SMOKE BOMBS 4.14 -= Exodus =-

One type of pyrotechnic device that might be employed by a terrorist in

many way would be a smoke bomb. Such a device could conceal the getaway

route, or cause a diversion, or simply provide cover. Such a device, were it

to produce enough smoke that smelled bad enough, could force the evacuation of

a building, for example. Smoke bombs are not difficult to make. Although the

military smoke bombs employ powdered white phosphorus or titanium compounds,

such materials are usually unavailable to even the most well-equipped

terrorist. Instead, he/she would have to make the smoke bomb for themselves.


Most homemade smoke bombs usually employ some type of base powder, such

as black powder or pyrodex, to support combustion. The base material will

burn well, and provide heat to cause the other materials in the device to

burn, but not completely or cleanly. Table sugar, mixed with sulfur and a

base material, produces large amounts of smoke. Sawdust, especially if it has

a small amount of oil in it, and a base powder works well also. Other

excellent smoke ingredients are small pieces of rubber, finely ground

plastics, and many chemical mixtures. The material in road flares can be

mixed with sugar and sulfur and a base powder produces much smoke. Most of

the fuel-oxodizer mixtures, if the ratio is not correct, produce much smoke

when added to a base powder. The list of possibilities goes on and on. The

trick to a successful smoke bomb also lies in the container used. A plastic

cylinder works well, and contributes to the smoke produced. The hole in the

smoke bomb where the fuse enters must be large enough to allow the material to

burn without causing an explosion. This is another plus for plastic

containers, since they will melt and burn when the smoke material ignites,

producing an opening large enough to prevent an explosion.




The following reaction should produce a fair amount of smoke. Since this

reaction is not all that dangerous you can use larger amounts if necessary




Insert a red hot wire into the pile, step back.





Colored flames can often be used as a signaling device for terrorists. by

putting a ball of colored flame material in a rocket; the rocket, when the

ejection charge fires, will send out a burning colored ball. The materials that

produce the different colors of flames appear below.




red strontium road flares,

salts red sparklers




green barium salts green sparklers

(barium nitrate)


yellow sodium salts gold sparklers

(sodium nitrate)


blue powdered copper blue sparklers,

old pennies


white powdered magnesium firestarters,

or aluminum aluminum foil


purple potassium permanganate purple fountains,

treating sewage