Breaking Into Houses by the Jolly Roger

Okay You Need:

1. Tear Gas or Mace

2. A BB/Pelet Gun

3. An Ice Pick

4. Thick Gloves


What You Do Is:


1. Call the ###-#### of the house, or ring doorbell, To find out if

they're home.

2. If they're not home then...

3. Jump over the fence or walk through gate (whatever).

4. If you see a dog give him the mace or tear gas.

5. Put the gloves on!!!!!!!

6. Shoot the BB gun slightly above the window locks.

7. Push the ice-pick through the hole (made by the BB gun).

8. Enter window.

9. FIRST...Find the LIVING ROOM. (they're neat things there!).

10. Then goto the Bed-room to get a pillow case. Put the goodies in

the pillow case.

11. Get out <-* FAST! -*>


Notes: You should have certian targets worked out (like computers,

Radios, Ect.,Ect.). Also <-* NEVER *-> Steal from your own

neigborhood. If you think they have an alarm...<-* FORGET IT! *->.


See later file... Exodus