Nitroglycerine is one of the most sensitive explosives, if it is not the

most sensitive. Although it is possible to make it safely, it is difficult.

Many a young anarchist has been killed or seriously injured while trying to

make the stuff. When Nobel's factories make it, many people were killed by

the all-to-frequent factory explosions. Usually, as soon as it is made, it is

converted into a safer substance, such as dynamite. An idiot who attempts to

make nitroglycerine would use the following procedure:



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distilled water eye-dropper


table salt 100 ml beaker


sodium bicarbonate 200-300 ml beakers (2)


concentrated nitric ice bath container

acid (13 ml) ( a plastic bucket serves well )


concentrated sulfuric centigrade thermometer

acid (39 ml)


glycerine blue litmus paper



1) Place 150 ml of distilled water into one of the 200-300 ml beakers.


2) In the other 200-300 ml beaker, place 150 ml of distilled water and about

a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate, and stir them until the sodium

bicarbonate dissolves. Do not put so much sodium bicarbonate in the water

so that some remains undissolved.


3) Create an ice bath by half filling the ice bath container with ice, and

adding table salt. This will cause the ice to melt, lowering the overall



4) Place the 100 ml beaker into the ice bath, and pour the 13 ml of

concentrated nitric acid into the 100 ml beaker. Be sure that the beaker

will not spill into the ice bath, and that the ice bath will not overflow

into the beaker when more materials are added to it. Be sure to have a

large enough ice bath container to add more ice. Bring the temperature of

the acid down to about 20 degrees centigrade or less.


5) When the nitric acid is as cold as stated above, slowly and carefully add

the 39 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid to the nitric acid. Mix the two

acids together, and cool the mixed acids to 10 degrees centigrade. It is a

good idea to start another ice bath to do this.


6) With the eyedropper, slowly put the glycerine into the mixed acids, one

drop at a time. Hold the thermometer along the top of the mixture where

the mixed acids and glycerine meet.





The glycerine will start to nitrate immediately, and the temperature will

immediately begin to rise. Add glycerine until there is a thin layer of

glycerine on top of the mixed acids. It is always safest to make any

explosive in small quantities.


7) Stir the mixed acids and glycerine for the first ten minutes of nitration,

adding ice and salt to the ice bath to keep the temperature of the solution

in the 100 ml beaker well below 30 degrees centigrade. Usually, the

nitroglycerine will form on the top of the mixed acid solution, and the

concentrated sulfuric acid will absorb the water produced by the reaction.


8) When the reaction is over, and when the nitroglycerine is well below 30

degrees centigrade, slowly and carefully pour the solution of

nitroglycerine and mixed acid into the distilled water in the beaker in

step 1. The nitroglycerine should settle to the bottom of the beaker, and

the water-acid solution on top can be poured off and disposed of. Drain as

much of the acid- water solution as possible without disturbing the



9) Carefully remove the nitroglycerine with a clean eye-dropper, and place it

into the beaker in step 2. The sodium bicarbonate solution will eliminate

much of the acid, which will make the nitroglycerine more stable, and less

likely to explode for no reason, which it can do. Test the nitroglycerine

with the litmus paper until the litmus stays blue. Repeat this step if

necessary, and use new sodium bicarbonate solutions as in step 2.


10) When the nitroglycerine is as acid-free as possible, store it in a clean

container in a safe place. The best place to store nitroglycerine is far

away from anything living, or from anything of any value. Nitroglycerine

can explode for no apparent reason, even if it is stored in a secure cool




-= Exodus =-