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By Admin (Admin) on Thursday, August 23, 2001 - 12:12 pm:



This tek is so easy, and so effective, I thought I'd pass it along to you
first, since you seem somewhat of a rising star in this industry...

Nail a hole in the lid of a one pint mason jar. Place a small amount [one-half teaspoon] of brown rice or other organically grown flour in the
jar. Fill with spring water until jar is filled to about where the threads
start near the top. Place the lid on top of the jar and use packing tape to
adhere it to the jar. Now, screw on the band-lid and sterilize at 15 p.s.i.
for forty minutes. Allow the jar to cool in the pressure cooker. Remove
from pressure cooker and tear off another piece of packing tape equal in
length to he one you used to seal the jar. Run one end of the tape up the
side of the jar and onto the band lid, but don't press the rest of its length
down. Leave the rest of the length of tape hanging there, waiting. Now,
using a clean and viable spore syringe, innoculte the sterile brown rice
broth by puncturing through the tape and injecting a few cc's of spore
solution. Withdraw the syringe and quickly seal the hole with the length of
tape you've prepared for this purpose. *Note* To this point you have just
completed what is known as the FOGGY MOUNTAIN FARM QUICK SEAL TEK, except for
the fact that you used brown rice broth instead of brown rice substrate to
fill the jars. Now to the good part. Within two to three weeks you should
see plenty of little clumps of mycelium and even some long, stringy hyphae
growing in the brown rice broth. Next, sterilize as many syringes as you
please and have them standing by. Vigorously shake the solution. This will
help in breaking up the mycelial clumps in the jar. With tape standing by,
plunge your first syringe through the tape seal and into the mycelial broth.
Draw up the syringe and fill it to the top. Because the clumps can sometimes
clog the needle, it may be necessary to frequently plunge it downward a bit
to clear out material clogging the needle. Sometimes, this blockage can
cause air to be drawn into the needle. No worry. Hold the entire syringe
apparatus firmly down into the solution and invert the entire setup, syringe,
jar, and all. Now, the air will rise to the top of the syringe, where it can
be plunged out into the jar. Now, flip the whole thing back over, and
continue this process until the syringe is filled. Now, get your next empty,
sterile syringe ready. In one swift motion, withdraw the full syringe and
instantly replace it with your waiting, empty syringe. Cap the full syringe
with a pre-prepped needle guard, and then return your attention to the jar,
where you will repeat the filling process, and so on, until the desired
number of sterile mycelial broth syringes are created. You can literally
create 40-60 syringes using just this jar, which was originally innoculated
with two measly cc's of spore solution. Use these liberally in innoculating
pint or quart jars, and shake them vigorously. In five to ten days,
depending on size of jar and attention to shaking, the jars will be fully
colonized, at which point they can be cased (preferred method), or fruited PF
or Quote style. Well there it is....Oh, and one more thing. If you run out
of syringes, just tape off the hole as soon as you fill your last syringe,
and you can use the remaining broth to fill other syringes at a later time.
Good luck and happy farming.

By Martaxus (Martaxus) on Thursday, October 25, 2001 - 11:29 pm:

Oy! I'm doing Honey Tek as well as Cyrus Banaby rice Tek to make inoculant. My honey jars aren't showing anything, but the rice is doing well.

Should I shake the rice jars during growth? So far I've just let them sit, so at the moment there's a layer of rice at the bottom & the mycellium jelly is growing on top of that. I see no strings.

As there's rice in the jar, do I want to shake the jar before use, drawing up this rice? Any suggestions for drawing up the mycellium only if that is preferred?

Finally, I've heard some good things about using Hydrogen Peroxide 30 min. before use. I've also read that H202 is hard on mycellium. Is there any risk in using H202 to ward off contams?


By Nan (Nanook) on Thursday, October 25, 2001 - 11:55 pm:

If you are clean, you don't need H2O2. And you can shake liquid cultures as long as the lid has a positive seal where it won't leak, otherwise whip the solution with the needle tip before drawing up.

By SYDYSTYK (Addict) on Thursday, October 25, 2001 - 11:58 pm:

put the lids rubber down it keeps it from getting messy when you shake

By monkeyod (Monkeyod) on Thursday, October 25, 2001 - 11:59 pm:

Just swirl the jars a little to mix things up. This will help speed things up. Did you use rice or rice flour? I use BRF never whole rice.

H2o2...shouldn't need it. It does 'hurt' the mycelium and it will take it a while to adjust and recover. Risks in using H2o2? If your talking about yourself then no, assuming that your using 3% H2o2 and not the 50% solutions you can get at pool supply stores. Worst you could do to your mycelium is to kill it if you use too much h2o2. Like I said you shouldn't need it if you keep clean and read up on the teks on making your syringe. Hope this helps.

By Martaxus (Martaxus) on Friday, December 14, 2001 - 07:53 pm:

Oy! I'm using the ricewater tek to produce inoculum. After about 3 weeks this batch isn't growing out as much as I'd hoped; there's only about a half-inch of jelly sitting on top of the rice, no strings.

When I mixup & draw syringes, I just get a thick cloud, with some rice as well. It is thick enough to suspend the rice for a few seconds before settling. Is this stringless inoculum potent enough for inoculations?

By Nan (Nanook) on Friday, December 14, 2001 - 10:38 pm:

It should be. Be careful drawing up as the rice can plug the needle.

By Martaxus (Martaxus) on Saturday, December 15, 2001 - 04:49 am:

No big worries there; I'm only concerned with the syriges being effective. My first Cyrus Barnaby Rice Tek jars performed much better than my current batch, giving obvious clumps of growth in the syringes. These are more like thick clouds.

Thanks Nan!