Carbon-Tet Explosive by the Jolly Roger

A moist explosive mixture can be made from fine aluminum powder combined

with carbon tetrachloride or tetrachloroethylene. This explosive can be

detonated with a blasting cap.


Material Required Source

----------------- ------

Fine aluminum bronzing powder Paint store

Carbon Tetrachloride Pharmacy, or fire

or extinguisher fluid

tetrachloroethylene Dry cleaners, pharmacy

Stirring rod (wood)

Mixing container (bowl, bucket, etc.)

Measuring container (cup, tablespoon, etc.)

Storage container (jar, can, etc.)

Blasting cap

Pipe, can or jar





1) Measure out two parts aluminum powder to one part carbon tetrachloride or

tetrachlorethylene liquid into mixing container, adding liquid to powder

while stirring with the wooden rod.

2) Stir until the mixture becomes the consistency of honey syrup.


CAUTION: Fumes from the liquid are dangerous and should not be inhaled.


3) Store explosive in a jar or similar water proof container until ready to

use. The liquid in the mixture evaporates quicky when not confined.


NOTE: Mixture will detonate in this manner for a period of 72 hours.


How to Use:



1) Pour this mixture into an iron or steel pipe which has an end cap threaded

on one end. If a pipe is not available, you may use a dry tin can or glass


2) Insert blasting cap just beneath the surface of the explosive mix.


NOTE: Confining the open end of the container will add to the effectiveness

of the explosive.


Compiled by: Exodus