How to have fun at school by Jolly Roger

This works best if you happen to have alot of deralict friends, as I do... Your first day of school you should bring the following items, to insure a prosperous school Year:


: Fountain pen (and extra ink refills)

: Three (3) Tubes of Super Glue (Krazy Glue)

: Pennies ($2.00 worth)

: Balloons (small sized for convieniance)

: Mirror (small hand held)

: Liquid Soap

: Lighter

: Firecrackers (ladyfingers are fine)

: screwdrivers and other small tools

: Small sqeezable bottles (like nasal decongestant type)

: Wire (10-20 ft.)

: Tape recorder/Microphone/battery operated

: Ziplock baggies

: Half of an orange

: Light bulb (75 watts and UP)

: Spy Camera


This will dor for now... Some of the cool things to do are, take the pennies and glue them to the cafeteria tables. Also glue silver dollars to the fire alarms. Another thing todo w/ a coin is heat it up over a bunson burner and just as the bell rings, toss the coin into the hall, I will guarantee you will know when the coin is picked up... While your using the bunson burner, fill your

little squeeze bottle w/ gas, then cap it tight and put it in your pocket...later, take a firecracker, and glue it to the bottle, use a cigarette as a fuse extension (to buy your self an alaby) and then put it in the bathroom, and while your in the bathroom, place a light bulb over the door, and when the superintendant goes to see what the explosion was, he gets a nice little surprise...

Now for the wire, if you can access a room near your locker, when no body is in the room, take off the speaker cover and the pa system, and hook 2 wires from it, to your mic. (then to your locker) This is good for getting your friends out of class. Use the small tools and be very neat...Also if this is possible run the wir through the cieling, so that noone becomes suspicious about seeing a few wires dangling in YOUR locker. Late organizations (Athletics/band) have access to the building and you can possibly since some classes are connected if one door is locked, try another... Use your mirror and scope out peoples combinations, its going tobe tricky beings that the reflection is in reverse, but if you have half a brain you can rearange so that it will become correct. Take the orange, let it sit for about 4 1/2 weeks and then use your newly acquired combination. People w/floating lockers can make very good use of this.


Take a penny, and glue it over the key hole of a persons locker, just after he/she goes out....depending on the locker, this could be say, a gym locker, and do it when he changes clothes he will smell realy nice...


Balloons are fun to play w/ in chemistry class, fill them up w/ the gas that you get out of the taps on the lab desks, then tie up the balloon, and drop it out the window to the burnouts below, you the ones that are always smoking?? or throw it someplace nice and realy hot!!


Use your liquid soap after a nice rain storm and start squirting it everywhere people learn how to skate realy quick!! Also place the liquid soap in the toilets in desks, chairs, handrails, stairs...etc...

Tape the mirror to your shoe and stare up hot teen's skirts. Better yet, buy a spy camera and tape it to your shoe, with a pump-type device operating the shutter taped to the sole of your shoe. You should get big, army boots for this and hide the camera inside of it. It's $25.00 from the 1997 Hacker's Catalog. It's so freakin' small, it'll feel like a knick in you boot and that's it. You can let the lens hide between the laces and the toungue, and when you see some hot chcik wearing a skirt (or dress), step your foot down, and act like nothing's happening. It really works when you talk to someone else as you do this. Use up the whole film canister in one day, then get it developed. If possible, develop it yourself.

For the NEW cookbook, 1997! Cookbook 4.5 baby!!!