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By Nan (Nanook) on Monday, October 22, 2001 - 03:09 am:


Equipment required: Thin brass or copper tube stock; old needle, drop of clear epoxy, tape. Tools required: Wire cutter; nail file, sand paper, or sharpening stone; drill with a fine bit (best if you could match the tubing diameter); vise, heavy clamp, or vicegrips; toothpick or nail; heat lamp (optional).

This is an easy project for a nice mycelial syringe that will reach to the bottoms of pint jars. Big bang for the buck when used with Honey/Dextrose Teks, and Syringe Cloning Teks.

Go to a large hobby shop or shop a hobby supply on-line. You will find 18 inch length hard copper and brass tube stock for this project... Under a buck.

Measure out a length that will reach the bottom of a pint jar and cut with a pair of wirecutters. File, sand, or sharpen the tube round and smooth where it was cut.

With a pair of wirecutters clip off the old stainless steel needle from it's plastic base. The idea is to convert old unusable needles into heart attack sized needles suitable for shooting Karo or other Liquid Tek deep into Pints & Quarts of PF substrate, fluffed brown rice, Grain, whatever

Mount the old needle base gently in a vise or clamp of some type and carefully drill out the aluminum press fit nipple that held the stainless steel needle. Drill the aluminum press fitted nipple from the inside out.

Insert the cleaned metal tubing down into the plastic nipple, and push it through until an inch or two is left extending from the inside of the plastic nipple. Carefully apply some epoxy to end of the tubing with a toothpick or nail. Then pull it down into the nipple and twist it gently to settle the epoxy in. Make sure the epoxy will not obstruct fluids from passing through the assembly. Hold together with tape, best if gently cured under a heat lamp.

The needle may be boiled or steam sterilized. The PC is always best. Do not flame this needle, it has to be cleaned with alcohol. After several flamings the material loses it's temper and will become bendy. Just sterilize in the PC and keep em wiped down with alcohol. They work great because the large diameter sucks up chunky mycelia solutions much better than standard injection needles, the extra length means deep long injections into pint jars. If the innoculum is hot, pints shot with this needle will routinely beat out 1/2 pints colonizing. Nice syringe for shooting 9er Tek, Quart Jars, and Grain Teks with PF or Polyfil lids.

Total cost: $3.00 for the whole rig with a new syringe. Construction time: about 45 minutes

Oh, To Sterilize: Wrap the needle and barrel in a strip of heavy duty aluminum foil, making a foil tube with the flange of the syringe barrel sticking out. Fill the syringe with water and place in the PC. If the assembly is too long to fit, separate the needle and wrap separately, making sure you can unfold the wrapping with gloves on in the Box. All needles & syringes should be rinsed with sterile water after each session. - - See that 1$ bill