Phunn With Shotgun Shells courtesy of Jolly Roger

This phile is for those have no concern for themselves or the person they

wanna fuck over with this. (in short, a fucking MANIAC!!!)






Shotgun shells are wonderful. They can be used in almost any situation where

pain or amputation of limbs is concerned (including your own if you are not

XTREEMLY careful. The best way to use shells, is the DoorBlam. The DoorBlam is

a simple concoction of a shell taped to the back of a door with the ignition

button facing away from the door (so it blows out against the door). Now

position it somewhere where it will do the damage you want. ie- near the top

for decapitation, middle for slow death, or low to make the victims kneecaps

fly across the room. Now tape a thumbtack against a wall or something that

that part of the door bumps up against. Tape it to the wall so that the point

pokes through the tape, and position it so it will hit the ignit. button upon

impact... Its that simple. Instant pain!



Long Range Explosives



These are THE most difficult explosive i have ever tried to make (people i know

have lost fingers and hands to this little fucker) IF you have a VVVVERY still

hand, it might be accomplished. Ignit. buttons usually take some force to

make it blow, so CAREFULLY & LIGHLT push a tack through tape and tape it to

the back of the shell, with the tip of the tack LIGHTLY touching the button.

Add more tape to the back to hold the pin in place. If you still have hands at

this point, consider yourself lucky. Now you need to add a weight to the

tack-end part to make sure it hits the ground first. Taping small rocks or

making the shell by putting heavy loads towards the button helps. Placing a

cracker (yes a cracker (Saltines, anyone ?)) between the tack-point and the

button helps prevent detonation upon THROWING, which DOES happen. Now toss

it up high and AWAY from you, and RUN LIKE SHIT does after you eat Mexican.




These two pranx are HIGHLY UNRECOMMENDED, and EXODUS takes NO responsibility for

any causes of performing them nor the results.