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By Nugdumper (Nugdumper) on Tuesday, August 28, 2001 - 04:28 pm:

Ok, so everyone has seen the pics on PF's site, and they are amazing to say the least. Currently a FOAF has 10 jars made in this fashion and they will be birthed in the next few days. Everyone says the success of this tek depends on the amount of water pumped into the dry verm and when it is pumped in. So when is a good time? And how much? My friend will try 3cc's at birth, and see what happens. She is working with B+ and PF Classic, help her out. Also, would procedure be different for smaller or larger grade verm?

By Nugdumper (Nugdumper) on Tuesday, August 28, 2001 - 10:14 pm:

Perhaps if we could get PF in here he could help me out :) heh

By Nugdumper (Nugdumper) on Wednesday, August 29, 2001 - 06:13 pm:

Ok well, here is my friends progress. She injected 1cc of water into each of the cakes(they didn't seem to want to hold anymore), they were placed into a terrarium w/ a 2 inch layer of damp verm on the bottom for humidity. I guess we shall see what happens, anyone have ANY experience at all w/ this tek?

By Vitticeps (Admin) on Wednesday, August 29, 2001 - 07:04 pm:

Never tried it nug... I just dunk. :)

By Karna (Karna) on Wednesday, August 29, 2001 - 08:01 pm:

I haven't tried it myself, but the principle is that you want the cake to have as much water as it would like in order to fruit. I would fill the reservoir up to capacity twice a day until you see pins and then back off to once every few days as the pins develop and then back to refilling twice a day between flushes. PF I believe uses a eye dropper.

Another tek that achieves a similar result is casing with soaked medium grade verm (w/some CaCO3 if available to prevent trich). You submerge the verm in water in a vessel, dish it out in spoons, pressing against the edge of the vessel so the excess water drips down and dump it on your cakes till they are well covered. The verm casing will be very very wet and sometimes if you pull the side of your casing container aside, you can see a pool of water in there. The cakes will absorb as much of this as they need (similar to dunking) and the verm will evaporate the rest slowly. The medium grade verm will allow a nice respiration so they don't rot. This has produced a bigger flush than any other casing material I have used. It is crucial that the verm is the correct grade though. Variation in either direction pretty much guarantees failure. The advantage to this over the reservoir tek is effort plus it's easier than other casing recipes since you don't have to worry about too much water. The disadvantage is that with the reservoir you prolly don't need to be quite as picky about the vermiculite grade.

By Nugdumper (Nugdumper) on Wednesday, August 29, 2001 - 08:27 pm:

With my cakes I used pretty large grade verm to make the cakes and in the resevoir I used a smaller grade(holds more water). I have double end cased w/ verm before, but I have never seen real incredible results... it seems the mycelium can only absorb so much water this way, and from dunks. I've also noticed dunks tend to attract contaminants for some reason.

By Karna (Karna) on Wednesday, August 29, 2001 - 09:52 pm:

If you double end cased and did not see good results, your most likely culprits are
a) ambient conditions were not very good
b) schedule of watering/moisture was lost as it was replenished (remember with the double end case, the cake can still lose moisture along it's length, so ambient humidity needs to be very high)

The above verm casing I described is a proper casing not just double end.
If you get more contams after dunking, try dunking in distilled water for shorter time.

By Fanaticus (Fanaticus) on Thursday, August 30, 2001 - 01:17 pm:

I just got some fresh info about the inner reservoir tek. The guy that sent it to me says that when he births the cake, he injects 10cc of sterile water into the reservoir. That is a whole syringe full.

It is so easy to set up. All you do is use one of those SHARPIE pens. MAke the hole all the way through.

So then, when you inject water, if it is to much, the excess just runs out the bottom into the bottom verm layer.

I think this tek can replace casing. Because the idea is sort of like an internal casing.


By Vitticeps (Admin) on Thursday, August 30, 2001 - 01:33 pm:

Wow, I just checked out that tek. Amazing pics.
Check this out guys and gals

By Nugdumper (Nugdumper) on Thursday, August 30, 2001 - 02:08 pm:

Exactly Vitti, pretty eye chatching eh? Well PF I used a regular bic pen(cap end to make the hole), down to about 1/2 inch from the cake's "top". Do you think starting over would be my best bet?

By Mushy (Mushy) on Thursday, August 30, 2001 - 03:06 pm:

My friend's method may sound not so good, but it has worked ok.

When he births, he takes a regular lid with no holes, rubber side against the lid ring, and fills it about halfway with moist verm. Pops the cake into the lid, fills in the gaps between lid and cake generously, then cases the top of the cake with whatever he has laying around, or just verm. Verm tends to be structurally more sound through the growth/harvest period, but soil/verm mix tends to fruit better.

Anyway, waiting for pins he sprays the verm layers to keep them moist. As he harvests, he continues to spray carefully avoiding any existing pins. he doesn't go through 'flushes', since there seem to be pins of varying development through the life of the cake, so he just keeps spraying and picking til contam hits or no pins are left. He usually ends up with about 6-8 grams dry per cake after about 2-3 weeks of this.

I know its probably not the best, but he is lazy and it works for him. Once he gets straw teks working, I doubt he will do the terrarium thing much. Tubs are much more low profile for him.

Here is one of my fried's best flushes to date:
Nice Cake

By Kyle Wright (Elmore) on Monday, September 24, 2001 - 12:17 pm:

A stranger I encountered in a coffee shop yesterday casually told me she's been using the Inner Reservoir Tek (IRT) on all the PF style jars she's made recently. She asked me a couple of questions I didn't know the answer to...

1. How much sterile water do you add to the cakes and how often.

2. Can you/should you use the dunk tek with IRT jars. If yes, do you "peel" the outer mycelium layer off before or after the dunk?

Any other IRT advice/experiences would be appreciated....

Peace & Out...Elmore

By Brettiejams (Brettiejams) on Tuesday, September 25, 2001 - 12:51 am:

The cavity in the cake should be filled with verm and keep the verm wet/moist all the time until fruiting begins...just like like in the double ended casing. Check out this link.

tek.Fanaticius -> resevoir.htm

Yes, I would still dunk between flushes, and no, never peel your cake.... that would just expose uncolonized rice particles to the air where they become succeptablae to contamination.

If you want your cakes to get contamination... go ahead and peel them.

By ion ewe (Ion) on Wednesday, September 26, 2001 - 05:27 am:

It depends on the size of the reservoir and the tenacity of your mycelium. If it's a tube made from a cut syringe (about 1 cm x 4 cm) and your mycelium doesn't just fill the whole gap with thick strands, it will accept about 1 to 3 cc's of sterile water.
Yes, this method works very well as long as you're meticulous about sterility.


P.S. Brettie, you wrote "like like in the double". That's weeeeird...

By Nugdumper (Nugdumper) on Wednesday, September 26, 2001 - 01:10 pm:

Ok, im wrapping up flush's w/ 10 inner resevoir tek cakes. I used a bic pen, the blunt side, to make my resevoir's, although now I wish I had used a sharpie(something to make a fatter hole. I usually fill 2 or 3 times a day until pinning, then cut it to 1 time a day. If done right(and I'm sure with a bigger resevoir) no dunking is required. The resevoir feeds the cakes slowly, and usually can go from the of one flush and then 4 or 5 days later start another, w/o the cake losing a touch of that fresh whiteness. I have cakes that I birthed a month ago still white as a sheet and they have flushed twice! B+ and PF both seem to work well with the tek, PF especially since it will start abhorting like mad if it runs out of water. I pulled 15 dry grams off 5 cakes in 1 flush, the best I have ever done. Now I have a Question: Does anyone know if PF uses cloned strains in his pics... cause god they look sweet.

By Fanaticus (Fanaticus) on Wednesday, September 26, 2001 - 04:53 pm:

The shrooms in all the PF photos are from mass spore inoculations, standard PF tek. The only cloning at the PF web site is the Albinos and they are described as cloned. Plus, the other albinos without a cloning description are from the spores.

Cloning is not required for a good PF TEK style fruiting. The real secret is finally out - it is the water that makes for the great fruitings.

If the PF's abhort like crazy, it is because they need more water in the substrate.


By Nugdumper (Nugdumper) on Thursday, September 27, 2001 - 02:03 am:

Fanaticus, you mentioned a month or so ago to use a bigger pen to make the resevoir, have you seen some really good fruiting out of this, any yeild reports?

By Fanaticus (Fanaticus) on Thursday, September 27, 2001 - 10:16 pm:

Here is a very bad photo of the tek with the malaysians someone sent me. The cake is an extra big cake but the guy said...

Sorry PF, the pic did not upload here...

We caught the pic in another Topic :)

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