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By saluras (Saluras) on Sunday, October 14, 2001 - 08:35 pm: The Nook

Heres what i do to make a print.

You will need:
1 canning jar with lid and band (no holes)
1 napkin
1 mature mushroom
1-5 syringes (i use 5-10, depending on the print)

STERLIZE: PC or steam the jar+lid+band. i leave them all seperated during this process. I PC for 30 minutes.

PREPARING THE JAR FOR THE PRINT: let the jar cool and get all moisture out of it. I use a clean napkin. put the lid on and let it cool.
take your shroom and using a clean knife or scissors, cut the stem off as close as possible to the cap. quickly put the shroom into the jar, gill side down. put a clean napkin over the jar and screw on the lid (you want some air exchange).
within 1-2 days you should see a nice dark purple print. remove the shroom by taking a tooth pick and poking it in the middle of the cap. it will stick and you should be able to pull the shroom out. now put the lid back on and tighten down.

PREPARING SYRINGES: get a large pot and boil water. when the water is boiling suck up water into the syringe(s). toss the full syringe into the boiling water and let it boil for 30 minutes. remove the syringes from the pot and put the needle guards back on and tape them shut. transport the full syringes to your fridge or just let them cool.

CREATING SYRINGES: take your cool syringes to your print jar. (if your not sure about how many syringes to make, you'll know soon enough). squirt one syringe into the jar, right on top of the print, try to get the print to seperate. squirt in another syringe doing the same thing. pay attention to the darkness of the spore water. you can be confident in your syringe if it is a cloudy purple/black color. at this point you should have an idea of how many syringes you can fill, if you want to stretch it you can keep adding more syringe water. (there are literally millions of spores in a good print, so you can stretch it pretty far). after you have all the syringe water that you want in the jar, you just need to refill the syringes, by sucking up the spore water. put the guards on and tape. it's a good idea to let the syringe(s) sit for 24 hours to rehydrate. now you're ready to innoculate.

A WORD ABOUT CLEANLINESS: I always wash my hands and forearms before doing this work. I also work in a draft free room. I spray the room down with lysol before work. if i didn't mention it i also sterlize those needle guards in the boiling water with the syringes.

i've used this method since i first orderd spores and i have never ordered more spores since.

I hope this helps