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Growing sideways off the cakes?  4 12/08 07:32pm Drew Man

By Sadpanda (Sadpanda) on Friday, October 05, 2001 - 07:48 pm:

Nanook, you seem to be the most knowledgable when it comes to cultivating from straw beds so here's a few questions for you....

1) Do you know why some of my "little babies" are growing upside down? How would I correct this problem

2) Why are these suckas mostly growing out of the sides of my tray instead of up through the middle?

3) Do you have any suggestions for getting larger yields out of a straw bed?

Questions 1 and 2 have been a reoccuring problem... and that makes me a sad panda...
Any advice would be most appreciated!

Thanks Nanook!

By Nanook of the North (Nanook) on Friday, October 05, 2001 - 08:22 pm:

Interesting. Could it be a light problem? Shrooms grow towards the light source. Could it be they are confused? Is light comming into the side of the beds through a transparent or translucent container? Try blocking off the light with some foil or duct tape around the outside of the bed right up to the level of the top of the casing, then increase the amount of light falling onto the top of the bed. This will solve you crooked shroom problem.

As far as shrooms growing up along the sides of the bed instead of from the middle... Again check your light source. There may be a problem with your casing too if shrooms are not coming up through it, it sounds like they may be trying to grow around it instead. I have seen this when the pH of the casing is off.

As far as larger yeilds from straw. The best technique to increase yeilds is to spawn with a proven clone strain. Clone a tissue sample taken from the largest shroom growing in a healthy cluster.

I hope this helps.

By doogie howser (Doogie) on Thursday, October 11, 2001 - 09:33 pm:

i have cakes in a terrarium (rubbermaid container), but the pins are growing out every which way, even down towards the ground. how can I get them to grow upwards like all the pretty pictures i see?

By plinkerdink420 (Plinkerdink420) on Thursday, October 11, 2001 - 10:49 pm:

where is your light source? i've had pins start to grow downward or sideways, but then turn towards the light after a day or so.... i have a dark blue container with a hole cut into the top of the lid covered with plexi glass so i know the only light coming in is from the top so they don't get confused

By Marx2k (Marx2k) on Friday, October 12, 2001 - 04:13 am:

My friend, she leaves her mushrooms in the dark.. complete dark. She had a flourescent bulb inside the terarrium, attached to the lid that goes off every 6 hours for 30 minutes at a time. Her mushrooms have been growing directly up ever since she did this.

By Nuecrew (Nuecrew) on Friday, October 12, 2001 - 04:46 am:

A long time ago I read an experiment where one cubensis had no light...anyway all it took was a full spectrum strobe, one millisecond flash to get the mycelia to fruit.

By jim brown (Shrhobbyist) on Saturday, October 13, 2001 - 12:13 pm:

Is there anything wrong with shrooms that don't grow upward? Do crooked shrooms mean a smaller yeild?