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By Nan (Nanook) on Tuesday, October 23, 2001 - 05:25 pm:

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simple agar tek.
Heres what you will need.
4 large potatoes
a cheap grater
Agar( health food stores) or pectin( jello isle in grocery store)
active yeast( grocery store)
12 halfpint wide mouth jars with lid
Pressure cooker
Ok heres what to do.
Grate your potatoes( should look like hash browns)
dump the mush in a pot
fill the pot with about two cups of water
boil the potatoes for an hour adding water as needed
drain liquid in a bowl and save.
Use the cooked potatoes for supper
Take the Potato liquid and bour back into the pot
Add in about a half a cup of agar or pectin
add a tablespoon full of yeast
simmer for about 10-15 minutes constantly stirring
Pour while hot into the 1/2 pint wide mouth jars
to a depth of about half full
put lid on rubberside up
keep lid loose
pressurecook for 45 minutes.
When cool using a clean work area, open the pressure cooker
take each jar and squirt about two-three drops of spore water. put lid on tight
Put these in an 80 degree incubation area
after about a week you should see growth( white circle, any other color throw out)
Taking your substrate jars, place them beside the agar jars.
Get a scapel or sharp knife
heat the tip redhot with a heat source
In one quick motion snag a tiny piece of the mycelia from the agar and place it into the substrate jar
Put the lids back on everything and shake the substrate jars up .
Put these in a dark warm area.
They should colonize very fast
and you should be left with plenty of mycelia on agar for your next jars