The Firey Explosive Pen Written by Blue Max of Anarchist-R-Us


Materials Needed Here's a GREAT little trick to play on

1] One Ball Point `Click` pen your best fiend (no thats not a typo) at

2] Gun Powder skool, or maybe as a practial joke on a

3] 8 or 10 match heads friend!

4] 1 Match stick

5] a sheet of sand paper (1 1/2" X 2")


1] Unscrew pen and remove all parts but leave the button in the top.

2] Stick the match stick in the part of the pen clicker where the other little

parts and the ink fill was.

3] Roll sand paper up and put around the match stick that is in the clicker.

4] Put the remaining Match Heads inside the pen, make sure that they are on

the inside on the sand paper.

5] Put a small piece of paper or something in the other end of the pen where

the ball point comes out.

6] Fill the end with the piece of paper in it with gun powder. The paper is

to keep the powder from spilling.


The Finished pen should look like this:


Small Paper Clog Gun Powder Matches & Sandpaper \

| |

\ | |

\ _________________|____________________|________



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-= Exodus=- makin' more for '94