Sulfuric acid is far too difficult to make outside of a laboratory or

industrial plant. However, it is readily available in an uncharged car

battery. A person wishing to make sulfuric acid would simply remove the top of

a car battery and pour the acid into a glass container. There would probably

be pieces of lead from the battery in the acid which would have to be removed,

either by boiling or filtration. The concentration of the sulfuric acid can

also be increased by boiling it; very pure sulfuric acid pours slightly faster

than clean motor oil.





Ammonium nitrate is a very powerful but insensitive high-order explosive.

It could be made very easily by pouring nitric acid into a large flask in an ice

bath. Then, by simply pouring household ammonia into the flask and running away,

ammonium nitrate would be formed. After the materials have stopped reacting, one

would simply have to leave the solution in a warm place until all of the water

and any unneutralized ammonia or acid have evaporated. There would be a fine

powder formed, which would be ammonium nitrate. It must be kept in an airtight

container, because of its tendency to pick up water from the air. The crystals

formed in the above process would have to be heated VERY gently to drive off the

remaining water.