Opening Combination Locks and etc.

There are many ways to open combination locks, and there are many different combination locks. Before you go on you should understand how a lock works. And rember not all of these might work, not all locks are the same. Here are some ways:

1.Crow Bar & Lubricant.
You might not think this works but it does on some locks. First go to your local hardware store and buy a cheep little crowbar whoís end can fit between the lock and the shekel. All you do is take some oil or WD-40 or any easy flowing lubricant and pour some inside the lock through the tiny space between the lock and the shekel. What happens is the oil goes inside and helps make the part that holds the lock from opening slippery. After that you just insert in the crow bar and apply the most force you can. What happens is with all that force eventually the part will slip by and the lock will open.

2.Figuring out combination for opened locks.
This only works if the lock is open. In some cases you can find out the combination of a lock if it is open. All you have to do is pull on the shekel while its open as much as you can while you twist the dial to the right and left. According how your lock works first you spin the dial one way while pulling on the shekel until the dial stops dead and turns no more. This is your first number. Then repeat this again but this time turn the dial the opposite of the way you did before. Once again the dial should stop and that is your second number. What about the 3rd number? You canít get it, you can only figure out a max of 2 numbers that way. To get the 3rd number you just simply lock the lock and this time you use the first 2 numbers and then to get the last number you stop at each number you pass and pull the shekel. So its like you try every number to see if itís the last, the lock doesnít know you are trying to figure out the number so it cant stop you. If you donít understand just try it and you will figure it out. How you can use this is when a lock is opened because the area it locks is being used you can find out the combination put it back and later open it. Or even better sell the lock to them school kids.

3.Stop, look, and walk.
This works if your target lock is in a heavily used area. Such as but not limiting to schools, gym lockers, work lockers and etc. When a person goes to open their lock just stand behind them without them noticing and look at the combination they put in. Then numbers should be easy to see and the people take long time to open their combination locks. Better yet talk to the person while they are opening it and unless they are paranoid they wont really care. The location you do this to has to have a lot and a lot of people though such as schools where hallways get crowded with people. If the place isnít crowded get one of those mini scopes that are sold everywhere and look at it from far away. Unless you are in a totally alone binoculars will look too obvious. Now if you get the first 2 numbers and donít get the last then do the same thing as mentioned in step 2 by just stopping at each number at the end and pulling the shekel to see if it works. By the way protect yourself from this; I had a lot of valuable stuff in my school locker. In order to protect it I painted the lock with one color (only the dial is necessary). This way I could still easily see the carved numbers on the metal dial but from far away nobody could see which numbers I was stopping at.

Shims are thin peaces of metal or plastic that can be inserted in a lock to push back the part the keeps the lock from opening. This only works on very old locks or any locks, which have space between the shekel and the lock where the shekel goes in. You can make these out of almost anything, just search for thin peaces of metal or plastic around your house. Some examples of things people used are; hair pins, needles, those metal things from inside anti theft tags, and etc. Try these out and practice to see if you can get it. You should pretty much understand how it works, if you want any good ones just search the internet for some professional ones none of them should be over 10 dollars. Just remember if you canít fit anything inside that lock then donít waste your time on it.

5.Cut the lock.
There is a neat tool called dremel, which is a fast rotating tool, pretty much like a drill but only faster and smaller and weaker. Different models can rotate from as low as 7,000 rpm to as fast as 30,000 revolutions per minute. Many different bits can be put on it, making it really useful for many different tasks. But the only one you need is a cutting wheel. Just do a search on the Internet or go to your hardware store. I bought a good cordless 7.2-volt model for 44 bucks. This little tool, which can fit into any pocket, can cut anything off no matter what kind of metal itís made of. An average lock would take about 30-60 seconds. They are also very loud though. So if the targeted lock is not in a very busiest location use it. Depending on the cutting wheel and object being cut you can cut up to ĺ inch thick metal. Another way to cut locks is to use a lock cutter but those things are really big bulky and not easy to use. And last but not least you can buy a small hacksaw from a store but it would take a long time to cut your lock.

6.Taking apart key locks.
Ever seen those locks that are made out of many layers of steel going horizontally and all connected by long rivets? Well those locks are fire tough and bullet tough and all those things they say but if you have something such as a dremel or a hacksaw you can just cut the rivet heads on the bottom of the lock and watch the lock fall apart in pieces. If it doesnít use a screwdriver to pop the pieces off. I guess they can stand up to anything except a little bit of cutting time.

7.Taking apart combintaion locks.
Study the back of a combination lock there is a piece of sheet metal that blocks the insides of the lock and then more metal folding over the lock to keep the original metal round piece from falling out. You can just take pliers and peel back the metal or tin snips to cut it a little or who knows maybe even a can opener will work J. But once you get that little week piece of metal out that covers the body of the lock and makes it look pretty the thick piece that makes up part of the locks body will come right off. If it wont just use a screwdriver to pop it off. There you have it just dig inside the guts of the lock and its can be opened in seconds.