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By Kevin Smith (Canshroom) on Thursday, September 20, 2001 - 11:13 pm:

Please forgive my ignorance, but I'm not really sure what a flush is. Although I've seen the word thrown around very often, I've never read a good description of it. Could someone inform me or direct me to some info? Thanks.

By entropy (Entropy) on Thursday, September 20, 2001 - 11:23 pm:

its the stage of myc growth that is producing fruit (shrooms).

By Kevin Smith (Canshroom) on Thursday, September 20, 2001 - 11:39 pm:

So what's the difference between 1st, 2nd & 3rd flushes? Is there a process involved? Clean the cakes? Dunking?

By Some Body (Texasshroomer) on Friday, September 21, 2001 - 12:04 am:

1st flush is when the first shrooms grow to picking maturity and you Harvest them. Then another flush comes and you pic those, and hopefully another flush comes.

Dunking is simply dunking the cakes under water for many hours to re-hydrate them and hopefully get a better flush.


By Snoopy (Snoopy) on Saturday, November 03, 2001 - 07:25 pm:

Well I just finished my first flush and me and my friends sat around my apartment and had a WONDERFUL time with these little gifts of god. They all want to know what to expect from the 2nd flush and I also am pretty curious. I heard that the 2nd flush is even better than the first and the third pretty much kills the cake so to speak...... any input on yeilds from flushes??

By fungis amongus (Fungisamongus) on Saturday, November 03, 2001 - 07:56 pm:

I've had cakes of cambodians and hawaiians flush 5 or more times... not all the time, but they will if allowed. of course your first 3 will be the best, after that they slow considerably.

By jim brown (Shrhobbyist) on Saturday, November 03, 2001 - 08:08 pm:

It really depends. If this is your first time it will be difficult (but not impossible) to get a second flush that equals the first. If you're careful, you can triple (even more) your yeild with extra flushes. By the way, what race are you growing? Good luck.

By Pierno Fuller (Pierno) on Thursday, November 01, 2001 - 05:53 pm:

When is the first flush OFFICiALLY over? When is the time one determines wheter to clean off and dunk?

By Underground_Shaman (Shaman) on Thursday, November 01, 2001 - 06:00 pm:

There's a fat lady who comes to your house and sings...

Seriously, though, after the flush, no more shrooms grow for several days. Once cakes have been picked clean, they can be dunked for the next flush.


By trent (Cali_Sk8r) on Sunday, November 18, 2001 - 02:13 am:

hey, i'll be Harvesting my first flush tonite but after I do, I'm confused on whats next. The first flush cakes have just been sitting in a hand sprayer Humidified terrarium, no casings or anything, and they did go through a post birth dunk. I'm upgrading my terrarium to Perlite Humidification, and i will be using a Verm double ended casing on all the cakes, my question is should I still dunk them? I'm thinking if they look really blue i'll probly do it, but i'm worried about overhydration if i dunk and case em.

By Nan (Nanook) on Sunday, November 18, 2001 - 03:24 am:

An overnight dunk followed by an double-end casing will not overhydrate the cakes. After you harvest, clean your cakes, dunk them overnight, case them, and pop them back into the fruiting chamber.

By trent (Cali_Sk8r) on Sunday, November 18, 2001 - 03:48 am:

cool thanks, well I'm off to be a farmer and harvest some crops, see you guys tomorrow

By wycrobro (Newman) on Sunday, November 25, 2001 - 03:38 pm:

I have seen alot about how to get your second flush from Cakes, from Casings do i just mist the top of the 50/50 till moist?

By quote: (Quote) on Monday, November 26, 2001 - 02:05 pm:

after you've cleaned the casing of any Aborts,
repair any damage with fresh casing.
then begin Misting to get the moisture content back up to optimum,
and return to pin-set conditions.

By wycrobro (Newman) on Monday, November 26, 2001 - 04:15 pm:

Thanks again Quote !!

Shroom Glossary

By Mr. Tambourine Man (Tambourine_Man) on Sunday, December 02, 2001 - 12:40 am:

How long should a standard PF cake take to be "all flushed out" after birth?

By Lichen (Lichen) on Sunday, December 02, 2001 - 02:18 am:

from the time pins appear, a week later you'll harvest the cake, clean, dunk, and re-case

By Mr. Tambourine Man (Tambourine_Man) on Sunday, December 02, 2001 - 02:45 am:

Do you expect 3 flushes? More, less?

By Lichen (Lichen) on Sunday, December 02, 2001 - 03:08 am:

shoot for three, sometimes four, but with cakes the fourth flush can be problematic; contams can creep in while you're waiting for the fourth to flush out

By Mr. Tambourine Man (Tambourine_Man) on Sunday, December 02, 2001 - 03:11 am:

Is dunking required to get 3 flushes?

By Lichen (Lichen) on Sunday, December 02, 2001 - 03:22 am:

well, no, it isn't necessary but it is a good tek and is a sure way to rehydrate dry cakes. The main thing is proper care of the cakes in between harvests...it's vital to clean the cakes if you want to get three flushes or more, can't stress that enough. Scrape the old verm off after the flush, clean off the old fungal tissue, and then you can rinse and dunk or just rinse and re-case. As long as your casing is good and moist, and the cakes don't dehydrate too badly, you can get away without dunking. But you've got to be right on top of the moisture level in the double casing while the cake fruits, or they _will_ dehydrate, and then dunking is required to get them back up to the necessary moisture content. However, don't assume that once you've dunked and re-cased you can ignore the cakes...you've got to keep them moist during the fruiting cycle, no matter what. I use a syringe.

By Cbee (Cbee) on Wednesday, December 05, 2001 - 07:37 pm:

All the pix i see have flushes with quite a few mushrooms, my flushes never come out even, like one or two will grow big then as those are gettin big more pins will get big and be 1/2 way when i pick... how do I tell when the flsuh has ended??

By nuecrew (Nue) on Wednesday, December 05, 2001 - 08:24 pm:

When I get a majority of caps tugging at and breaking thier little veils I pick every last shroom in sight. For me it seems once I start picking them I can hear them all singing "You can take this job and shove it. I ain't workin here no more. You took my sporocarp and all reasons I've been growing for!"

By Cbee (Cbee) on Thursday, December 06, 2001 - 03:20 am:

well i picked all the pins/aborts (only liek 2-3) and nice shrooms and got 4.2g first flush... this is with 2 of the bigger shrooms dried for 24hrs... and the rest fresh... is this a pretty averag flush size? in about 4-5 days ill have pics cause i gotta get them developed somehow, im broke righ tnow

By jim brown (Shrhobbyist) on Thursday, December 06, 2001 - 04:01 am:

Cbee, how many cakes is that from?
As far as flushes go, PFCs don't usually have defined flushes. The shrooms all grow on there own and at different rates. I pick them individually. Sometimes I pick them all at once if I want to dunk. If you try another race (I recommend Haws) you will see much clearer flushes. They all seem to grow uniformly and are usually all ready to be picked at the same time. Much more convinent.

By Cbee (Cbee) on Thursday, December 06, 2001 - 05:43 am:

I am growing Puerto Ricans, Thats from one cake. I have that cake dunking right now

By Cbee (Cbee) on Thursday, December 06, 2001 - 07:59 am:

2.6gs now that they have dried out more, jeez will i even get a gram after they ae real dry?

By jim brown (Shrhobbyist) on Thursday, December 06, 2001 - 08:04 am:

If 4.2g is dry that is excellent. If it is 4.2g wet...well, it's okay for your first time. As you get to know how the mushroom works that should rise about fivefold. Whatever the case, congratulations for producing something. By the way, are you only growing one cake?? What have you gotten out of the others? Or don't you know yet?

Oh wait, I see now. You have some dry and some fresh. Hmm...wait until they are all totally dry. If you have more than 1 gram that's pretty good for the first try. And from your first post I incorrectly assumed you had PFCs. I am not familiar with PRs but it sounds like they fruit like the PFCs.

By quote: (Quote) on Thursday, December 06, 2001 - 02:47 pm:

actually, regardless of strain, cakes do not usually fruit in a clearly defined flush,
more often they just fruit more-or-less continually until they eventually contam and die.
you can help define flushes by clearing the cake of all growth when you pick,
but it matters little in terms of eventual yield.
as for your yield, it's a little on the light side, but not terrible.

By Bob Smith (Maliki) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 06:38 am:

Whats the average length of life of a cake? Ive been feeding mine a dextrose mineral water mix, and the damn things still going. And i got it from a friend who beat the hell otta this pour thing .He took the top of the jar sept 22nd let it fruit and stuff i then convinced him to birth it october 27th he then kept it in an enviroment of uper 80's and 70 to 80 % humidity . He got like a 1/4 total dry weight if that much. Then i got it one week ago started the inner resiviour tek and its fruiting better for me than him its also in 90% or higher humidity..........78 to 80 for temp....so it almost 2 1/2 months going now....

By Lichen (Lichen) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 01:57 pm:

yes, cakes can usually last through four flushes, we've seen some cakes live four months and still fruit; but that's the extreme...usually they last 2-3 months

By quote: (Quote) on Saturday, November 17, 2001 - 01:36 pm:

a flush is like a wave of shrooms that all grow at about the same time.
then, once picked clean, the cake/casing will become dormant for a few days/weeks,
and eventually another flush will begin,
assuming things go well.
this cycle continues until the colony dies, usually from contamination.

By Scotsman (Barrowland) on Friday, December 14, 2001 - 04:52 pm:

how can u tell when the flush is finished , i just had about 14 shrooms and a few aborts of 1 of my cakes and 1 got 5 others on the way 2 flush , do u just watch for a day and if no new pins appear then the flush has ended ,maybe a day or 2, then gentley clean and dunk again.

By quote: (Quote) on Friday, December 14, 2001 - 06:24 pm:


By Kevin Smith (Canshroom) on Tuesday, December 25, 2001 - 06:59 pm:

Realizing that it's sometimes difficult to keep track of whether a cake is near the beginning or the end of its flush, I was wondering how long the average flush lasts for a half-pint cake. I know that the flush ends when the growth stops, but how long does that take? Do all of the shrooms make an appearance within a few days of each other? A week of each other? I'm just trying to make sure that I dunk them for the second flush at the appropriate time, rather than either cutting their first flush short or waiting too long. Alternatively, should I just wait until the cake turns bluish, as I know the a blue color is a sign of the need for moisture. Ah, if it were only so easy? Is it?

By Nan (Nanook) on Tuesday, December 25, 2001 - 07:30 pm:

When you see pins set, those are all the pins you are going to get per flush. Some pins will mature, some may abort... When all of those pins have either matured or aborted... The flush is over. How long it takes depends on growing conditions (temps primarily), but figure it takes a cake a 5-10 days from the time pins start maturing in the grow chamber until the flush is over.

When the last of the mature shrooms are harvested, remove any aborts, clean the cake, dunk, then recase and replace into the fruiting chamber...

Most of the shrooms on a single cake will fire up and mature withing a few hours or a couple of days of each other. Different cakes have their own schedules, but most of the shrooms on any particular cake will fruit up within the same time period.

By Kevin Smith (Canshroom) on Tuesday, December 25, 2001 - 08:29 pm:

Thanks, Nan. That gives me a good guideline.

By Nan (Nanook) on Tuesday, December 25, 2001 - 08:48 pm:

Proud to be of service Kev

By Liberty_Caps (Liberty_Caps) on Tuesday, December 25, 2001 - 08:59 pm:

I don't know why , I can never dunk my PF race cakes because they never stop growing

By Nan (Nanook) on Tuesday, December 25, 2001 - 09:20 pm:

Well that's a good sign I guess, but really you can dunk them with pins forming, just be careful not to mash them.

By Scotsman (Barrowland) on Wednesday, December 26, 2001 - 01:07 pm:

After a bumper 1st flush i followed the dunk tek and the dbl caseing tek to the letter i expected a good if not better 2nd flush but all i got off 1 cake was 7 shrooms , my other 5 cakes are still whiteing and fuzzing up with pins on them but not as much as i expected,would it be worth dunking again to see if a third flush is happening or are they finished , they also seem to be growing much slower like the first flush they practicaly grew in front of your eyes but now its like you look in the morning then at night they dont seem to have changed, i got my temp at 75 and 90 humid,PF STRAIN.

By quote: (Quote) on Wednesday, December 26, 2001 - 07:41 pm:

it is pretty normal for the 1st flush to be the largest, with each flush after that getting considerably smaller.
only you can decide if they are worth keeping just to get a couple more grams.
and it is common for there to be a lull between flushes, when it appears that not much is happening.
but patience will pay off.

By Scotsman (Barrowland) on Thursday, December 27, 2001 - 12:57 pm:

Thanks , i shall wait a while and try and get my own spores together.