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By Nanook of the North (Nanook) on Monday, July 30, 2001 - 11:27 pm:

I buy Scott's Progrow potting soil mix. This is peat/verm based. I add verm to it to bring it up close to 50/50 peat/verm.

It needs to be at least pasteurized same as straw, 160 degrees for one hour is the minimum. If you soak it in water and let it drain for a day it is still a little wet for casing evenly... I dry sterilize mine. I fill half a pillowcase and put it in my pressure cooker on a high standoff plate and blast for 30-45 min, then cool/wet it with ice cubes to get the temp down and moisture up fast... You want it cool and just wet enough to squeeze drops out of a tightly balled fist, then raked into firm contact with the bed and soaked. You can also apply dry, pc sterilized, cooled casing (let cool 24 hours): it goes on better because you can sift it on evenly, but you have to water it thoroughly for several days (soak it with a sprayer) to get the water content up.

Lime... Depends on the type: slaked, hydrated, powdered stone... 4 cups of powdered stone per half bag of Scott's Progrow seems about right.