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By Karna (Karna) on Thursday, November 08, 2001 - 11:01 pm:

Here's the technique I use to transfer the mycelium water to syringes. This method has not resulted in a SINGLE contaminated syringe in the past three years I have used it so long as the mycelium water itself is nice and viable, so maybe it will help you. I hope it does.

You prolly have a bunch of extra lids laying around from all the jars. Take one of these and cut a hole in it large enough for a syringe to fit through comfortably. Go to your local pharmacy and get a box of sterile pads. When you feel your mycelia jar is ready, put it in a gallon ziplock, suck all the air out and put it in the fridge overnight. Meanwhile wrap the lid with a hole in foil, Get your syringes or syringe as the case may be and fill it/them with water. put it needle up with the needle cap loose, not clicked down, over the needle in a pint jar (i do 5-6 syringes per pint jar). Fill about 100ml of water in the bottom, and cover this whole thing with foil also. Put all this in the pc and pc at 15 psi for 30-35 minutes.

The next day when you're good and ready, prep your kitchen area well. While your doing that, leave your oven on at 350F or 400 for an hour to 1.5hrs. Let it cool and turn it on the lowest setting and pull out the rack. Put on your face mask.

From this point, everything that gets set on the rack or the open inside face of the door gets doused in alcohol. That includes the alcohol bottle. Take off the cap put it somewhere else out of the sterile area, and douse the bottle itself in alcohol and set it down on the door. Get a small shot glass or the smallest glass you have and douse it with alcohol inside and all around, then fill a little alcohol in the bottom and set it on the rack or door. Get out 2 sterile pads but don't remove them from the paper yet. Douse these in alcohol and set it down. Get your jar out of the fridge and wipe it dry first with a paper towel, then douse it well in alcohol (it will be wet from the fridge) and set it down on the rack. Now, get the lid and the syringe-in-jar assembly out of the pc and set it on the rack. Get a bowl or something and set it down on the floor by the open oven door.

From this point forward, your hands should be completely clean so don't spare any alcohol. Douse the bottle vigorously also!! Gently open up the foil with the lid inside. Don't remove it yet. Loosen the jar lid band all the way. Tear off the edge of the paper on one of the sterile pads. In one motion, remove the lid from the jar, repace it with the sterile lid from the foil and cover the hole with the sterile pad. No need to rush, better not to. Now you have the sterile surface of the foil that the lid was in to use every time your remove the sterile pad to draw a syringe. Remove the foil from the jar with the syringe (carefully so the cap doesn't come off)and lay it down with the inside up. An extra sterile surface just in case. Tear out the other sterile pad and set it down near the shot glass w/ alcohol.

NOW the fun starts. Each syringe is one motion. Take it out of the jar, remove cap. Dip the tip of the cap in the alcohol in the shot glass, lay cap on sterile pad, shoot out the syringe water in the bowl on the floor (don't move the syringe out of the area above the oven door, remove sterile pad from mycel. jar, lay pad on sterile foil surface, insert syringe, draw mycelium water, replace sterile pad over hole, replace cap, click down tight. I alcohol my hands every so often. I usually draw the whole jar into syringes using this method but it has worked fine with just one syringe or as many as you want.

This results in 20-25 syringes from a nice mycelium jar. It takes about 20 minutes to a half hour and everything is beautifully clean. Like I said, no contams yet. This method has a lot of precautions built into it (like dipping the cap tip in alcohol) just to be as safe as possible since this is the MOST crucial step in the whole shroom cycle in my opinion so it has to be guranteed. Otherwise you can never tell if your culture was bad or your transfer was bad. If you follow this to the letter and still get contams, your culture WAS bad guaranteed. If your culture is good, you are ASSURED clean syringes. Hope this helps you.

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