NetInfo Datasheet

The premier object-oriented network and system administration management solution for enterprise-wide computing.

NetInfo provides the ideal framework for deploying mission critical custom applications across the enterprise, supplying an integrated solution for installing, maintaining, and managing wide area networks. Building on NeXT's proven technology, NetInfo allows for a highly scalable, distributed, cross-platform network that can be customized to fit organizational data access and resource sharing needs. Using NeXT's award-winning rapid application tools and NetInfo's object library, developers can create custom applications to meet enterprise-wide development demands.

With NetInfo, workstations and PCs can be configured and connected to the network in a fraction of the time required by other systems, and network installation and maintenance can be done from any machine on the network. NetInfo's robust architecture allows for trouble-free operation of mission-critical tasks around the clock, seven days a week. Companies using NetInfo can dramatically reduce systems overhead costs because NetInfo requires fewer personnel to administer the network and enables them to manage the network remotely.

NetInfo provides an easy to use facility for distributing your network databases, guaranteeing data consistency. The simple yet powerful graphical user interface allows administrators to model the network after the structure of the organization. Intelligent binding simply allows you to add servers and clients, dramatically scaling your systems across your organization. Corporate data and systems resources can also be distributed and organized hierarchically, creating a flexible and scalable environment that can meet the high demands placed on large networks.

NetInfo transparently integrates and interoperates with a wide variety of popular network and system administration tools on a heterogeneous network. It is available on NEXTSTEP/OpenStep systems as well as a wide variety of machines running HP-UX, SunOS, Solaris, Digital Unix, IBM AIX and Auspex.


Heterogeneous network support
Through NetInfo's export and import features, NetInfo supports interoperability and data exchange for all popular networking and system administration environments such as SNMP, NIS and DNS. NetInfo's advanced database technology allows heterogeneous networks to be administered from a single information source.

Operating system independence
NetInfo is available on a wide variety of server-class machines, guaranteeing deployment flexibility and independence from hardware and operating system vendors. NetInfo is supported on NEXTSTEP, OPENSTEP, HP-UX, SunOS, Solaris, Digital Unix, IBM AIX, and Auspex operating systems.

Distributed and scalable architecture
Configure NetInfo to closely model your business, and you can store data where it's needed. You can easily optimize access to specific resources. NetInfo also provides the flexibility to change the network infrastructure quickly to meet ever-changing demands. User templates can be customized to accommodate various types of users as well as include full localization support.

Security options
Through a variety of security options, the level of security can be tailored to meet specific needs. Options range from secure password enforcement and login lockout to NetInfo-domain access restrictions.

Enterprise-wide networking around the clock
NetInfo was designed with large-scale networking in mind: Its around the clock robust architecture minimizes network downtime. And even if a server should go down, backup servers automatically take over, guaranteeing continuous service.

UI Tools
A full range of UI tools allows administration from any node on the network. Applications feature NEXTSTEP's easy-to-use UI and drag and drop.

A simple but powerful tool for setting up small networks of NEXTSTEP computers.

User Manager
A tool for adding, modifying, and deleting both user accounts and user groups.

Print Manager
A graphical tool for configuring printers and fax modems and for monitoring the progress of print and fax requests.

NFS Manager
A tool for exporting and mounting NFS volumes.

Host Manager
A tool for configuring the administrative information for individual computers.

NetInfo Manager
A graphical tool for accessing and manipulating NetInfo databases.

NetInfo Utilities
A set of utilities that allow quick shell-level access to NetInfo data. These utilities allow full operations on the data and are ideal for automation.

NetInfo Kit
Netinfo's fully object-oriented framework allows NetInfo access from custom NEXTSTEP applications. NetInfo Kit is fully integrated in NEXTSTEP's powerful rapid application development environment.


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