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By Nan (Nanook) on Tuesday, October 23, 2001 - 05:13 pm:

By Engelvongenade (Engelvongenade) on Monday, June 04, 2001 - 09:08 pm: Edit

i have tried the sponge tek. here it is:

i got a good sponge from wallymart [dont kno if it artificial tho] and cut it up. then i throughly shredded it in the braun coffee grinder. i was too afraid of powderizing it so i left it a lil chunky. naturally it absorbs plenty of water.

i mixed, steralized, and inoculated per usual pf method with 45ml water. myco was fast growing after it started and looked thick n healthy. the entire thing was covered in around 20 days [give or take] but here the koo part: the casing tek is 3fold increased in effectivness. there was no standin water on top of cake but rather as soon as it hit was immediatly absorbed. looked odd compared to the rest. it didnt start flushing right away tho [digression pf classic was the cube] and i thought it would die. in about a week i saw numerous lil premie shrooms pop up over the course of the day. pf classic is known for aborts. on the first flush i got maybe 3-4 puny shrooms, the rest were normal.maybe that was luck, but thats 1 hell of a coincidence. i didnt weigh the results but they were pretty damn nice. the feel of the cake was different [always used pf tek straight] i guess that makes sense. now the bad part: pf recasing is difficult because of the sponge. i didnt know about the Dunk Tek, which i think could be huge. the sponge dries quick in the jar and sterilization procedure as indicated by huge thirst of the cakes. i had this happen on my first 2 jars ever by screwin up the recipe. the result of that wast good but this is. i think one problemn wuz the spong holds and expires more, so i didnt put as much as i could in and lost a lil durin the heating. the sponge is easier to grow through than verm attributing for the decreased incubation time. second flush was better with alot of bloblike shit. after this i trashed the cake to open up the space for a new strain im tryin out. [pan cyans] this is a early test, so standard output cant be estimated. however i would suggest tryin these out as your babies and treatin them nice. its possible with higher initial water content and the dunk tek that this could easily outperform pf standard method. it equaled it with a few fuckups on my part. but you can get so much verm for so lil...