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By Visions (Visions) on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 02:55 am: Edit

If you are inoculating using syringes you might want to incorporate my "Syringe-O-Matic" tek....I can't find my post for this...Can someone find it?....

I't simple: Find a sponge that is very resilent while wet...A dish sponge wont work...Use a car washing sponge or better yet a cosmetic sponge...All you do is cut a sponge slightly longer than the needle and about 1" thick (it will be a long rectangle ). Wet the sponge with alcohol...squeeze out excess alcohol...then slide the sponge over the needle....Now when you inject and remove the needle from a jar the sponge bounces back to keep the needle covered and moist with alcohol...Just to make sure I always squeeze and twist the sponge on the needle to make sure it is wet before each injection.

Posted by: maryxmas Aug 19 03, 10:06 AM GMT
This idea was in the Archives under the Spore and Syringe suptopic and is titled Syringe-O-matic. It sounds fancy but really is just a simple idea but in my experience though are the best ones. Basically you get a common house sponge ( the kind your GF or wife uses to scrub your dishes with). Make sure its a brand new one fresh out of the box. now cut it into rectangle blocks roughly a little longer then your needle. Now soak the sponge in 91% alcohol and squeeze it out so it doesn't drip at all. now flame sterilize your needle and slip your Syring-O-matic over the needle, now your needle is protected from dust and other contams. Now for my addition to this tek. the incorporation of the posatraction reverse osmosis cold fusion powered Xmas latex O-ring ( ok its just a rubber band but it sounds snappy doesn't it). use the xmas O-ring to tighten the sponge round the needle near the end of it where the needle screws into the syringe. this will hold it in place and it wont fall off. now set up your glove box and start inoculating jars. all you do is line up the hole in the jar lid to the needle and push down, the needle with pierce the sponge and enter the sterile jar, as you pull the needle out it with retract back into the sponge and will never contact the air so there is no need to flame sterilize it as often and burn all those spores in your needle.