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By Marx2k (Marx2k) on Friday, October 19, 2001 - 04:53 pm:

B+ On Agar

A good example of B+ on agar. This puppy is gonna innoculate a number of Jars next!

Im Back And BETTER


Well, I was going to do updates whenever my friend's jars actually showed photographable signs of change (Will be a few more days)... but the agar she put into the jars has begun to grow into the substrate in the second day. It is visibly branching out from the agar and over the substrate. With my shitty camera, you cannot really see it, but it is working so far. No contams yet. As a side note, I love Peroxidated Agar. She used a disposable scalpel that she already used like ten times and the agar she cut out is peroxidated agar (5cc of H202 before pouring the agar). Not only has there been no contaminations from the dish she cut the agar from (She was expecting contams first day in), the holes where the mycelium has been cut out (small squares in the agar), HAS ACTUALLY STARTED GROWING BACK!!!!

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