Shaving Cream Bomb EXODUS

-This may not really be what we would consider a bomb, but it is a

helluva great idea to phuck someone over. You will need:


(1)-person you hate who has a car


(1)-container of liquid nitrogen (try a science shop, or Edmund

Scientific, mentioned in several places in this Cookbook)


(6-10)-cans of generic shaving cream


(1)-free afternoon (preferably in FREEZING temperatures outside)


(1-or more)-pairs of pliars, for cutting and peeling


some phriends





Find someone who owns a small compact car, and manage to find out

where he keeps it at night (or while he is away!) Be able to open

the car repeatedly.. Place a can in the liquid nitrogen for about 30

sec. Take it out and carefully and QUICKLY peel off the metal

outside container, and you should have a frozen "block" of shaving

cream. (It helps to have more than one container, and more phriends)

Toss it into the car and do the same with all the cans. A dozen or

more "blocks" like this can fill and lightly PRESSURIZE a small

car. When he opens the door (hopefully he doesn't realize the mess

inside due to the foggy windows), he will be covered with lbs of

shaving cream that is a bitch to get out of upholstry.



PS!- Try to get one is his glove compartment!!!!!






Have Phunn.... ------007