 minutes and then Rogers came out for a moment to strike that first hard electric chord on his guitar. After this sound test he retreated behind the stage.The magic was in the air. I swear to god not 45 seconds later the dark clouds started swirling. Turning and swirling until a crisp beam of sunlight broke through the clouds. The sky completely cleared to reveal a beatiful day. The crowd gasped in disbelief.
The show from then on I cannot describe. the most intense experience and beautiful feeling I have ever felt. The 5 of us were changed that evening, changed for life.

By onediadem (Onediadem) on Monday, December 10, 2001 - 10:06 am:

The last time I took mushrooms, was 20 years ago. I was visiting a kindred spirit in Santa Barbara, Ca, and trippin down State St. My favorite place in the whole USA. My gal pal and I wandered into this beatnick bar, where there was this tiny stage and a stool, with this guy wearing a black and white stripped tight, long sleeve shirt, with black sunglasses on, and one of those poet beret's. He was reading in greek to me, as far as I was concerned, but the glare off his sunglasses took me to saturn. Then, a great urge to pee set in, and somehow I managed to bumble my way into the ladies room. When I got in the room, I locked myself in, and the whole room, including the door, was painted like the solar system. I dont know how long I was in there, but when I realized where I was, I couldnt find the damn door. Major panic and clostrophobia set in, and I started yelling, the sky wont let go of me, real loud, and someone had to bust the door, to let me out...hehe, once out, everyone in the bar area was starin at me, all quiet and all, and we were escorted from the building. When back on State st, we both spent the rest of the night laughing, and raging over how silly it was in there. Best time of my life. I quit taking them, dont know why, other than they were so hard to find, and got caught up in life. A few years back, I decided I wanted to get back to those fabulous journeys, but on my own, home grown stock. I cannot wait. someday soon........
thanks for helping to someday attain this goal.

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