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By relic (Relic) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 08:29 am:

Quoting Ion:

"Hey, "Quo", did you know that all biochemicals in nature are so similar that plants react to human hormones? You can actually increase the rate of females by soaking your seed and watering with extremely dilute solutions of pregnancy emulating (birth control) pills in water! One full-strength pill (Nordette, aka Levelen 28) to five gallons warm H2O. Use it to increase the female rate (and swell those buds) by about 80%! Hope I'm not divulging any real trade secrets, there..."

that's wild. i wondered how that was done.

By ion ewe (Ion) on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 08:40 pm:

Everyone I tell this, has never heard of it. It was a very obscure study. It really does work, though. I just doubt this is "how that was done". What were you wondering, relic?


By relic (Relic) on Sunday, December 09, 2001 - 09:57 am:

well, you see liquids that you soak the seeds or something for sale to supposedly get all females. what is that? what do you do to get all female plants?

By ShrooMaster (Shroomaster) on Sunday, December 09, 2001 - 10:34 am:

relic within the last about 2 months abo in high times they told you step be step how the get mostly fmale seeds. the issue has jenna jameson on the cover.

personally i think potency has less to do with temp and more to do with what you put in. what has struck me about dunking in soy milk is that it seems at least plausible that beneficial effects could be had. of course keeper is selling this shit thats suppsed to make your cake pop like none other. sounds like a good way to fuck up imo.

By quote: (Quote) on Sunday, December 09, 2001 - 04:06 pm:

i know birth control pills can be added to the water to increase growth rates in flowering pot,
but i'm skeptical it turns seeds female.
got any evidence ?

By plinkerdink420 (Plinkerdink420) on Sunday, December 09, 2001 - 05:33 pm:

hey quo... do you know how much of a water/pill ratio to use... i was thinking about giving it a try... also should you germinate with this mixture too or just water the already growing plant... thanks for any info

By plinkerdink420 (Plinkerdink420) on Sunday, December 09, 2001 - 05:34 pm:

oh shit... i just realized you said in flowering pot...

By quote: (Quote) on Sunday, December 09, 2001 - 10:51 pm:

like ion said, 1 pill per 5 gal. water

By plinkerdink420 (Plinkerdink420) on Monday, December 10, 2001 - 02:08 am:

ion said something about not being sure that this was "how this was done" so i just wanted to find out from another source before i started experimenting.. thanx quo

By ion ewe (Ion) on Monday, December 10, 2001 - 05:33 am:

Sorry to have confused everyone. I do know how this is done, plink. As I said above.
I was responding to relic's mention of hearing something about how to get females. He said he wasn't sure "how this was done." I responded saying that most people don't know about this little trick and thus I doubt "this is the way they do it". Again, sorry for the confusion.

Quote, I think the reason one soaks the seed is to get them used to the hormone level while the plants are still undecided. I think the main factor is the waterings with the solution while they are maturing, though. It really does work. Quite the same as estrogen pills will cause a developing human male to have serious problems with masculinity. Breasts may form, the genitals will be small, the young man may have serious issues with his sexual orientation or feelings of "maleness", etc.
Seeds are different than fertilized ova in that the sexual characteristics are less determined by chromosomes, but mostly by developmental factors. And even animal ova can be changed if the right pressures and slacks are applied.
As this plant matures, it seems that better conditions generally create more females. I know it's weird, and hardly makes sense, but it is true. Less favorable growing conditions tend to produce a higher rate of males, conversely.
In conclusion, I really cannot prove the validity of my claim with words or pictures. I suppose you could ask all the growers you know if they've tried this and see what their results have been if so. Or I could just say "Trust me on this one."


By nuecrew (Nue) on Monday, December 10, 2001 - 05:12 pm:

I know for a fact that the estrogens in Birth control pills are extracted from a sweet yam that grows in Mexico. In the yam it is a growth hormone. Be forewarned, stimulating growth with birth control pills has the same effect as Agent Orange or 2,4-D does. Fast growth to the point of exhaustion and then death. I made a wandering Jew plant grow an inch and a half in one day and then turn white and die within a week. That was with two pills in about a cup of water.

By plinkerdink420 (Plinkerdink420) on Monday, December 10, 2001 - 11:41 pm:

what ion was saying was a pill to five gallon of water solution though... this, i would assume, is why... a yam huh?... my girlfriend might be interested to hear that