Gold Box Plans by The Jolly Roger





You will need the following:


Two 10K OHM and three 1.4K OHM resistors

Two 2N3904 transistors

Two Photo Cells

Two Red LED'S (The more light produced the better)

A box that will not let light in

Red and Green Wire


Light from the #1 LED must shine directly on the photocell #1. The gold

box I made needed the top of the LED's to touch the photo cell for it to



The same applies to the #2 photo cell and LED.




: :





: : :

: -I(-- : :COLLECTOR

RED1--< >:--: :-------:-----GREEN2

-I(-- : ----------:

: :

2 :-/+/+/-/+/+/-/+/+/-/+/+/

LED 10K 10K 1.4K 1.4K





: :






GREEN1- --------------------------RED2

: :




The 1.4K resistor is variable and if the second part of the gold box is

skipped it will still work but when someone picks up the phone they will

hear a faint dial tone in the background and might report it to the

Gestapo er...(AT&T).

1.4K will give you good reception with little risk of a Gestapo agent at

your door.


Now that you have built it take two green wires of the same length and

strip the ends, twist two ends together and connect them to green1 and

place a piece of tape on it with "line #1" writing on it.


Continue the process with red1 only use red wire. Repeat with red2 and

green2 but change to line #2.






You will need to find two phone lines that are close together. Label one of

teh phone lines "Line #1". Cut the phone lines and take the outer coating

off it. Tere should be 4 wires. Cut the yellow and black wires off and

strip the red and green wires for both lines.


Line #1 should be in two pieces. Take the green wire of one end and connect

it to one of the green wires on the gold box. Take the other half of line

#1 and hook the free green wire to the green wire on the phone line. Repeat

the process with red1 and the other line.


All you need to do now is to write down the phone numbers of the place you

hooked it up at and go home and call it. You should get a dial tone!!!

If not, try changing the emittor with the collector.



Have a great time with this! --------Exodus----------