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By Nan (Nanook) on Thursday, November 01, 2001 - 01:19 pm:

I probably should not post this here... But it is a general grow tip. It is not the thickness of the substrate bed that determines yield on cased beds. It is surface area.

A 4" thick bed produces no more shrooms than a 2" thick bed. They produce exactly the same (I ran the experiment with cloned mycelia in identical beds). The 4" bed lasts longer provided it does not contam first, but a thick bed does not crop up any better than a 2" inch bed on the first few flushes.

It makes no difference if you are using Straw Tek or Flat Tek, make your beds thin rather than thick. We want to crop out the substrate ASAP, no more than 2-4 flushes. Thin beds allow you to do this most effectively. Don't make them thick, spread them out. You get better yields.


By relic (Relic) on Thursday, November 01, 2001 - 03:34 pm:

i totally agree with that. if anyone remembers my 'tub growing 101' pics from the beginning days here, that was a 1" thick substrate that yielded over 2 dry ounces on the first flush.

By Brettiejams (Brettiejams) on Thursday, November 01, 2001 - 06:44 pm:

Yeah Relic.... I remember.

My best pin-set to date was my excursion into "tub growing"

It indeed featured a 1 inch thick substrate of colonized rye.

The entire surface pinned and fruited beautifully. Not sure of the dry weight but it was indeed in that 2 oz range........ fun stuff

By lee aylward (Leedo) on Friday, October 26, 2001 - 12:24 am:

i've got 3 fully colonized 1 pint jars done using pf tek. I've noticed that the bottoms are a little soggy. I've had the caps loosened for a while but it doesn't seem to be helping. Wondering how to take care of this. I'm trying keeping them upside down right now, maybe the water will drain out of bottom? Also, i don't get very much sunlight in my room, will a regular light work? Should i try keeping the temperature a little higher? Its usually around 70 in here. thanks for the help.

By Nan (Nanook) on Friday, October 26, 2001 - 12:29 am:

If they are fully colonized then it is normal Condensation in the jar most likely. Are you going to Birth them into a Fruiting Chamber or fruit them Invitro?

By leedo (Leedo) on Friday, October 26, 2001 - 12:33 am:

i'm thinking i'll birth them, this is my first time. Someone suggested i cut the cakes in half since its 1 pint? i would like to try crumbling, but i don't think i have the experience to try this. Is trying invitro worthwhile?

By SYDYSTYK (Addict) on Friday, October 26, 2001 - 12:37 am:

crumbling/casing is easy with straight verm..just dont overwater, in my experience in vitro aint worth it

By Nan (Nanook) on Friday, October 26, 2001 - 12:40 am:

I am fruiting a bunch of pints right now: I sliced them in half lenghtwise, took a small 'maid and put 1/2 inch of very damp Verm in the bottom, placed the sliced cakes in with the flat side down, and covered with 1/2 inch very damp verm on top. Flat cake tek is hot too: Archives->Misc Teks->Flat Cake Tek

By leedo (Leedo) on Friday, October 26, 2001 - 01:01 am:

so do they need real sunlight to initiate pinning, or will a neon/light bulb work?

By Nan (Nanook) on Friday, October 26, 2001 - 02:07 am:


Most any light source is sufficient.

By Nan (Nanook) on Friday, October 26, 2001 - 08:25 pm:

Birth em. If they feel light and/or dry, give em an Overnight Dunk, that perks em up.

By leedo (Leedo) on Friday, October 26, 2001 - 09:23 pm:

btw, any recomendations for a container? i'm thinking a tuperware container about a foot tall w/ sterilized verm on bottom.. i'm gonna go get one today

By Nan (Nanook) on Friday, October 26, 2001 - 09:38 pm:

Most common used are Rubbermaid or Serlite storage containers.

By leedo (Leedo) on Friday, October 26, 2001 - 11:36 pm:

nan, i hate to keep asking you questions. but i just cut them in half, put them on top of 1/2 inch damp sterilized verm, same on top. My question is this, how long should i wait until i see something coming through the top layer? also my cakes were pretty hard and not exactly fluffy, should i have dunked? is there anything i can do now that i already put them in the container? thanks for any help.

By Nan (Nanook) on Friday, October 26, 2001 - 11:59 pm:

It's not too late to dunk if you really feel they were too dry. Otherwise just keep the verm good and damp, but not soaking because there is no place for water to drain.

Progress depends on your temperature. At 75*F you should see White Fuzz in 2-3 days, pins starting in 5-7 days, harvest in two weeks.

Hope that helps, now I am headed out on a date. TTYL

By XUnkyHerbX (Notapplicable) on Wednesday, October 31, 2001 - 05:11 am:

What if you make a poor mans terranium, then added a layer of verm on the bottom, placed the cake on top of that, covered the top in verm, then sealed it off like you would a usual poor man terranium. The double end casing would provide more then enough humiditiy, without it drying out, no?

By Nan (Nanook) on Wednesday, October 31, 2001 - 05:25 am:

I fruit cakes like that all the time. I have found the yeild goes up if you cut 1/2 pint cakes in half so that you end up with 2 disks from one cake. Get a small rubbermaid, soak a quart or two of verm in water, drain, and layer it on the bottom of the container. You want it about 1/2 inch deep. Place the sliced cakes in there, and pack them in tight. You can crumble a cake up to fill in the gaps even.

Cover with another 1/2 inch of soaked, drained verm and put the lid on the 'maid. Fan and mist as normal.

Another variation I use is with pint cakes. In this case I slice the cakes lengthwise and place the flat sliced surface of the cakes on the soaked verm. Cover with the same 1/2 inch of verm and fan and mist as above.

Good yeilds, not much contam problem (the verm keeps crap and contams froms settling on the cakes). You can dig the cake slices up after flushing and dunk them in ziplock sandwich bags. No Perlite required, just keep the verm casing and container walls misted.

By XUnkyHerbX (Notapplicable) on Wednesday, October 31, 2001 - 08:16 am:

Eh, why not just crumble all the cakes up and make a 1/4 inch think cake layer then case it with verm..

By Nan (Nanook) on Wednesday, October 31, 2001 - 08:28 am:

You could, the recovery time is faster if you just slice the cakes in half.

By XUnkyHerbX (Notapplicable) on Wednesday, October 31, 2001 - 10:52 am:

Since I only have 5 cakes, that's not enough to "pack" into my terranium. What about cutting the cakes in 4 slices, filling the space I can, then cover in verm.. Work as well? Or maybe even seperate rows? 5 cakes, make 5 rows of 4 slices, with verm piled on top... Hmm.. thanks for the ideas nan.

By Nan (Nanook) on Wednesday, October 31, 2001 - 02:33 pm:

That's a bit too thin. If you don't have enough cake to fill the entire bottom, start at one end and leave the far end empty when you run out of cake. In other words, just pack one end of the container.

By Waverider (Waverider) on Thursday, November 01, 2001 - 06:15 pm:

Nan, would this work for cakes that have already had a flush or two?

By Nan (Nanook) on Thursday, November 01, 2001 - 11:14 pm:

Yeah if the cakes are healthy. Older cakes have a higher rate of contams, but it should work... I mean I just got done fruiting two bins like this and I dug up the slices, cleaned them, dunked them overnight and repacked the bed in fresh verm... Same thing right?

By leedo (Leedo) on Friday, November 02, 2001 - 02:31 am:

i've got 2 cased b+ cakes. Under nan's advice i cut them in half and cased them on straight verm. I'm seeing white fuzzy growing through, but no pins. its been about 5 days since i cased. i'm seeing much more growth in one spot. Wondering if i should jsut let it keep going or if i should scratch(?) the casing or maybe patch(?). i'm not exactly sure what these are so if you could explain how to do them and if i need to do them. thanks for any help.
another little thing, i've got a temp/humidity reader in there, but the humidity display doesnt' seem to be working anymore, maybe cause of all the water...? do you think if dry the thing out it will fix itself?
thanks all, you guys rule.

By Nan (Nanook) on Friday, November 02, 2001 - 03:02 am:

Be patient. Give it time. And I keep advising you guys about these Humidity Meters... Waste of time and money, they don't work worth a Crap and you don't need one. If you keep the walls of your Fruiting Chamber Misted you are in good shape.

By quote: (Quote) on Friday, November 02, 2001 - 02:59 pm:

scratching the casing is a bit like stirring it up, the idea being to break up the threads and distribute them far and wide to speed colonization, or to correct overlay, a condition of thick, matted mycellia.
you prolly do not yet need to do this.

patching is just covering up, with fresh casing material, a spot that has grown thru far in advance of the rest, to prevent premature pinning.
you might benefit from this, if you just have that one spot breaking thru.

By leedo (Leedo) on Friday, November 02, 2001 - 07:18 pm:

here are some pics of what i have so far. i dont' think i need to scratch it..

By Nan (Nanook) on Friday, November 02, 2001 - 10:04 pm:

Looks fine. The rest of that bed is only a day or two so behind.

By Karna (Karna) on Friday, November 02, 2001 - 10:43 pm:

It's hard to tell how big your container is from the pic, but if most of the container is in fact visible in the photo above, I'd say go ahead and fruit the thing. The mycelium seems to have poked up nicely in different places and you don't really have to wait till the whole thing is white. The perfect timing takes a little feeling around, but my general rule is better earlier than later. just my 2 cents.

By leedo (Leedo) on Saturday, November 03, 2001 - 12:30 am:

how exactly do i begin fruiting? expose it to light? i've been doing that for a day now. anything else i should do?
the container is about 1' x 2' i'd say.

By Nan (Nanook) on Saturday, November 03, 2001 - 12:42 am:

Light, Fan, Mist.

Casings like it a bit drier than cakes. Lots of fresh air. Good light.

By Brettiejams (Brettiejams) on Saturday, November 03, 2001 - 03:09 am:

I would tend to agree with Karna.... I'd much rather initiate pinning too early rather than too late.

And I'd say from looking at that picture that it is just about time.

By leedo (Leedo) on Sunday, November 04, 2001 - 04:21 pm:

quick question. i noticed today that the thicker parts of the fuzz looks to have really tiny water droplets on it :-o i assume this is bad. too much humidity? i've been misting the sides of the storage bin, maybe i'm misfiring, but i don't think so.

By Fishy1 (Fishy1) on Sunday, November 04, 2001 - 04:43 pm:

Tiny water droplets are normal. You should see pins soon.....fishy1

By leedo (Leedo) on Monday, November 12, 2001 - 08:46 pm:

done using hongus casing method
done using nans adivice of cutting the 1pint cakes in half and casing w/ verm.

well i woke up this morning and they had grown a huge amount, and i think alot of them are ready to pic seeing as the veil has broken on some of them. thanks to you guys for helping me do this.

By Nan (Nanook) on Monday, November 12, 2001 - 09:24 pm:

Sweet Leedo

By Eatyualive (Eatyualive) on Tuesday, November 13, 2001 - 12:39 am:

congrats!!!!!this little devil wants to eat your shrooms!!!

By quote: (Quote) on Tuesday, November 13, 2001 - 12:42 am:

looking good.

By relic (Relic) on Tuesday, November 13, 2001 - 02:34 am:

nice work leedo.

By Nuecrew (Nuecrew) on Tuesday, November 13, 2001 - 02:59 am:

Those are beautiful. I never get tired of seeing them pop up. Good work Leedo!

By whoever (Livedangerous) on Tuesday, November 13, 2001 - 05:45 am:

leedo, where can i get info on this hongus casing method?

By Nan (Nanook) on Tuesday, November 13, 2001 - 06:54 am:

Hongus Tek is linked to the Casing Overview

By Hudsonismss (Hudsonismss) on Tuesday, November 13, 2001 - 06:57 am:

what strain is that?

By Cragith Kilbonith (Kilborn) on Tuesday, November 13, 2001 - 03:26 pm:

Pf right?

By leedo (Leedo) on Tuesday, November 13, 2001 - 03:57 pm:

its B+. I have a quick question about harvesting them. I just picked all of the bigger ones, but shouldi just pick everything? And how do i encourage a second flush, should i put a fresh layer of verm on? thanks for any help.

By An guy (Boomer) on Tuesday, November 13, 2001 - 07:00 pm:

No time to reply yesterday, but I was pretty excited myself for you.

I'm a few weeks away myself. Gonna try a variation of raze's sliced cake tek- slice them into rounds instead of long cakes. See how it goes.

Congratulations Papa!


By quote: (Quote) on Tuesday, November 13, 2001 - 08:25 pm:

as for harvesting, it's ok a wait a few days to let the stragglers finish, but after that i'd pick it clean.
be sure to get any/all aborts, stumps, etc. as they will rot, triggering contamination.
after it's clean, repair the casing by adding some fresh vermiculite then begin misting to get water content back up, like you did the 1st time thru.

By leedo (Leedo) on Tuesday, November 13, 2001 - 10:45 pm:

haha, i just realized that they were PF. I had a B+ and a PF siringe and i guess i used the PF. Made me laugh. Thanks for all the positive comments. I'm getting alittle worried though cause a bunch of people on my floor found out that i'm growing... and although they are cool with it, i dont' really want to be known as the "shroom grower". Anyways thanks for all your comments and help.

By Cragith Kilbonith (Kilborn) on Wednesday, November 14, 2001 - 01:31 am:

yep and i think eatyalive was telling me coco fiber would work on the 2nd flush . ya i just read the post man it i just blushed after i read ur post saying they were B+'s LOL.
Leedo looks nice man keep it up!

By jim brown (Shrhobbyist) on Wednesday, November 14, 2001 - 02:39 am:

That is a great flush. The fact that you are a first timer makes it a lot more impressive. When I read the line about people on your floor having found out about your project I became very worried for you. I remember when I lived in a dorm and I would not want a bunch of people knowing about it. You have to understand that even though they are "cool" they have little reason to be quit about it. They also probably think it is pretty cool and despite what they might say, they will tell others about it. When one of these peoples friends shows up and wants to see the shrooms he heard about, even if you know this person, deny that you are growing and get rid of them. You have done some great work but nothing is worth getting busted, or having to worry about it. This could lead to some serious trouble. I am not a paranoid person but I foresee doom for you what with a dorms limited privacy (that is to say-none). I really hope you don't get in trouble.

By Lao_Tzu (Lao_Tzu) on Wednesday, November 14, 2001 - 05:56 am:

I agree with Jim. Don't let your first time become your last. It is not worth it. Make the best spore prints you can and save them until next semester or something. That way even if someone does rat on you, with what you have accomplished on your first try, you will be able to do bigger & better things down the road. Remember that anthying worthwhile is seldom easy and that this will be worthwhile as long as you prevent yourself from getting caught.
I am not the paranoid type & I would certainly not want you to become paranoid from anything I have said. I would hope that you would trust your instincts and follow your heart. Those guy's in your dorm might not say anything at all but you would know that better than any of us so trust your instincts. Good luck man and peace! Lao Tzu

By drylander (Romelur) on Wednesday, November 14, 2001 - 06:40 am:


and next time, learn to shut the fuck up :)

ohhhh it's hard, I know I know, but, you *must*

By jim brown (Shrhobbyist) on Wednesday, November 14, 2001 - 06:48 am:

He might have not told anyone. He probably just lives with some nosiey people.

By leedo (Leedo) on Wednesday, November 14, 2001 - 07:14 am:

yeah, i managed to keep this quiet for over a month, my roommates knew but they kept quiet. Yesterday some damn quote saw me spraying them, i left the door open by accident. I ran to close it as he came in but i was too late :-/
he saw and i didn't really make an effort to hide it from him after that. my friend suggested i just say i sold them all or that they got stollen, and then say i'm not growing anymore. Either way i'll be more careful in the future for sure. I told the damn quote to not tell anyone and within 5 minutes his roommate is knocking on the door asking to see them.

btw. i have nothing against quotes, just suedo(?) quotes like the ones on my floor.. they just bug the shit out of me

By jim brown (Shrhobbyist) on Wednesday, November 14, 2001 - 07:47 am:

If people are asking to see them get rid of them immediately. I don't want you to get in any trouble. Stick around Nan's Nook and learn all you can so you'll be ready to go when the time is right. And you might upset some people here by calling this guy you don't like a quote, you should find a different word for him. That might help avoid any confusion.

By quote: (Quote) on Wednesday, November 14, 2001 - 01:49 pm:

damn quotes anyway.

if it were me, i agree with your friend.
i'd fake a tragedy, for example spred the story that mold killed them, maybe even sacrifice a cake as 'evidence' and make sure everyone knows you 'failed' and are no longer involved.
then, after a cooling off period, resume growing but more carefully.

By Nan (Nanook) on Wednesday, November 14, 2001 - 02:33 pm:

Three clucks of the chicken here too... Sounds like a plan. It was a terrible tragedy.

By relic (Relic) on Wednesday, November 14, 2001 - 10:15 pm:

hate it when that happens!