NITRIC ACID -= Exodus =- '94

There are several ways to make this most essential of all acids for

explosives. One method by which it could be made will be presented. Once

again, be reminded that these methods SHOULD NOT BE CARRIED OUT!!


Materials: Equipment:

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sodium nitrate or adjustable heat source

potassium nitrate


distilled water

ice bath


sulfuric acid stirring rod


collecting flask with stopper


1) Pour 32 milliliters of concentrated sulfuric acid into the retort.


2) Carefully weigh out 58 grams of sodium nitrate, or 68 grams of potassium

nitrate. and add this to the acid slowly. If it all does not dissolve,

carefully stir the solution with a glass rod until it does.


3) Place the open end of the retort into the collecting flask, and place the

collecting flask in the ice bath.


4) Begin heating the retort, using low heat. Continue heating until liquid

begins to come out of the end of the retort. The liquid that forms is nitric

acid. Heat until the precipitate in the bottom of the retort is almost dry,

or until no more nitric acid is forming. CAUTION: If the acid is headed too

strongly, the nitric acid will decompose as soon as it is formed. This can

result in the production of highly flammable and toxic gasses that may

explode. It is a good idea to set the above apparatus up, and then get away

from it.


Potassium nitrate could also be obtained from store-bought black powder,

simply by dissolving black powder in boiling water and filtering out the sulfur

and charcoal. To obtain 68 g of potassium nitrate, it would be necessary to

dissolve about 90 g of black powder in about one litre of boiling water. Filter

the dissolved solution through filter paper in a funnel into a jar until the

liquid that pours through is clear. The charcoal and sulfur in black powder are

insoluble in water, and so when the solution of water is allowed to evaporate,

potassium nitrate will be left in the jar.