The Art of Carding by the Jolly Roger

Obtaining a credit card number: There are many ways to obtain the

information needed to card something.

The most important things needed are the card number and the expiration

date. Having the card-holders name doesn't hurt, but it is not essential.

The absolute best way to obtain all the information needed is by trashing.

The way this is done is simple. You walk around your area or any other

area and find a store, mall, supermarket, etc., that throws their

garbage outside on the sidewalk or dumpster. Rip the bag open and see

if you can find any carbons at all. If you find little shreds of

credit card carbons, then it is most likely not worth your time to tape

together. Find a store that does not rip their carbons at all or only in half.

Another way is to bullshit the number out of someone. That is call them

up and say "Hello, this is Visa security and we have a report that

your card was stolen." They will deny it and you will try to get it out

of them from that point on. You could say, "It wasn't stolen? Well what

is the expiration date and maybe we can fix the problem....

Ok and what is the number on your card?......Thank you very much and

have a nice day." Or think of something to that degree.

Another way to get card numbers is through systems such as TRW and CBI,

this is the hard way, and probably not worth the trouble, unless you are

an expert on the system. Using credit card numbers posted on BBS's is

risky. The only advantage is that there is a good chance that other

people will use it, thus decreasing the chances of being the

sole-offender. The last method of getting numbers is very good also.

In most video rental stores, they take down your credit card number

when you join to back-up your rentals. So if you could manage to steal

the list or make a copy of it, then you are set for a LONG time.

Choosing a victim: Once you have the card number, it is time to make the

order. The type of places that are easiest to victimize are small

businesses that do mail order or even local stores that deliver.

If you have an ad for a place with something you want and the order number

is NOT a 1-800 number then chances are better that you will succeed.

Ordering: When you call the place up to make the order, you must have

several things readily at hand.

These are the things you will need: A name, telephone number, business

phone, card number (4 digit bank code if the card is MasterCard),

expiration date, and a complete shipping and billing address.

I will talk about all of these in detail. A personal tip: When I call

to make an order, it usually goes much smoother if the person you are

talking to is a woman. In many cases they are more gullible than men.

The name: You could use the name on the card or the name of the person

who you are going to send the merchandise to. Or you could use the name

on the card and have it shipped to the person who lives at the drop

(Say it is a gift or something).

The name is really not that important because when the company verifies

the card, the persons name is never mentioned, EXCEPT when you have a

Preffered Visa card. Then the name is mentioned. You can tell if you

have a Preffered Visa card by the PV to the right of the expiration

date on the carbon. Nophone all day long waiting for the company to call

(Which they will), then the phone number to give them as your home-phone

could be one of the following: A number that is ALWAYS busy, a number

that ALWAYS rings, a payphone number, low end of a loop (and you will wait

on the other end), or a popular BBS.

NEVER give them your home phone because they will find out as soon as

the investigation starts who the phone belongs to. The best thing would

be to have a payphone call forward your house

(via Cosm The business number: When asked for, repeat the number you

used for your home phone.

Card number: The cards you will use will be Visa, Mastercard, and

American Express. The best is by far Visa. It is the most

straight-forward. Mastercard is pretty cool except for the bank code.

When they ask for the bank code, they sometimes also ask for the bank

that issued it. When they ask that just say the biggest bank you know of

in your area. Try to avoid American Express. They tend to lead full

scale investigations. Unfortunately, American Express is the most popular

card out. When telling the person who is taking your call the card

number, say it slow, clear, and with confidence.

e.g. CC# is 5217-1234-5678-9012. Pause after each set of four so you

don't have to repeat it.

Expiration date: The date must be at LEAST in that month. It is best

to with more than three months to go.

The address: More commonly referred to as the 'drop'. Well the drop

can range from an abandoned building to your next door neighbors

apartment. If you plan to send it to an apartment building then be

sure NOT to include an apartment number. This will confuse UPS or postage

men a little and they will leave the package in the lobby.

Here is a list of various drops: The house next door whose family is on

vacation, the apartment that was just moved out of, the old church that

will be knocked down in six months, your friends house who has absolutely

nothing to do with the type of merchandise you will buy and who will

also not crack under heat from feds, etc..

There are also services that hold merchandise for you, but personally

I would not trust them. And forget about P.O. Boxes because you need

ID to get one and most places don't ship to them anyway.

Other aspects of carding:Verifying cards, seeing if they were reported


Verifying cards: Stores need to verify credit cards when someone purchases

something with one. They call up a service that checks to see if the

customer has the money in the bank.

The merchant identifies himself with a merchant number. The service

then holds the money that the merchant verified on reserve. When the

merchant sends in the credit card form, the service sends the merchant

the money. The service holds the money for three days and if no form

appears then it is put back into the bank. The point is that if you

want to verify something then you should verify it for a little amount

and odds are that there will be more in the bank.

The good thing about verification is that if the card doesn't exist or

if it is stolen then the service will tell you. To verify MasterCard

and Visa try this number. It is voice:1-800-327-1111 merchant code is


Stolen cards: Mastercard and Visa come out with a small catalog every

week where they publish EVERY stolen or fraudulantly used card.

I get this every week by trashing the same place on the same day.

If you ever find it trashing then try to get it every week.

Identifying cards: Visa card numbers begin with a 4 and have either 13

or 16 digits. MasterCard card numbers begin with a 5 and have 16 digits.

American Express begins with a 3 and has 15 digits. They all have the

formats of the following:

3xxx-xxxxxx-xxxxx American Express

4xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx Visa

4xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx Visa

5xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx MasterCard

Gold cards: A gold card simply means that credit is good for $5000.

Without a gold card, credit would be normally $2000.

To recognize a gold card on a carbon there are several techniques:

American Express-none.

Visa-PV instead of CV.

Note-When verifying a PV Visa, you have to have the real name of the


Mastercard-An asterix can signify a gold card, but this changes depending

when the card was issued.

I am going to type out a dialog between a carder and the phone operator

to help you get the idea.

Operator: "Over-priced Computer Goods, may I help you?"

Carder: "Hi, I would like to place an order please."

Operator: "Sure, what would you like to order?"

Carder: "400 generic disks and a double density drive."

Operator: "Ok, is there anything else?"

Carder: "No thank you, that's all for today."

Operator: "Ok, how would you like to pay for this? MasterCard or Visa?"

Carder: "Visa."

Operator: "And your name is?"

Carder: "Lenny Lipshitz." (Name on card)

Operator: "And your Visa card number is?"

Carder: "4240-419-001-340" (Invalid card)

Operator: "Expiration date?"

Carder: "06-92."

Operator: "And where would you like the package shipped to?"

Carder: "6732 Goatsgate Port. Paris,texas,010166."

Operator: "And what is your home telephone number?"

Carder: "212-724-9970" (This number is actually always busy)

Operator: "I will also need your business phone number in case we have

to reach you."

Carder: "You can reach me at the same number. 212-724-9970"

Operator: "O.K. Thank you very much and have nice day."

Carder: "Excuse me, when will the package arrive?"

Operator: "In six to seven days UPS."

Carder: "Thanks alot, and have a pleasant day."

Now you wait 6-7 days when the package will arrive to the address which

is really a house up for sale. There will be a note on the door

saying, "Hello UPS, please leave all packages for Lenny Lipshitz in the

lobby or porch. Thanks alot, Lenny Lipshitz" (Make the signature half-way



Still as DANGEROUS as ever............. Exodus