First, one flattens one end of a copper or aluminum pipe carefully, making

sure not to tear or rip the piping. Then, the flat end of the pipe should be

folded over at least once, if this does not rip the pipe. A fuse hole should

be drilled in the pipe near the now closed end, and the fuse should be



Next, the bomb- builder would partially fill the casing with a low order

explosive, and pack it with a large wad of tissue paper. He would then

flatten and fold the other end of the pipe with a pair of pliers. If he was

not too dumb, he would do this slowly, since the process of folding and

bending metal gives off heat, which could set off the explosive. A diagram is

presented below:


(Ill. #1)


��������¬���������������������������������������ٳ �

� � o � �

¿�����������������������������������������������ø� �



fig. 1 pipe with one end flattened and fuse hole drilled (top view)


(Ill. #2)


��������������������������������������������� � �

� � �

� o � �

¿�������������������������������������������ø � �



fig. 2 pipe with one end flattened and folded up (top view)


(Ill. #3)

������������ fuse hole

�������������������������o����ø �����ø

� ¿ø ¿��ø �

� ¿����� �

� ��������

� ��



fig. 3 pipe with flattened and folded end (side view)




(Revised ill. 4.14)