STEALING courtesy of the Jolly Roger

It is strange just how many files there are out there that try to

document the art of stealing. After all, it IS an art. You have to

be calm, smooth, persistant, patient. Stealing is not an overnight-

planned operation. You should try to prepare for at least a week or

more when planning to steal from a house, and even LONGER when from

a business. Storytime, kiddies:


A long time ago, well, in the past year, my friends and I

noticed that the building complex in our town was the perfect place

to obtain unpaid-for items. We learned all we could about the

complex, which was about 365,000 sqft, and each company consisted of

an office (fully furnished with cool computer stuff), and a 10,000

sqft (roughly) warehouse, all interconnected, and all one level.

This information was obtained through several calls to the town

committee (board of development, or some shit like that, the place

that you call for building permits, and the like.), and we obtained

the blueprints for the whole complex. We planned a route from the

side entrance through the warehouse, and into the offices, where all

the good stuff is usually loacated. Now that we had our route, all

we needed was a plan to get inside. Since this was our first major

job, we spent a few good weeks on preparation. During the snow

weather, we worked w/ a company to shovel the sidewalks of the

complex. One night, at about 11 pm, we stopped shoveling in front

of our planned job site, Campbells Soup, Co. There was nobody there

except the janitors that cleaned up the place (or so we thought). I

asked the janitor if I could use the bathroom (I did have to go too)

and he let me in. I must have surprised him when I knew exactally

where the bathroom was! As I walked to it, I scanned for vid cams,

infrared guns/recievers (little boxes at entrances with a black

glass square about 1" sq. at about knee hight on each side).

Nothing. The doors all had security magnetic detection at the tops,

and also the windows. To think someone would break in through an

obvious place like a large window, stupid. To my surprise, there

were a few losers working late, and did'nt really care that I was

there at all. Take another Viverin' guys, I wont be here long. The

smell of black coffee was stifeling. The bathroom was located back

by the office's entrance to the warehouse, and to my surprise, it

was unlocked! The lights were on, and the place was totally empty,

except for a few cardboard remains, and shelves, and that blessed

side door. I walked over to the door to examine it. No security,

no vid cams in the warehouse, no nothing. Odd, usually these

warehouses were kept tight as a hookers pussy. But it looked like

they were packing up to move somewhere. Boxes on the office desks,

etc.. The door was locked with a key deadbolt (pain to pick) and a

regular door-knob key lock. No problem. I needed to stop that

deadbolt from being locked, so I looked around for something to

use....aha! There was some strange material like alum. foil on the

ground, pliable, yet of a black color. I took out a small allen key

(a thief never goes ANYWHERE without a small lockpicking tool) and

crammed enough of the stuff into the keyhole so that a key could not

be inserted far enough to turn, and the stuff was inn to far to be

pulled out. Viola! Back to the point of this story. When the time

came to make our move, something strange happened. The place was

abandoned for 3 days straight, most office equipment removed, and

the front door left ajar, for all 3 days. We still decided to enter

via our planned route. At 1:30am we went to the side door, and what

a surprise, the deadbolt lock was open. Now to the knob lock. It

was still locked, but not a problem. Knob locks usually look like




|-wall socket>


| )

d -------------------------------|

o | |

o | )

r | )

| )



|-wall socket>


The top sliding piece is about 1/4" wide on popular locks, with the

bar facing you, if the door swings outward. With the smallest

allenkey you can get, stick it in and repeatively push and slide it

back towards the knob, but don't let go, because it is spring loaded

and will snap back into place again. Now for the larger bar. Take

another key and wedge it into the slot where the bar enters the

other wall (without the knob on it)! and do the same thing. This

will be considerably harder to do than with the small tongue, but if

you practiced like you should have, it will open with minimum effort.

Now we were inside. We ran through the warehouse thruogh the

warehouse/office door (these are rarely locked, but try to prepare

for it ahead of time by "cramming the lock" like I did) and into the

office. The place was empty, no shelves, just desks, chairs, and

boxes. The boxes contained modems, motherboards, bus cards,

printers, cables, fone cable, and one contained a Zenith laptop

computer! No shit, this is a true story! We took everything we

could carry (5 people). We took all the above mentioned, as well as

printer toner, fones, fone jacks, documents, desk chairs, insulated

boxes and bags (static-free kind), even the little shit things, like

outlet plates, light bulbs, ANYTHING!!! We went really crazy, and

were out in 2 min 30 sec.(always set a time limit)

We wound end up throwing half the shit away, but it felt great just

to take anything that was not ours!! I have since then done other

"jobs" with much more precision, and effort, as well as better

rewards. Here are some tips that should be followed when attempting

to steal::



-WEAR GLOVES!!!!!!!!!!


-backpacks for everyone to put the loot in


-always case the joint for at least a week and keep documented

records of who leaves when, what time it closes, timed lights, etc...


-have at least 4 phriends with you, and please, make sure they know

what they are doing, no idiots allowed!


-bring tools :small allen keys, both types of screwdrivers, standard

size, and tiny, hacksaw blade, wire cutters and strippers,

spraypaint-to leave your handle on the wall, hammer, mace, gun-if

available, flashlights (duh), wire-good for re-routing door

security, and bolt cutters.


-designate a person to carry all the tools ONLY-don't have him

pickup stuff and mix it with the tools, this will only slow you down

later iff you need to look fir a tool quickly.


-designate a person to STAY PUT by the door and keep watch.


-designate a timer, one who has a lighted stopwatch.





-getaway vehicle (preferably NOT a van or pickup truck, these will

be vers suspicious to the mean cops. And don't speed, or

anything, this just attracts attention. Cover liscence plates till

just before you get your asses going, so no one can report the

plates to the pigs..oops!, damn, did it again, cops. Make sure you

remove covering before leaving.


-Always keep flashlights pointed DOWN unless necessary, crawl under

windows, no shouting, even if you find some phucking cool shit, on

second thought, maybe painting your handle is a little stupid, so

forget that, wear dark clothes OVER regular, non-suspicious clothes

(get changed first thing in the car)


-Never brag about your findings in public, only on modem, or on BBS,

and never give names of places, phriends, and exact names of things

taken, (just say you 'borrowed' a 486DX 33 motherboard, don't say is

a Intel 486DX 33 mhz for an IBM PS/1 model 50, serial

#XXXXXXXXXXXX. that is just plain dumb)


-Have phunn!! and never steal from your neighborhood.


-If you break into houses, never move stuff around; the longer it

takes the yuppie family to realize that you were there, the better.


-WEAR GLOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-to get in windows: shoot window with BB gun, and place clear,

stickey hard-cover book covering on the window over the hole,

hopefully the inpact of the shot was enough to crack the glass, and

LEAN OR PUSH on the covered glass, do not hit or kick, and you will

see that the majority of the glass will stick to the covering, and

will make considerably less noise.


-enter through basement windows preferably under a deck or steps.





-take stuff that will sell easily to friends, and don't waste time

taking things that look neat, just take the basics: electronic,

computer, TV, VCR, some jewelry-things you could easily hock,

preferably without inscriptions, raid the fridge, take good quality

fones, stereo equip., speakers, etc..


-always case the outside of the house looking for security stickers

that yuppie families like to place in full view.


-do mischievous shit like cut all fone lines in house, cut up couch

cushions, and flip them over so they look perfectly normal!; shoot a

hole in their fish tank, (all yuppies own fish); slash clothes, then

put them back into the drawer; unplug fridge; set thermostat way up

to 99.9 degrees; leave drain plugged and let the faucet run just a

little, (for 6 hours!!); whatever you can't take or carry out,

destroy in a subtle way, -if you can't carry out those 130 lb wood

case stereo speakers, slash the cones; break ballpoint pens open and

rub them into the carpet with their shoes; run a magnet over audio

and VCR cassettes and floppies, and anything else subtle that would

brighten their day.






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