Introduction to the Anarchist Cookbook by -=Exodus=-

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New and Brought to you by : Complete

Updated -=( Exodus )=- and Uncut


Care of: The Black Gate BBS xx/xx/94






Welcome to one of the most widly circulated collections

of Anarchist material ever assembled! It has been a long time

since the last CookBook was released. This version, unlike

the others, was not published and compiled by the Jolly Roger,

but by me, a strong follower of his principles. In the years

past, the Anarchist CookBook, or the Anarchist's CookBook as it

is known in some places, was compiled by the Jolly Roger, and

released into the public through unknown distribution sites.

Well, the time of waiting for another release has come and

passed. My release is not to in any way impose or disolute

the former versions, nor is it to take credit for their success.

It is merely to update the information in the 3rd CookBook

so that it is kept in step with the timez.


The CookBook, any version, has traveled virtually around

the world and back, and has been added to as was necessary.

I feel it is necessary again. It is sad for me to say that we,

the HacKerZ, PhReaKerZ, ProgRaMmerZ, and SpeCiaLiSts, are a

dying breed. The old ways of hAckIng, BoXinG, and CarDinG

have given way to imprisonment, interrogations, and investigations.

Technology that we were once the sole possessers of has become

the common knowledge of corporations, and government. We are

now the hunted of our own inventions. Remember when Ma Bell

had NO idea why its switching systems were calling LD's by

themselves? Those were the dayz. It might be said that this

collection is a retrospect on the past years. Some of the filez

have been updated as necessary, while some are still preserved the

way they were originally written. Pass this Book to ANY board

you are on. Even if they don't want it, give it to em' ! I want

CookBook IV to be as popular as the first, wherever it goes!


Before I split, I would like to give credit where credit is

due. I would like to thank the following: CHAOS Ind., ACiD_iCE,

SaTaNiC Inc., ThE ArcHiVes, everyone here associated with ThE

BuiLDinG, ThE LiGhT, ShoT-In-D-NuTZ, and all I have forgotten to

mention. Your contribution is Appreciated!


Now, I will share with you the Knowledge that has been passed

on to me, and,.. MILLIONS of people out there who

have been enlightened by the following material. Enjoy, and

remember.. Memory = Legacy.

P.S. Jolly Roger here. Just letting you know through the intro that -=EXODUS=- wrote, that this is the Anarchist CookBook v4.5, all that bullshit about keeping it at 4.14 was just bullshit. Anyway, sit back relax, and bust a cap!


--== EXODUS ==--