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By Timothy Leary (Timothyleary) on Tuesday, October 09, 2001 - 09:43 pm:

This is a way to dry mushrooms effectively and secretly

Things you need:
-mushrooms that need to be dried

First you need to take off the shell to your computer case. Most cases have screws or tabs or some kind in the back. Undo these and slid off the case.

You should have a fan in the front of your computer in the bottom. (if you do not, extra case fans cost $5 can can be easliy be ordered over the internet and are easy to install)

Place the mushrooms that need to be dried on someting clean (can be bottom of cpu case if u clean it) right infront of the fan. The "wind" the fan is making should be blowing onto the mushrooms.
Put the case shell back on and leave your computer on overnight and they will be cracker dry before you goto bed the next night(some gigantors may take longer).

Here are some pics of a buddies set up:

TimothyLeary's Fan Dry Tek
TimothyLeary's Fan Dry Tek
(]==TimothyLeary's Fan Dry Tek==[)