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By Admin (Admin) on Thursday, August 23, 2001 - 12:19 pm:

GroverzGuide: How to make a cleanroom

Written by: GroverzNutz

Well, we all know that the most important part of success is having clean procedures. Well I've found that I can turn my bathroom into a sterile clean room both during innoculation and when removing any contaminants. By adhering to clean procedures, you should not have any problems with contamination. Here's my tips to making your own clean room:


Bottle of Lysol antibacterial spray. it's sorta like Windex except it kills a huge shitload of germs.

Spray bottle with 10% bleach and 90% water mixed into it.
Wal mart has bottles for something like 49 cents.

Loads of paper towels

Dust mask for face, along with cap for hair and long sleeve shirt.

To prepare:

Close all airvents to the bathroom and draw curtain on your shower, wait about 10 minutes for dust to settle.

From here on out, any time that you are in the clean room make sure you are wearing long sleeve shirts, a hat on your head and a dust mask across your face.

Wipe down the area around the toilet with lysol, including the toilet itself, sink area, and floor underneath if you have tile.

After letting lysol sit for 30 seconds, wipe off with paper towels and lightly spritz with chlorine and water mixture.

Right before you open the jars, mist the air with the water/bleach mix and let it settle. Also do this anytime you enter the clean room with fresh jars or whatever.

If using a spore print, dip your instrument in rubbing alcohol and flame off before you use it to scrap spores. I also find this helpful for all instruments that touch the cake, including knives used to cut out any contamination, always flame off alcohol.

To store:

Once you've been real sterile innoculating the jars, put lid on real tight and follow whatever Tek procedure you chose.

I've found that even contaminated cakes will sometimes prodouce edible shrooms if you get right on top of the contamination and not let it get to the shrooms. Of course, any shrooms on a bad cake must be taken lightly in case they have mold, but its better than throwing it out.

First, separate the bad cake from the others. I usually put the cake on a tupperware container tall enough to let shrooms grow but narrow enough so that it doesn't take much perlite to fill the bottom. Put about a 1 inch layer of perlite, and damp with a mix of 50% water and 50% Hydrogen Peroxide into the bottom. Keep the lid on loose to allow air exchange but keep humidity.

If done right, this 'hospital' should be able to recover bad cakes that are edible. however i must stress that you should always start out very low with shrooms from a recovered cake. If they're ok you can work your way up just don't take a lot as there is an increased risk of bad shrooms.


The most difficult part of psilocybin mushroom cultivation is the observance of the rules of pure culture technique. These are the sanitary code of mushroom cultivation. There are usually many varieties of bacteria and fungal spores in our environment; floating in the air, clinging to our hands and clothing, issuing from our mouths with every exhalation. Extreme measures must therefore be taken to keep these out of our mycelial cultures, which they would rapidly overrun. The following points should be diligently observed. Work in a clean, uncluttered, dust free room. Immediately before work wash the work table and spray the room with disinfectants. Scrub arms, hands, and nails with disinfectant soap. Wear simple clothing. A freshly cleaned short-sleeve T-shirt is ideal. Gargle with antiseptic mouthwash and cover the mouth and nose with a clean cloth or disposable surgery mask. Cover the hair with a surgical cap or shower cap. Allow no drafts in the room. close all doors and stuff all door jambs. Let no flies, animals, or unnecessary people in the room. Let only sterilized equipment touch the medium or inoculum. Don't lean over your work. Avoid all swift movements that may cause a draft. If possible have a hood constructed around the work table or a screen or curtain surrounding it. Be neat and keep all materials within reach. Keep all equipment about three feet away from the work. Do not permit anyone to enter the room while work is in progress. ]]

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By Ink drop (Headrastaman) on Wednesday, November 07, 2001 - 02:37 am:

i'm gonna try growing in my closet... should i be worried about molds or anything growing in my closet as a result of growing mushrooms.... thought i'd just check first.. thanx

By Nan (Nanook) on Wednesday, November 07, 2001 - 02:58 am:

If there is a problem with Sanitation you are doing something wrong. You want to turn your closet into a mini-"Clean Room". Pitch any contamed cultures as soon as they are discovered. Be ruthless.

By jared (Jared112) on Wednesday, November 07, 2001 - 03:48 pm:

When I preped my closet I wiped down all the walls with bleach and water solution about 10%bleach 90%water. Then I vacumed the carped and after I wiped down every square inch of that closet I put the solution into a spray bottle and sprayed the ceiling and the walls and the floor everything... I did that over a week ago and it still smells like a sterile laboritory inside.

By Lichen (Lichen) on Wednesday, November 07, 2001 - 04:13 pm:

sounds good...just keep the humidity down in there. If you have high humidity in the closet itself, you will grow mildew....saw a nice crop of it in someone's pic recently...ruined the whole room

By Nan (Nanook) on Wednesday, November 07, 2001 - 06:58 pm:

I have found that if you have carpeting and plaster to deal with, tape down some plastic sheet to the floor and walls: it cuts down on both Trich and Cobweb, protects the carpet and plaster from water and Verm Particles, and helps keep the Temperature and Humidity up

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By plinkerdink420 (Plinkerdink420) on Friday, December 21, 2001 - 05:26 am:

let's say that someone wanted to convert a linen closet into a terrarium of sorts.... if they were to line the walls and floor with a thin plastic tarp and place a cool mist humidifier in there... would there be any potential problems.... also if this person were to do this, they would install fans in the walls of the closet to ventilate... will the moisture somehow bead through the plastic making the wood rot?...

By Imok Urok2 (Imok) on Friday, December 21, 2001 - 07:25 am:

If you put on 4 or 5 coats of polyurethane
(the kind they use on ships)
you wouldn't have to worry about
putting down plastic or
the wood roting
(caulk first)
You could have up to 100% humidity
with no problems that way :)
You could even install a attic vent
bathroom fan for total stealth.
Just be sure to put down a lip
at the door to keep any moisture
in the room and from leaking out
under the door.

By plinkerdink420 (Plinkerdink420) on Friday, December 21, 2001 - 01:49 pm:

thank you very much for the thorough response... i thought about the paint thing... i just thought that the plastic would be better, but never actually tried the paint... i just figured if it was easier, then, with my luck... it wouldn't work

* Plink, you can use plastic as well just fine. Use good quality duct tape to seal things up. Make sure the floor is covered, and the plastic on the floor should be a couple of layers thick, and tape it to the wall at some point above the molding. This will contain water spills and leakage, and seal out contams. Clean everything well _before_ cutting and taping plastic.

Posted by: DirtyWOP Dec 03 02, 01:58 PM GMT
I wanna rip up my carpet in a small room and put down linolium. My carpet is getting really nasty and harboring contaminants....

my room is like 8 X 10 or something
I could measure it......
Anyone think this is affordable, or should I stop dreaming now.....
think how easy you could sanitize your growroom!!!

Posted by: Mycota Dec 03 02, 02:17 PM GMT
A 10 x 100 foot roll of heavy black plastic at home depot - lowes - et al..... is under $20 bucks. Just cover it with that. Walls & ceiling too. You can turn it into a quasi / clean room - easy.


Posted by: DirtyWOP Dec 03 02, 02:39 PM GMT
yea...all that sounds nice
but I wanna be able to mop the floor
and slide across it in my socks

Posted by: Fred Garvin Dec 03 02, 08:58 PM GMT
Sheet linoleum is pretty affordable, especially for an 8x10 room. Check at the home improvement whse's like Lowes and H.D.

Posted by: tron Dec 03 02, 09:14 PM GMT
last time i checked it was 20 dollars a box(average). a box contains 20 square feet. hope im right smile.gif

Posted by: DirtyWOP Dec 05 02, 11:50 AM GMT
I'm gonna do it!

Posted by: nobody Feb 03 03, 10:39 AM GMT
I was currious what kind of luck people have had with steril work in bathrooms. Because I have a flatmate that wouldn't exatly approve of my growing mushrooms I am forced to work entirly in my carpeted bedroom and attached bathroom. I keep my bathroom clean. No dirty laundry, pools of H2O, toilet funk, etc�tera. After showering I leave the fan on and door open to reduce the humidity. I clean on a regular basis (lots of H2O/bleach and Lysol). I also plan on cleaning just before use. Would these precautions used in conjunction with a glovebox (laminar flow hood to be constructed when I have the cash for a blower and filter) be sufficant for doing liquid (or possibly agar) inoculations? Once inoculated I would place the jars in a plastic bin terrarium and move them to my closet. Thanks.

I'm nobody.

Posted by: Iggy Feb 03 03, 11:40 AM GMT
Yeah you can work in a bathroom. Have used mine a time or two myself (no I mean for working with mushrooms silly)! I always let my hepa air purifier run for about an hour with the door closed before using. Also I sprayed the air with Ozium. I found this in the car deoderizer section of walmart. It is a great replacement for lysol. Lysol can cause deformities and abnormalities so I stay away from the stuff. Let the Ozium dissapate into the air in the room before starting work. A hepa filtered positive presure glovebox/flowhood will allow you to work pretty much anywhere. Just remember your latex gloves and a sergons mask/dust mask and you'll do fine wink.gif So to answer your question in short, yes your bathroom will work. You sound as if you have a pretty good understanding on procedures. Good luck!

Almost forgot welcome to the Nook! biggrin.gif

Posted by: Alien Feb 06 03, 11:51 AM GMT
That would work great. If you can offord it, but a good "Ozone" generator and blast that bathroom real good for an hour. Close and do not go in for a couple hours.

They use Ozone when they find dead people that have decayed in rooms or houses. It kills any mould, but be careful with the levels, use the test indicators.


Posted by: ShroomVator Feb 06 03, 01:27 PM GMT
If you do use ozone, try to avoid a spark - things like fluorescent lamps. If it concentrates too much and a spark gets loose, you'll enjoy a bathroom with a new sunroof.


Posted by: BadPunk6 Feb 07 03, 12:29 AM GMT
Could someone please elaborate on what Ozone is??

Posted by: ShroomVator Feb 07 03, 12:47 AM GMT
O3 molecules - makes water have a 'fresher mouthfeel' and kills things. Also, very bad for your lungs if breathed directly.

Posted by: Fungusmaximus Feb 07 03, 02:51 AM GMT
so vator, its 3 oxygen molecules O3

And this is flammable correct?

So its sorta like a peroxide gas, I'm assuming the extra molecules act the same as H2o2, rupturing the extra molecules when they contact mold/bacteria, which in turn ruptures their cell wall, effectively killing them.
Is this correct?

Posted by: Myco_holic Feb 07 03, 04:35 AM GMT
O3 is an unstable form of oxygen which is polarized. What this means is it attaches itsself to everything in the air. Dust , bacteria ,smells. When it attaches itself to the tiny particles in the air it makes them heavy and they literally fall out of the air onto the floor.... Even though it is a good sanatizer and odor remover many marijauna growers have complained about the Ozone burning the leaves on their plants.....I wonder if the ozone would effect the growth of the mushrooms? Any thoughts?

Posted by: BadPunk6 Feb 07 03, 10:42 AM GMT it kills stuff and is bad to breathe?? Why does this stuff NOT sound like a good idea? I'll stick with Lysol.

Posted by: HapplyDeranged Feb 07 03, 01:13 PM GMT
all the lysol in the world wont help you if you have drafts...still air is the key... biggrin.gif


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