MISC ANARCHY! by Jolly Roger

PART 2 - Tennis ball cannons

------ Information from the Usenet. The Usenet is a worldwide network of

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At this time (twelve years ago) most soft drink cans were rolled tin rather

than the molded aluminum. We would cut the tops and bottoms off of a bunch

of them and tape them together with duct tape, forming a tube of two feet or



At the end we would tape a can with the bottom intact, more holes

punched (with a can opener) around the top, and a small hole in the side at

the base. We then fastened this contraption to a tripod so we could aim it

reliably. Any object that came somewhat close to filling the tube was then

placed therein.


In the shop, we used the clock as a target and an empty plastic

solder spool as ammunition, with tape over the ends of the center hole and

sometimes filled with washers for weight. When taken to parties or picnics,

we would use whatever was handy. Hot dog rolls or napkins filled with potato

chips provided spectacular entertainment.

Once loaded, a small amount of lighter fluid was poured into the hole

in the side of the end can and allowed to vaporize for a few moments. The

"fire control technician" would announce "Fire in the Hole" and ignite it.

BOOM! Whoosh! The clock never worked after that!



Our version of the potato chip cannon, originally designed around the

Pringles potato chip can, was built similarly. Ours used coke cans, six with

the top and bottom removed, and the seventh had Bottle opener holes all

around one end, the top of this can was covered with a grid or piece of wire

screening to keep the tennis ball from falling all the way to the bottom.

This was spiral wrapped with at least two rolls of duct tape.


A wooden shoulder rest and forward hand grip was taped to the tube. For

ignition we used lantern batteries to a model-t coil, actuated by a push

button on the hand grip. A fresh wilson tennis ball was stuffed all the way

back to the grid, and a drop or two of lighter fluid was dropped in one of

two holes in the end. The ignition wire was poked through the other hole.

We would then lie in ambush, waiting for somthing to move. When fired

with the proper air/fuel mixture, a satisfying thoomp! At maximum range the

ball would travel about 100 yards with a 45 degree launch angle. Closer up

the ball would leave a welt on an warring opponent. When launched at a

moving car the thud as it hit the door would generally rattle anyone inside.

Luckily we never completed the one that shot golf balls.



More Fun Stuff for Terrorists


Carbide Bomb


This is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Exercise extreme caution.... Obtain some calcium

carbide. This is the stuff that is used in carbide lamps and can be found at

nearly any hardware store.

Take a few pieces of this stuff (it looks like gravel) and put it in a

glass jar with some water. Put a lid on tightly. The carbide will react with

the water to produce acetylene carbonate which is similar to the gas used in

cutting torches.

Eventually the glass with explode from internal pressure. If you leave a

burning rag nearby, you will get a nice fireball!

Auto Exhaust Flame Thrower


For this one, all you need is a car, a sparkplug, ignition wire and a switch.

Install the spark plug into the last four or five inches of the tailpipeby

drilling a hole that the plug can screw into easily. Attach the wire (this is

regular insulated wire) to one side of the switch and to the spark plug. The

other side of the switch is attached to the positive terminal on the battery.

With the car running, simply hit the switch and watch the flames fly!!! Again be

careful that no one is behind you! I have seen some of these flames go 20



PART 5- This is all various files I gleaned from BBS's. (Added 8-23-90)

Balloons are fun to play with in chem lab, fill them with the gas

that you get out of the taps on the lab desks, then tie up the balloon

tight, and drop it out the window to the burnouts below, you know, the ones

that are always smoking, they love to pop balloons with lit cigarette.... get

the picture? Good...


-= Exodus =-