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I am sure you have probably searched something on hotline site at least one time. There is a lot of trackers and each of them has a lot of site. Each of these sites contains dozens of files. It takes a long time to search in all these sites and moreover, you are not sure you will find what you search. We offer you for free a solution to this problem. This solution is called SADwyw. SADwyw is a program scanning regularly trackers and sites and builds a database (like altavista or ftpsearch). You can now directly find what you search with it. Just enter parameters in the following fields. SADwyw requires javascript.

A Brand new SCSI disk has been added to the server. The number of simultaneous requests has been increased but remains limited to keep a good respond time.

SADwyw, hotline site search
Max files/site:

Currently, SADwyw uses POSIX extended regular expression and is case insensitive. This may change in the future. If you don't know what a such expression is, you can enter word or phrase.

You can leave sitename empty. You can also leave filename empty however, you should not let both sitename and filename empty. SADwyw won't have problem to parse your request however, I don't think your browser like the huge amount of data returned.

WARNING: After you click on the search button, you may have to wait a little moment in case only few data match your query. Don't break and resend the same request, you won't speed up your search and moreover, you will slow down everything. All violators will be banned from SADwyw.

Currently, SADwyw uses a slow disk, this should be changed in the future.

Hotline site content is updated if possible every 2 days. Hotline site is removed if it can't be reached in the last 5 days.

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