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By Nan (Nanook) on Monday, October 22, 2001 - 12:45 am:

From the old Myco Archives... Some gems...

Shroom Tea

Chop up mushrooms and steep in hot (not boiling) water for ten minutes. As they are steeping, mix up your favorite flavor of kool-aid, but only use 1/4 to 1/2 the normal amount of water. Strain the shrooms and return to fresh hot water, letting them steep another 10 minutes. While they are steeping again, mix the tea with your kool-aid "concentrate" (using a 1:1 ratio of tea to concentrate if 1/2 the water was used, or 2:1 if 1/4 the normal amount is used...depends on how much kool-aid you want to drink ). When the second steeping is finished, repeat the process with more kool-aid.

I personally like black cherry, and found that with this method you cannot taste the shrooms one bit! Hits you quickly with no stomach discomfort or loss of potency..-------------------------------------------------
For some serious electric juice, buy some of that primo Orange juice that has extra pulp added, pour it into a blender and add some fresh chopped cubensis.... Mix on high for at least a minute so you dont have any big chunks floating.
There is no mushroomy taste, and the texture is also unnoticable due to all the orange pulp. It does look kinda weird but just dont look at it- down it.
Just chug it and your good to go.


If you want good tea, here is a step most people miss.
And this is essential when using fresh wild ones.
First of all you want to clean as much grass, dirt, (verm), etc.... also break off the bottom part, the root, unless it looks especially tastey.
Next what you need to do is wash the shrooms- this totally cleans off the surface of the mushrooms and removes some spores. No psychoactive compounds are lost( or if they are its very little)
Now add hot water and the mushrooms and put over low heat , steep for 20 minutes, stirring often. Dont let it boil or cook down so it looks like stew, it should be more like tea, you can always add water, you want to be left with 1-2 cups of tea per person. If you are using a strainer you can drink your tea- add more water to the mushrooms, let them steep and you will get more tea. you can leave tea in the refrigerater for a day maybe two, but I've noticed that after time the potency does drop dramatically.

Tea is nice because it hits the system immediately upon consumption. also , if you add a tea bag of your favorite tea or herbs and a little sugar you wont even realize the infusion contains mushroom flavor.

Here is a great party sacrament: Blue Jello.
Make mushroom infusion like above ( the rinsing is important so to not have weird things floating in your jello.)
You need to prepare a day in advance to using it because it takes a long time.
You should use 1 dry ounce of mushrooms per 1 pack of jello. You must boil briefly and make sure your left with the proper amount of liquid. then of course you need to refridgerate it because jello asks for both hot and cold water, and you dont want to dilute the jello adding pure normal water, you can mircrowave the other half to make it hot again.
This is an excellent way to make halloween parties and new years eve more fun.

p.s. if you have children be careful about leaving the jello in the refridgerater unsupervised

My buddy told me that the last time he tried tea, what he did was dump 1 gram of powdered vitamin C into a teapot, long with two bags of lemon zinger tea. Then, he took 8 grams of dried Orissas and put them in a small coffee grinder and in abut 5 seconds reduced them to powder. He added the powder to the pot, then added 3 cups of just-boiled water. He let it set for 20 minutes, then he and his wife split it. He tells me it tasted like mushroom soup, rather tasty, and he DEFINITELY got the full impact of the bioactive substances alleged to be found in these fungi.

His wife, who unfortunately often suffers from gastric distress due to the consumption of fungi, found that the intestinal issues were greatly reduced by consuming the fruits of his labor in this fashion, rather than chewing them up dry and swallowing them as had been her practice in the past.

In the Merc index it shows a breakdown of Psilocybin is 195 F. Boiling water is 212 F So boiling is going to cause a loss of potency. I had a friend make tea for me the first time and he boiled it for only 15/20 min. I tripped pretty hard for the first time. The same amount of shrooms from the same batch I did a month later after reading about the breakdown of the psychoactives. This time I Boiled the water, and upon boiling I removed it from the heat, dropped in the shrooms and allowed to steep until it reached room temp. I went unconscious 3 times that night. Base line is dont waste your money on boiling your goodies, steep them drink your tea and swallow the left over shrooms. Swallowing the leftovers will make for a longer ride. Also mincing the shrooms into a powder and Pressing the shroom powder so all the liquid comes out of it (a french press works good) helps with extraction if your not going to eat the leftovers.

See: Can I boil Shrooms?
It wont impair psilocybin much. But it will psilocyn.
But if you have dried shrooms, that are storaged for a while, psilocin will be pretty destroyed till that time. So in that case I would reccomend it. It worked for me.


This is not what you'd call a complicated receipe. But I'm of the school that says "save the feast for *after* the mushrooms" :->

Take "enough" mushrooms (you figure it out), orange juice, a mango, and possibly some lemon sorbet (raspberry would also suit). Either coffee grind the Little Guys or just toss the whole thing in a Cuisinart; then blend all ingredients until thoroughly mixed (they are unlikeyly to smooth out, add ice if you want to make this work a bit better).

Drink, but do not chew. Expect it to hit quickly. Good because the vitamin C and fruit sugar act to smooth out the often alarming early stages


I had a good experience with fresh psilos grown in my kitchen (a wonderful experience, and I'd love to do it again someday, but I'm moving out of state in a few months). Picking these beautiful cubes out of the mulch, I took handfuls of them and tossed them into the blender. I chopped up a couple of small peaches, a handful of raspberries, half a banana, and a couple of teaspoons of powdered Vitamin C and threw them in to follow. The resulting shroom shake was powerfully mushroomy and fruity smelling, but tasted like a peach melba. Split that two ways (really should have been four ways) and attempted to get to my friend's house right away. Big mistake to be out in the world, because about 15 minutes later, we were skyrocketing and losing motor skills. My world was flowing like a windspwept ocean and later, while lying on her couch, I saw my life splinter into pieces (images of parents, old friends, pets, lovers all floating in this aether without a shred of linkage or pattern. Not upsetting in the least, but very illuminating, and it helped me get my bearings for some deep emotional work I'm doing.

The most important part is to realize that fresh cubes are much faster acting when crushed and liquified, plus you can expect the trip to be extremely intense when you toss handfuls of them around like so many alfalfa sprouts! It was a blastingly sunny day, too, which made seeing visuals even more startling, since psilocybin is much more visual in darkness


A freind makes these up to give away to friends

Whats Needed;

A bag of choclate chips
Candy molds (can be found at any place that sells craft supplies)
Funguys freashly ground into a powder
A microwave safe bowl

How to;
Put the chips in to the bowl and place them into the microwave. Give them a minute or so,checking and stirring them every few seconds.When they have melted spoon a little into each of the molds enough to cover the bottum a little bit. Then carefully weight out one gram of the powdered funguys and add it to each mold (One gram is plenty, you can eat more then one).
Reheat the chocolate and fill the molds all the way up.
affter you have filled the molds ,place them into the micro wave just for a second, to make them into one soild mass. Pull them out an let them cool. Store in a cool place.

The last time my friend did this was at easter, useing white chocolate,and rabbit shaped molds. She added just a touch of food coloring for that tie die effect.

By Madhatter

Here's one a friend of mine stumbled upon over the weekend, it was a great success!

Mushroom Milkshakes

Dried shrooms
Mudslide Mix (Kaluah or TGIF)

Blend dried shrooms into a powder
Add Ice
Add Mudslide mix (about a cup or so, the more you use the less shrooms are tasted) It comes in several flavors, choc, banana, strawberry... he even mixed a few.
Pass it around!

Everyone loved it, the taste of shrooms were hardly noticable, the effects set-in very quickly, and it was very fast and easy to make!

(by the way Quote - the Cool Aid thing has always been one of my personal favorites!)

By Pneuma9 (Pneuma9) on Sunday, October 07, 2001 - 07:24 am:

I'm starting this thread to consolidate info on tea. Now I haven't taken tea yet, so I have no personal recipie but here is one taken from Erowid:

1) Yogi Tea brand Licorice Tea.

2) Small amount of fresh ginger (as a stomach helper).

3) A little squeeze of a fresh orange (not too much, adds a little acidity and a nice round flavor).
1) Chop or crush mushrooms.
2) Use 1 cup of water per person and/or 1 cup of water per 5 grams.
3) Heat water to boiling, pour hot water over mushrooms.
4) Wait 5-10 minutes, strain water into drinking cup.
5) Pour a second amount of water over strained mushrooms.
6) Drink first infusion.
7) Strain second infusion into drinking cup and drink.

So don't steep the second pouring? Keeping the water warm seems it would allow for second steeping to become effective.

C'mon all you grannies! Let's see those recipies!

Hey! Has anyone tried eating that mexican chocolate I always mention with their shrooms??

By Lichen (Lichen) on Sunday, October 07, 2001 - 01:37 pm:

no, never any mexican chocolate, and I didn't hear about it. What is it?

Five grams whole mushrooms
put them in a pint jar
add your favorite teabag (I use lemon tea)
pour hot water in
steep till it reaches drinking temp
(this eliminates straining)

Crush dry shrooms and dump five grams into boiling tea, stir while waiting to cool
strain and enjoy

Quote used to have a cool thread on shroom teas and confections.

Tea is wasteful. Unless you actually drink the shroom goop (sludge) or eat the steeped whole shrooms, you should save them for a rainy day, as they still contain 'magic'.

I have been seen wandering around with 20 shrooms in my mug of tea, sipping it. Constant comment and a little honey works well.

By Fishy1 (Fishy1) on Sunday, October 07, 2001 - 06:09 pm:

And dont forget the blue honey. Drizzle on anything- makes ANY day better!
I like wild rose quos and a pinch of China Gunpowder tea, with crushed mush. pour boiling water thru it and let sit for 20 min.
sometimes I will let it steep/simmer in the stove, but this really does not seem to matter.
Top off w/ blue honey.
Lichen, Mex choc is a grainy sugary bar with almonds (ground) and cinnamon....interesting, at least...

Posted by: ten circles Dec 05 02, 09:17 AM GMT
i'm not sure where i should post this
but i have been reading about shroom tea, have read
lots of cool recipes...

i was wondering, would i use the same dry weight as if i were
eating them? like, is 2 gs in tea, the same of 2gs eaten?

which leads to my followup question. are there those of you
who prefer tea? is the absorption of the magic comparable?

thanks in advance for any replies. . .
am planning on having a glass of electric tea this weekend...

Posted by: scotsman Dec 05 02, 11:44 AM GMT
20 years ago when I picked them wild we used to make tea because it was better than eating the maggots the sometimes came with the shrooms.
I tried it recently with 5g of GT and thought it was ok, nothing spectacular or anything.
You definitely got to put the same amount in, as you would eating them, go for it.

Its geting the boiling and simmering correct , you dont want it boiling in the pot , simmering is best for about 10 to 15 mins , stirring constantly.

Posted by: DirtyWOP Dec 05 02, 11:55 AM GMT
It's best to make tea with your fresh abhorts. My hardest trip ever was on tea.........I didn't pay attention to how much I consumed - watch out!

I make it by heating a coffee mug of water to a boil in the microwave, take it out, dump in the abhorts, cover it and steep, add a little honey and chug, one shot.

I drink the sludge too, even tho that makes tea pretty pointless in the first place........

Posted by: ten circles Dec 05 02, 11:58 AM GMT
thank you, both, gentlemen.

i'll let you know how it goes....

Posted by: bold Dec 05 02, 12:33 PM GMT
I'm trying this today for the first time also...will let you know how it goes...

Posted by: ten circles Dec 05 02, 12:39 PM GMT
hey bold,
that'd be great man.

i'm not doing it until this weekend.
what happened was, the last time i tripped, i took the dose from a bunch
of shrooms that i dried on damp rid, and with only a coffee filter
between them and the rid....

they were even stranger tasting, and very salty.

nan said they prolly absorbed the salt in the damp rid.

so i'm having a lingering problem remembering the taste and gonna try the tea thing.

anyway, please do let us know how it goes.

Posted by: bold Dec 05 02, 01:18 PM GMT

it definintely worked!!

2.5g powdered and made tea along with a green tea bag...kicking my ass as we speak...

I drank the liquid only.

Posted by: ten circles Dec 05 02, 01:28 PM GMT

enjoy the ride, bro.


Posted by: shroomsrock Dec 05 02, 10:05 PM GMT
I made a tea from 5 1/2 gr dry the last time I dosed. I just heated some water in the microwave, put my shrooms in a mug and poured the hot water over them, then let them steep for about 25 - 30 minutes. After that, I skimmed the shrooms from the tea, put a packet of kool-aid in a glass (note: don't use a whole pack like I did... it's way to strong!) and poured the tea in and added ice. The kool-aid (unsweetened, since I'm diabetic) completely and totally masked the taste that usually makes me gag! Not to mention that 20 minutes after I drank it, it came on hard and caused the wildest trip I've had to date! biggrin.gif

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