Secret Agent

Joint-smoking often demands a little discretion. If you're in need for a clandestine toke, roll yourself a Secret Agent and rember to stay downwind.

Stick two papers together to make a square with a gummed srip along one side.

Take a cigarette and remove the filterby squeezing at its base and rotatingbetween finger and thumb. Eventually enough of the filter will show for you to pull it out.
Replace the filter with a roach of the same size and shape.
Cut the cigarette in two, as cleanly as possible about 1cm from the roach.
Make up a mix to replace the tabacco that was in cut away and add this to a paper. Form it into shape of the cigarette.
Roll the joint with the 'filter' protruding from the end.
You may need to secure the bogus filter with a gummed strip torn from another paper. Remember the walls have ears!

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