The Lunch Box Courtesy of Exodus




The Lunch Box is a VERY simple transmitter which can be handy for all sorts of

things. It is quite small and can easily be put in a number of places. I have

successfully used it for tapping fones, getting inside info, blackmail and

other such things. The possibilities are endless. I will also include the plans

or an equally small receiver for your newly made toy. Use it for just about

anything. You can also make the transmitter and receiver together in one box

and use it as a walkie talkie.


Materials you will need



(1) 9 volt battery with battery clip

(1) 25-mfd, 15 volt electrolytic capacitor

(2) .0047 mfd capacitors

(1) .022 mfd capacitor

(1) 51 pf capacitor

(1) 365 pf variable capacitor

(1) Transistor antenna coil

(1) 2N366 transistor

(1) 2N464 transistor

(1) 100k resistor

(1) 5.6k resistor

(1) 10k resistor

(1) 2meg potentiometer with SPST switch

Some good wire, solder, soldering iron, board to put it on, box (optional)


Schematic for The Lunch Box



This may get a tad confusing but just print it out and pay attention.




51 pf


---+---- ------------base collector

! )( 2N366 +----+------/\/\/----GND

365 pf () emitter !

! )( ! !

+-------- ---+---- ! !

! ! ! ! !

GND / .022mfd ! !

10k\ ! ! !

/ GND +------------------------emitter

! ! ! 2N464

/ .0047 ! base collector

2meg \----+ ! ! +--------+ !

/ ! GND ! ! !

GND ! ! !

+-------------+.0047+--------------------+ ! !

! +--25mfd-----+

-----------------------------------------+ ! !

microphone +--/\/\/-----+

---------------------------------------------+ 100k !



switch Battery

from 2meg pot.



Notes about the schematic



1. GND means ground

2. The GND near the switch and the GND by the 2meg potentiometer should be


3. Where you see: )(


)( it is the transistor antenna coil with 15 turns of

regular hook-up wire around it.

4. The middle of the loop on the left side (the left of "()") you should run

a wire down to the "+" which has nothing attached to it. There is a .0047

capacitor on the correct piece of wire.

5. For the microphone use a magnetic earphone (1k to 2k).

6. Where you see "[!]" is the antenna. Use about 8 feet of wire to broadcast

approx 300ft. Part 15 of the FCC rules and regulation says you can't

broadcast over 300 feet without a license. (Hahaha). Use more wire for an

antenna for longer distances. (Attach it to the black wire on the fone

line for about a 250 foot antenna!)


Operation of the Lunch Box



This transmitter will send the signals over the AM radio band. You use the

variable capacitor to adjust what freq. you want to use. Find a good unused

freq. down at the lower end of the scale and you're set. Use the 2 meg pot. to

adjust gain. Just fuck with it until you get what sounds good. The switch on

the 2meg is for turning the Lunch Box on and off. When everything is adjusted,

turn on an AM radio adjust it to where you think the signal is. Have a friend

lay some shit thru the Box and tune in to it. That's all there is to it. The

plans for a simple receiver are shown below:


The Lunch Box receiver



(1) 9 volt battery with battery clip

(1) 365 pf variable capacitor

(1) 51 pf capacitor

(1) 1N38B diode

(1) Transistor antenna coil

(1) 2N366 transistor

(1) SPST toggle switch

(1) 1k to 2k magnetic earphone


Schematic for receiver





51 pf



! !

) 365 pf

(----+ !

) ! !



+---*>!----base collector-----

diode 2N366 earphone

emitter +-----

! !




- battery





Closing statement



This two devices can be built for under a total of $10.00. Not too bad. Using

these devices in illegal ways is your option. If you get caught, I accept NO

responsibility for your actions. This can be a lot of fun if used correctly.

Hook it up to the red wire on the phone line and it will send the

conversation over the air waves.