POTASSIUM BOMB courtesy of the Jolly Roger

This is one of my favorites. This creates a very unstable explosive in a very

stable continer. You will need:



1) A two-ended bottle. These are kinda hard to find, you have to look around,

but if you cant find one, you will need a similar container in which there

are two totally seperate sides that are airtight and accessable at the ends,

like this:


!airtight seperator!


| | |

/ | \

---- | ----

| c | | |c |

| a | | | a |

|___p| | |__p_|

\ | /

| | |



the seperator MUST remain airtight/watertight so this doesn't blow off your

arm in the process (believe me. it will if you are not exact)


2) Pure potassium. Not Salt Peter, or any shit like that. This must be the

pure element. This again may prove hard to find. Try a school chemistry

teacher. Tell her you need it for a project, or some shit like that. Try

to get the biggest piece you can, because this works best if it a solid

chuck, not a powder. You can also try Edmund Scientific Co. at:


Dept. 11A6

C929 Edscorp Bldg.

Barrington, NJ 08007

or call 1-(609)-547-8880


3) Cotton

4) Water






Take the cotton and stuff some into one end of the container lining one side

of the seperator. Place some potassiun, about the size of a quarter or

bigger (CAREFULLY, and make sure your hands are PERFECTLY DRY, this stuff

reacts VERY VIOLENTLY with water) into that side and pack it in tightly with

all the cotton you can fit. Now screw the cap on TIGHTLY.

On the other side of the seperator, fill it with as much water as will

fit, and screw that cap on TIGHTLY. You are now in possession of a compact

explosive made somewhat stable. To explode, throw it at something! The water

will react with the potassium, and BBBOOOOOOMMMM!!! Works great on windows

or windshields, because the glass fragments go everywhere (stand back) and

rip stuff apart. The bigger the piece, the bigger the boom. If no potassium

can be found, thy looking for PURE Sodium, it works well too.

EXODUS relenquishes any responsibility to anyone who attempts this.

You are on your own.......




PS: you could also place this little sucker under the wheel of a car of

someone you hate...(Wait till' they back over that one!!!).