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By Oldtimer (Oldtimer) on Saturday, November 24, 2001 - 07:34 am:

I posted a method for faster jar colonization back on the old board... so for those of you who have seen this it's old news, but if not you may find this helpful if you wish to produce some fully grown jars real quick...

I see folks above mentioning Glove Boxes or whatnots and these are essential for this technique to be performed successfully... I use a homemade flowhood with a good HEPA filter and have no contam problems, but do not attempt this without some sort of sterile work area.

1. Prepare your PF jars normally except insert wooden dowel pieces into the media before pressure cooking...


2. After jars are sterilized and have cooled, remove dowels and grind a fresh, fully colonized PF cake in a sterile food processor. Be sure everything is sterile, i.e. the processor, the spoon, the work area...


3. Open jar and place the lid onto a cotton pad soaked with alcohol (to keep it sterile). Place the PF cake powder from the Cuisinart into the jar and work it into the channels made in the media where the dowels were. Use a sterile dowel to pack the spawn powder into each dowel channel until filled... Be sure to flame your spoon between each spawn powder transfer...



4. After packing each jar with spawn powder, carefully replace the lid and store in a semi-dark place at around 70-75 degrees F.


Two days after inoculation....


4-5 days later... Jars will be fully colonized in about 7 days when using pint jars...

Another nice thing about this method is the fact that you can transform one 1/2 pint PF cake into a bunch of one pint jars giving you a lot of Spawn for use in Straw Beds, Wafer Tek trays or just regular cake fruiting....


By saluras (Saluras) on Saturday, February 16, 2002 - 12:52 am:

I just wanted to thank you. I've started a couple large jars with your dowl rod idea. i've successfully done 12 pint and 4 gallon size jars. this is the greatest, you get a fully colonized cake in 12 days and it seems like its alot more reliable than spore syringes.

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