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By Nan (Nanook) on Tuesday, October 23, 2001 - 10:59 pm:

Originally posted here by 'Rochester'

Here are some pics of my automatic grow chamber.

Supplies needed are:
Rubbermaid Container
Kaz (Vicks) Cool Mist
3-1" pvc 90
4 feet of 1" pvc pipe
3 feet of 1 1/4 flex hose
ceiling light panel
hand drill & saw
4" funnel

The idea is to put it on a timer and run the coolmist 15 minutes every 4 hours for a quick air exchange and humidity refresh. The cool mist has a funnel with the small end cut off to snugly fit the flex hose and siliconed on for an air tight fit. the hose then connects to the pipe that runs thru the tank, it has holes drilled in it for even distribution of the mist. The other end of the tank has a pipe on the inside that exhaust near the bottom of the tank and then exit out and down to a glass filled with water that acts as a one way valve to let air out but not in.

So what do you think? I'll be birthing my first babies this weekend and am excited!

Later Gang!

By Nan (Nanook) on Tuesday, October 23, 2001 - 11:03 pm:


Oh yea, the cost factor:

Rubbermaid 14.00
Cool Mist 20.00
Flex hose 4.50
Funnel 1.00
Fittings/Pipe 5.00
silicone 3.50
Light panel 4.50 (1/2 sheet)
Timer 0.00 (stole it from my wifes skink!)
(it's a green lizard...)

Since the filter is pretty small on the coolmist and I don't want to buy replacments I'll be tapeing a cheap furnace duct filter over it for a prefilter.